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Being featured on Mom Blog From Home means that your blog will be showcased beside many other mom bloggers just like yourself! 

This is a great way to be able to promote your blog to other like-minded mom bloggers so we can all connect and help each other grow!

“The feature looks great and I’m glad to be among the firsts to join. You have a great program here.”


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Advanced Feature Plan

Sign me up for the Advanced Feature Plan.

I want my blog information to be showcased on Mom Blog From Home!


What does it mean to be


on Mom Blog From Home?

I love to support other mom bloggers so I offer a featuring service to all mom bloggers. I will gladly list your blog information on my blog to help support and share your blog!

How Does It Work?

I offer several feature packages that you can choose from. Each package contains different benefits. Depending on which package you choose, you will submit to me an image, a biography, your blog URL, and more to be listed as your feature. All features are sorted by blog niche in alphabetical order.

I will ask for your blog niche and what services you would like to do with fellow bloggers (ex: accepts guest posts, accepts sponsored posts, willing to collaborate, etc.). Part of my featuring system is to help connect all mom bloggers so we can grow our blogs together.

This will connect bloggers looking to collaborate. No more sending cold emails looking to work with other bloggers.

When mom bloggers visit my site they can search the features by category to find blogs in a specific category. They can also see of those features if any of them are willing to collaborate.

This is just an added bonus for all mom bloggers to learn and grow together besides just being featured to advertise your blog.


Your feature will be categorized and alphabetized.

Listing your blog in my free directory will not only get your blog exposure to all of our other members (features) but it will also be seen by all my monthly viewers looking for someone just like you to work with!

My mission is to provide a place for mom bloggers to connect and grow together. Mom Blog From Home is where you can be featured for free so other mom bloggers can easily find like-minded women in or out of their niche to work with. We can off support, tips, advice, feedback and more to one another!
The categories include:


-Beauty & Fashion

-Faith & Inspiration





(more categories can be added if your blog niche does not fit into one of these)

Explanation of Benefits
Feature Image– You can submit one image you would like to use for your feature. That image should either be your profile picture or your logo.

Biography– You can submit a bio for your feature that would tell readers about you and your blog.

Website URL– Please submit your blog domain address or website URL (

“As Seen On” Image– Each feature will receive an “as seen on” image for you to place on your blog letting your readers know that you are featured here on Mom Blog From Home.

Promotion Link– A promo link is a link to either an email opt-in, a blog post, or even an affiliate link. It is not a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Product Link– A product link is a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Special Feature Spot– Each package has a feature spot. The free package features will be listed in alphabetical order per category. Package #1-2 will be featured in alphabetically order above the free features. The VIP package will be listed alphabetically above packages #1-2. Please see chart below.

Private Facebook Group– There is a private Facebook Group for paid features. In this Facebook Group, you will have to opportunity to advertise your blog, freebies, promotions, affiliate links, products, services, etc. Each day will be for a certain category and if your blog niche falls into that category that is the day you will be able to share. Other days are for blogs in the other niches.

Facebook Live– VIP Features will be allowed to do one 10- minute Facebook Live. Lives will be scheduled with me prior to and will be set on your specific category niche day. Ex: Your blog is about health, your live will be scheduled on the day of the week that category is on.

Featured in Email– You will be featured one time in an email to my email subscribers.

FREE BRACELET– Please enjoy and show off your free Mom Blog From Home bracelet!

What’s the purpose? – The purpose is to help connect mom bloggers. This is a way to not only advertise your blog but it shows other mom bloggers that you are willing to work together. This tells them you would like to be contacted to collaborate. Organizing each feature by category helps like niched blogs find each other easily. No more searching cold leads. These are real mom bloggers looking and willing to work with you! Together we can help each other grow!

Is it only for moms? – Yes, this is for moms only. Furbabies count though! I realize that you may not have an actual child of your own either by choice or not by choice so I don’t want to exclude you only because of that.

How much does it cost? – FREE. Unless you want to upgrade to get more perks! You can see all options here!

Is this monthly or a one time fee? – A one time fee.

Can I get a refund? – There is a 30-day refund policy.

Are there any discounts? – I will be running specials and discounts so please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I will run specials!

Can I upgrade? – You can upgrade at any time. Just reach out to me letting me know you would like to upgrade and you would just need to pay the difference between packages.

Do I have to pay you a commission off of any sales from my link included in my bio? – Nope.

What are all the categories? – The categories are Beauty & Fashion, Faith & Inspiration, Health, Technology, Coaching, Education, and DIY. More categories can be added later to niche down each category more.

What’s not allowed? – Nothing inappropriate is allowed.No nudity, hatred, bullying, bashing, porn, foul language, etc. That is part of the verification process that will be conducted to make sure each blog is genuine. If your blog is in another language other than English then I will not be able to verify it as I only speak English. I am sorry for this inconvenience. It is very important to me that I only promote legitimate mom blogs so again I have to be able to prove that to be able to feature you. Thank you for understanding.

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