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When I first started learning about blogs I was so overwhelmed with all the different resources available out there. I didn’t know where to begin and so I didn’t. I would get cold feet worried I would make the wrong decision and then it all be for nothing. I finally took several plunges and exactly what I was afraid of happened. I didn’t end up liking what I had purchased and that was money wasted.

I had read all the free information I could find so I knew that making an investment was necessary to learn the “good stuff”. Again I made some investments that were good and some that were bad. I have since decided they were all good because now I know what works and what doesn’t for me!

One of the BEST investments I made and I am so thankful I did was this course! The author has several other courses and ebooks (like this one on Amazon Affiliate Marketing and this one on her Income Journey) that I also recommend because I have read/taken almost all of them and so far they all are amazing!

What I was nervous about when I first started is what all strings were attached to blogging. What all did I have to pay for? I didn’t have ANY money to spare so I wanted to know for sure what all costed money and what all didn’t.

I have discovered that most resources worth getting are going to cost you something. Now mind you this is a business you are starting and it costs thousands to start a brick and mortar business. Shoot it cost thousands for my husband to start his lawn care business! I have not spend more than $200-250 tops to start my blogging business.

I know what you are thinking…that’s still alot of money! Trust me I know! But since bitting the bullet and buying some much needed resources it has made a night and day difference for my blog! I mean I actually have a blog now! Before trying to find every free version got me no where. I personally couldn’t even start!

I am sure there are other bloggers out there that have advice on how to be sucessful with free resources but I am sorry I am not one of them.

I am as cheap as they come (I have to be my husband spends way too much lol) but that is how I was raised so again TRUST ME I don’t like spending money and I will find any way around having to buy something if I can.

That all being said I will get straight to the list of resources I recommend and I have personally purchased and use for my blog.


PicMonkey (free version) – Photo editing

Grammarly – Grammar check

Color-Hex – Get color codes to keep blog colors universal

Pexels – Stock images

Canva – Photo editing

Rich Pins – Adds extra detail to your pins from your website

Loom – Video program

Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Word Press

Adsense – put ads on your blog

Affiliate programs – get paid when someone purchases through your link

Plug-Ins (free to start upgrades can cost)

-Yoast SEO

-WP Smush

-Google Analytics

-W3 Total Cache

-Sumo Me

-Better Click To Tweet

-Pretty Links

-Social Media Share Icons


-Pinterest Pin It Button Hover

Free First Month Blog Plan Course – Free course that walks you through the first month of blogging

Pinterest Primer Course – Free course that teaches you how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog


Name Cheap – Domain name provider

Site Ground – Hosting provider

Convertkit – Automated email service provider

Elegant Themes (Divi) – Theme for your blog. This is the theme I use. It has so many amazing features but my favorite it the drag and drop capability. I can build my blog in a live view.

Tailwind & Board Booster – Automatically pins to your Pinterest account for you. If you use my Tailwind link you will get the first month free to try it out.

Teachable – Course creation

Blog by Number Course – The course I took that taught me how to do all of this.

Make Money Blogging at Any Level eBook – An awesome eBook for beginning bloggers. I quick read full of awesome information about ads and ad placement.

Pin to Profits Foundation Course – A course on how to use Pinterest to drive awesome traffic to your blog.


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The Blog By Number Course has made this all possible. I was stuck and I didn’t know how to get unstuck and I luckily came across this course and I gave it a shot and I am SO THANKFUL for it! Like I said it has made this all possible. After it helped me so much I knew that if I stuck with what she recommended I would be golden! So that is exactly what I did. She recommends all these products/resources too so I got them and I have been amazed at how quickly it has all came together thanks to her course and these recommended resources!!



The author that made the course I mentioned above is currently offering a FREE course for new bloggers! I don’t know how long it will be FREE so I wanted to get it out to all my readers! You can find the FREE course here!

It is called First Month Blog Plan 31 Actionable Steps You Need to Take In Your First Month of Blogging


Good Luck!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!




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