Learn to How to Mom Blog From Home in 10 Easy Steps

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Learn how to start a mom blog from home in 10 easy steps


Deciding what to blog about is sometimes the hardest step! It took me FOREVER to decide on my niche.
I thought I had to be an expert in something to be able to help others. Then I decided that my true passion was learning about blogging and helping other mommies learn to blog too!
That’s when I realized I could make my blog about my journey in growing my blog and helping other new blogging mommies on their journey as well!
Blogging is fun and entertaining! But it requires hard work and effort too! If you put in the time and effort it will pay off!

Resources to help you find your niche:

How to Find Your Niche and Stand Out in It

Niche by Number – by Suzi Whitford



You want to make sure you have a beautiful and professional-looking blog. At first, this can seem impossible but once you have the right tools it is actually very easy!

I have a list of the tools I use right here for you to use. This was one of the struggles I dealt with at the beginning is what tools to use to do all these amazing things with my blog. There are so many options out there but these are the ones that I personally use!

The three main things that you need to set up your blog is hosting, a domain name, and to install WordPress. That is all you technically need to set up your blog. From there you need to customize and fill your blog. Add your own brand and personal touch to it!

Resources to help you build a professional blog:

 – Hosting Provider

Domain Address

How to Start a Blog the Straight to The Point Version

Elegant Themes – Divi (a theme I use to make my blog look professional very easily!)



You have your own voice, your own advice, your own experiences, and your own expertise! That is what people want to hear. They want to hear from you!
There are so many blogs out there but there are people that want to hear what you have to say.

Everyone is different and we are all unique in our own way.

There are some blogs that I feel have great information but I couldn’t relate to the blogger so it was very hard for me to learn from that person.
Be yourself and you will grow a following of people who want to hear from you!

Resources to Brand Your Blog

How to Find Your Niche and Stand Out in it

How to Add Your Profile Picture to Your Sidebar

How to Battle the Imposter Syndrome for New Bloggers


Making friends online is a great way to build your blog! By networking with other bloggers you can trade tips and secrets and help each other grow! I wouldn’t have been able to build or grow my blog without the online blogging community. When you first start your blog there will be so many questions and you will be looking for experience and advice from other bloggers who have been there. Building those relationships with other bloggers makes all the difference. Plus, your friends and family won’t understand what you are going through but other bloggers will!

There are so many wonderful Facebook Groups out there that help answer any question, give all kinds of advice, and are willing to help out in any way. Join Pinterest Group boards, Tailwind Tribes, or any other online blogging community and you will see the amazing support!

Facebook Groups to Join

– Pinterest Boards to Join

Join my Tailwind Tribe


Most people follow blogs that they learn from. They are seeking an answer to a question they have or a problem they need to be solved. If you have that answer and provide them with rich content helping them solve their problem you now have a loyal follower.

If you fill your blog with fluff and general information they are not going to continue to follow you. Find out what your readers need help with and help them!

Another key to this and this one is a struggle for myself, is to keep creating that content on a consistent basis. For me, I struggle with this because life happens but it is also something I have been trying to work on getting better at. Your readers are looking for more content to be produced and if you are consistently producing it they are not going to stick around and wait on it.

Create blog posts that teach and inspire and do it on a consistent schedule!


Once you have your blog up and running you will need to drive traffic to it. Your blog will be ready for readers after you have successfully added at least 10 blog posts. A great way to drive traffic to your blog is by using social media such as Facebook and Pinterest! Talk about your post blogs in those Facebook Groups and create pins to add to Pinterest.

After you have mastered those two then you can spread out and try other social media platforms just don’t get overwhelmed because it is very easy to do!

The main one you should focus on is Pinterest!

Resources to help drive traffic to your new blog:

How I Gained Over 600 Page Views in One Day on My Small Blog

How to Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your New Blog

Why Collaborating with Other Bloggers is so Important

How to Grow Your Traffic as a Small Blog

The Full Walkthrough on How to Use Tailwind

Resources to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Be Featured on Mom Blog From Home


Growing your email list is something you will hear over and over again as a new blogger. I didn’t understand how important this was at first.

But growing your email list is a way to stay engaged with your readers.

It’s a way to keep them up to date on your blog.

And most importantly it is a way to introduce them to your products you are affiliated with or made yourself!

Resources for your email list:

How to Grow Your Email List and Why it is so Dang Important

Why Deleting Over 100 Email Subscribers Helped My List


Setting goals holds you accountable. If you want to have your blog up and running by a certain date then write it down! Look at that goal everyday! Hold yourself accountable to reach that goal!

It is too easy to let the day slip by and then it turns into two days, three days, or a week.

Setting goals keeps you on track to hitting the next goal and the next!


Resources for reaching your goals:

10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Organized

Batch Your Daily Tasks

How to Stay Focused and Create More Content



Keeping a schedule or a plan helps with two things:
-It helps show your readers that you are relevant and reminds them you are here writing for them.
-It also helps keep your self on track to reach your goals!

After you set your goals map out how you are going to reach those goals with your plan

Decide if you are going to post a new blog post weekly, bi-weekly, or maybe monthly? Just stay consistent!

My schedule right now is to post and new blog post weekly to keep my readers engaged!

Resources for time management:

Easy Ways to Find Time to Blog

Block Schedule Your Time


The main two ways that I use to make money on my blog is affiliate marketing and selling my own products (coming soon!) There are 5 ways that I have been taught how other blogs make money but I am sure there are many more.

The main 5 are affiliate marketing, selling your own products, have ads on your blog, sponsor blog posts, and services.

Before I even launched my blog I had made my first affiliate sale and made $50!

What an amazing feeling! I can’t wait to see where my blog takes me and especially where it takes my readers!!

Resources for money making:

How to Make Money Blogging

The Steps I Took to Make $346 on My Blog

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4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

How to Start Making Money with Pinterest




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