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Married and Harried

I’m Emily, a mom of four kids ages 4 – 10. I’m married to my high school sweetheart Mike and have been a stay at home mom for 8 years. I always wanted to be a wife, a mother, and to take care of my family.

My interests include cooking, baking, and sewing and I’ve always enjoyed the creative process. After all these years, I’m pretty good at getting this stuff done. I show my family I love them by putting love and care into daily tasks that often times feel so mundane.

How did this blog come about? It was my husband’s idea. The two of us started a blog (www.marriedandharried.com) writing about frugal living, personal finances and family time management.

After a year and a half I wasn’t happy. I was feeling down on myself because I couldn’t make that blog work. Mike mentioned that I’m always answering baking and cooking questions from people. Why not start my own blog sharing my skills and knowledge? If he believed that I could do it then I should give it a shot.

So why am I doing this? I want this blog to become my full time job. My youngest goes to kindergarten soon which will free up time to work outside our home. Ideally, I would work from home so I’m available for my kids, while contributing to the family finances.

I’m here to help you make your house a home and turn everyday chores into acts of love. I plan to have several ebooks coming out in the future, a course or two, and maybe even in-person events once I get the hang of everything else!




I started this blog because I was a jack of all trades but not really implementing my ideas.   There were so many ideas floating around in my head but I was all over the map! Some of those interests and ideas included different ways to make money while others were just things on my bucket list. The concept of having a side hustle and/or how to make extra money kept coming up in conversations that I would have with different people from family and friends to strangers even. This topic especially came up when talking to mothers who wanted to be able to stay home with their kids or who were already SAHM’s. This common theme sent off a lightbulb in my head.

So one day I decided to start a Work from Home blog and get it all out of my head and in writing. I wanted to have a platform and voice to teach others how to create supplemental, residual, and passive income for themselves. 

My background includes a degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Education, and I also hold a current Real Estate License. If you’re like me and wear many hats and have multiple interests you’ll love Ratrace Resolutions.

So here I am! Let me help you escape the 9 to 5 working smarter not harder.

Triss’ Secrets

My name is Tristan Robinson, I’m 20 years young, married to my best friend, cosmetologist, and a new blogger. Growing up I was always intrigued by all things beauty and unlike the growing generation today I didn’t really have a place to look for new fun things to try until I was in high school. This is all why I started blogging, always teasing the idea but never actually doing it until September 2017! My blog is all things beauty, products, and tricks I’ve tested and then share with my readers. My goal is to eventually make my blog my job as a second income while my husband is in school, and hopefully, it will become big enough that it helps grow my clientele in my full-time job as a cosmetologist!


I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful girls, ages 7, 3, and 2. I am also a wife to an amazing husband who pushes me to follow my dreams and be who I want to be, a better version of myself. I contemplated for over a year on starting a blog and what I would put on it. I realized that no matter how many blogs I read about starting my blog and what my niche would be, I would never be ready at that point. I decided to jump right in and let it just flow. Once I started, I realized exactly what I needed help with and that it really wasn’t as hard as it seemed. I blog because I stay home all day with little interaction with the outside world. When I finished my semester of school in December, I wanted to continue to write. I don’t really have a niche yet, so I feel that I categorize in the lifestyle area, considering that is what I blog about. My current goals are to set up a shop and continue to post every Friday if I can.

A Tulip in a Rose Garden

My name is Katie, I am 18, a young wife, and a follower of Christ. I’ve been blogging for a little over a month now. I was struggling with what I wanted to do as a career, and my best friend convinced me to blog because I love writing and I’m pretty much an open book. I’ll tell you almost anything if you ask. I’m currently going to school for nursing, but dream of becoming a full-time blogger. At first, I wanted to blog about anything and everything, but When I wrote my first post about “The Right Way to Elope”, I realized how much I love my husband and my marriage, and so I decided to center my blog around marriage, and Christ. Nowadays, Christians are an outcast, so I thought “A Tulip in a Rose Garden” would be the perfect name for my blog. I hope to spread marital inspiration to others and help couples grow closer to each other by growing closer to God.


