The Top 10 Must Have Tools To Start a Mom Blog

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Name Cheap – You must have a domain for your blog and there are different sites you can purchase your domain from. I prefer Name Cheap but make sure to check with your hosting provider first incase they provide one with your hosting account.


Site Ground – The hosting provider I use is Site Ground. I love their fast customer service. They have a live chat that has been a life saver! I have tried other hosting providers in the past but I have switched to Site Ground and its been a great switch!


Elegant Theme – Once you get your blog up and have WordPress installed you will need to pick a theme out. There are free ones you can choose from but I was looking for a theme that I could drag and drop to build each page. The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes has that feature and it has been it so easy to build each page on my blog.



Convertkit – The email service provider that I recommend is Convertkit. They have an easy to use plug-in for Word Press and they also have landing pages as one of their features too!


Pic Monkey – One resource that has helped so much with editing pictures for free is Pic Monkey! There are so many features you can use in the free version but you do have to option to upgrade to the paid version which includes even more amazing features!

 –  This was a life saver for me! When I discovered this it helped me be able to make my blog look more professional without adding another expense! Pexels is full of amazing beautiful images for free! There are a few that cost but most of them are free!

Tailwind – As a blogger you will definitely use Pinterest to help drive traffic to your blog. To build followers on Pinterest and to get your pins a higher rank on Pinterest you will need to have some sort of system. Many experts say to pin multiple times throughout the day but who has time to be on Pinterest all day? That is where Tailwind comes in! They do all the pinning for you! You schedule your pins maybe once a week or once a month depending on your preference and Tailwind does the rest! It is a must check out!


Color-Hex – The best way to describe Color-hex is right from their site. It says Color-hex gives information about colors including color models (RGB,HSL,HSV and CMYK), Triadic colors, monochromatic colors and analogous colors calculated in color page. also generates a simple css code for the selected color.


KWFinder – You can go here to see what keywords to use for each blog post.

Guide – It is a good idea to have some sort of guide to help walk you through the steps of starting your blog. This ensures that you don’t miss anything and what better than having advice from an experienced blogger to help you! Here is a great guide by a blogger I love to follow. She has the numbers to back up her expertise too! She currently has a free First Month Blog Plan available so you can’t pass it up!

Here is just a little more detail about the monthly guide I was telling you about. I personally used this guide to help me get started. I love the checklist to go down each step and check off.


There is something satisfying about checking things off! Especially this because it makes you feel like you are hiking up a mountain and you are getting closer and closer!


Then there is a more indept check list that has more details about each step. So not only do you get to check things off but you get to check them off on both sheets!


So makes you feel like you accomplished each step! Check and check!


Another great thing about this guide is after the guide there is so much more Suzi has to offer! She has created several ebooks and courses and they are all very affordable and have great content.


Which is hard to find!


I was very please with the purchases I made through her!

This was the best purchase by far!


She has an ebook Blog By Number or you can get the course Blog By Number which includes the ebook.

I took the course and it literally walked me through setting up my blog and it gave me great resources to get traffic coming in. Suzi started her blog in January 2016 and now (October 2017) makes $30,000+ a month!

I know what you are thinking…well that’s because her course is probably $300!…..Nope! Try $47!!

That is right, you read that correct….$47!

That is why I was able and willing to take her course and get the ebook included.

The ebook by itself is $17.99 so again very reasonable!

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