Lissa Rose Co

Lissa Rose Co is a blog for moms who are creative, motivated, and determined by nature, but who may need a little push every once in a while. Let’s face it, raising kids is challenging. Every day brings on a new battle, but with the right mindset and effort, it can be a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. That’s where I come in. I teach moms how to improve specific areas of her life (like her home, health, financial, relationships, etc.), that affect her whole family. I aim to inspire moms to be the best version of themselves every day because she is the strength holding up the family. Take me as an example. During a long nine-month battle with postpartum depression, I wasn’t the only one suffering. My mental health was in a poor place which led to unhealthy habits and a great deal of negative self-talk. I wasn’t in a good place, so my family wasn’t either. When I decided to take back control and approach each day with positivity, a beautiful thing happened. Suddenly we were all happier, closer, and headed in the right direction. That’s why I created LRC – to offer moms the same valuable information and tips that turned my life around. As a bonus, I also offer branding and graphic design tips for beginners new to blogging. Why? Because I’m passionate about creativity, and the moms I serve are, too. Blogging can open up so many doors, and having a strong brand makes all the difference.


Sweet P’s Dream

Hey! My name is Priscilla from Sweet P’s Dream.

My husband, Jon, began affectionately calling me “Sweet P” early in our relationship. We were married in June of 2000 and are now parents to two amazing teenage boys. I stay busy with homeschooling our boys, driving them to and from ballgames and music lessons, and managing our home by keeping my kitchen simple with homemade gluten-free food.

Sweet P’s Dream is basically my dream of being a stay-at-home mom coming to reality.  As a child, when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say “a mom”.  God has given me the life that I dreamed about even as a little girl. I am so thankful!

If you are new to cooking and looking for recipes that are quick, easy, and affordable, you’ve come to the right place. Most of my recipes are super easy and have been passed down from family members or friends.

Although we are gluten-free, these recipes are easily adapted to be full of gluten.  Just simply use regular flour instead of gluten-free. In fact, most of my recipes did not start out as gluten-free.

Sweet P’s Dream is also for those looking for parenting tips and support. I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I have learned a lot over the last 15 years, and I am happy to share my experiences and what has worked for our family.

I’ve also created this tiny piece of the internet for my boys. I want it to be full of how-to advice and step-by-step instructions, so when they are grown and decide to leave the nest, they will have something to look at to help them along their journey into being a “grown up”.

There is no rocket science here…just our family’s way of doing things. Hope you find something that can help you along your journey, wherever that might be at the moment!


The Single Mama That Could

Hi!  My name is Simone and I’m the mom behind the blog at TheSingleMamaThatCould.com. As the title suggests, I am a single mom. I have one 4 year old boy and have been a single mom since he was about 2 months old. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I started this blog to help other moms (single or not) with parenting based on my personal experiences. I currently work at a hospital as a medical laboratory scientist, but my passion for blogging is growing each day. One of my goals for this year was to finally launch my blog (check!). I pray that I will be able to use my blog to not only add value and uplift my readers, but to also provide myself financial freedom, allowing me to spend time with my son during his most precious years of life. I am so excited to continue on this journey and connect with more amazing mamas!



Unexpectedly Domestic

Hi there! I’m Rebecca, the voice behind Unexpectedly Domestic. I enjoy the simple things in life – a walk through the woods, a cozy blanket, a tasty meal, or a good book. When I got married 10 years ago, I was truly clueless in the realm of homemaking. But after years of struggling to figure out the best way to manage our home and finances, I learned to implement some systems to keep our lives running more efficiently. I’d love to share my simple strategies for a happier and more productive you.

At Unexpectedly Domestic, I hope to inspire you to:

  • Conquer the physical clutter that prevents your home from ever looking clean
  • Manage the mental clutter that slows your productivity and clogs your soul
  • Live within (or below) your means in order to achieve financial peace
  • Save money and time at the grocery store and prepare simple meals
  • Take good care of yourself, your family, and your home


E-riches Club

E-riches Club started out as a research assistant’s attempt to raise money to attend a friend’s wedding abroad. As a mother on a budget, a trip for three overseas proved to be a tough feat.  One thing led to another and today Veronica, owner/author of E-riches Club, is blogging and pinning her way to a side income

What started out as an attempt to get extra cash for a trip overseas has become so much more! E-riches Club is now dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs become financially independent through their online efforts. The blog covers topics about making money online for both people who only want to generate side income and those who aim at building a full online business

This year’s primary goal for the blog is to start covering content geared to building confidence as an entrepreneur and getting into the right mindset to be successful. On the long run, the goal is to turn E-riches Club into a beacon of resources and insights for anyone who wants to become geographically and financially independent so that they can enjoy their life a little more.


Something Splendiferous

Hi, I’m Lindsay! I blog at www.somethingsplendiferous.com.  During the day I am a Reading Specialist, but by night I’m a writing ninja… haha… kind of.  When you have two little kids and work a full-time job, extra time is slim.

I started blogging because I love to write and I thought it would give me a good platform to share my passions.  My husband says that I’m a natural born teacher, so why not share what I know with others.  On my site, you will find teaching tips/tools, learn about my life and get some beautiful free printables.

One of my deepest passions is creating useful tools for others, so this year on my blog I am sharing a monthly calendar spread with my subscribers, so come on over and sign up! I am also working on a subscribers only page, where my freebies will be available anytime!  If you are interested in learning a little more about how to teach your child or just want a free calendar, I would love to get to know you more.


Hello, Conchita

I am Conchita Isdiawan, the only girl and the oldest child in a family of five with two brothers. With that, I have grown to be the one who has to experience life first before my siblings. And from that, I had to go through hardships alone. I had to be the first one to learn about life, make decisions about who I may want to become when I grow up, and simply who I am currently. Growing up, writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. It was a way for me to express my thoughts, dreams, and what I have experienced. I started a blog for fun when I was only 12 but I was too young to truly understand how to blog. Years later, I found my passion to blog again: to inspire people with my stories and fashion. So that’s how “Hello, Conchita” came to be! My goal is to inspire many people, to raise awareness about common but unpopular life struggles, to give tips and ideas about how to dress, and more. I want to help empower people and give them confidence with my words, that is my ultimate goal.


We Three Shanes

So, who are we, and why blog? We are, from oldest to youngest: Kristin, Kim, and Katie. We decided on using our maiden name for the blog, hence We Three Shanes.   We love movies and quote them too much. We could live off of Flamin’ Hots and Dr. Pepper. We talk about food while eating food.  Our blogging journey begins like many other blogging sisters that have come before us- 3 sisters living in 3 different states wanting to stay connected.

We have been talking about starting a blog for some time now so we are excited to finally see this idea come to fruition. Be that as it may, this dream of ours doesn’t happen without our readers. We are thrilled to begin a partnership with them! To be honest, being a couple weeks in we can’t say with certainty what our blog will be about because we don’t quite know what will resonate with our readers.  We are a lifestyle blog that will be sharing tips and info on frugal living, organization, recipes, DIY projects, Decor, minimalism and more.  Having said that, we really want to cultivate a strong connection and relationship with our readers so our post reflect what they want.

In this world of social media and blogging, things tend to come across as “perfect”. We want to tell you right now that we most certainly aren’t. We are on a journey with our readers to get ourselves off the hot mess train that we’re all on, in some form or another.  While we have a good amount of common ground between us, we each have specific skills as our area of expertise. Kristy’s the organized one, Kim’s the cook, and Katie’s the crafty one. Collectively we make up ONE qualified blogger.

We have lots of differences which you will notice in our personal bios and as you start to get to know us and read our posts.  We hope as you read you will share your thoughts with us.  We want this blog to be about our real lives and we want the things we share to be authentic. We hope through sharing these parts of ourselves you will enjoy our posts, but also may find you are not alone in some of your struggles. There is already too much division in the world, so let’s do this together! Come be friends with the Shane sisters.


Side Jam

Hi everyone! My name is Diana Hall, and my blog is called Mastering the Side Jam.

What’s a Side Jam? It’s a creative way to make extra income — like side hustles, online gigs, you name it!

After years of allowing debt to hold me captive, I finally decided to do something about it.

I’m searching high and low to identify the best ways to make money on the side.

And I plan to document it ALL, so I can share what I’ve learned with anyone else who might be struggling with the same issues.

Because, let’s face it, debt is not fun. So we might as well dance our way through it, jamming to all the fun & creative ways we can find to pay it off. So this blog is all about my Side Jams — what I’ve tried, what I recommend, and what I’d do differently.

Life isn’t perfect. But you learn ~ you grow ~ you dust yourself off and begin again.

And I’d love to have you join me on this journey to take control and finally achieve financial freedom.


My name is Sarah, I am 19, almost 20, years old & live in Germany, studying philosophy and German studies. In my past I had to deal with a lot of anxiety, limiting believes and just an overall bad feeling.. which I almost completely eliminated. On the rest I am still working on 😉 I always had this little dream of creating my own blog, once I got better mentally I felt the strong urge to share what I experiences and what helped me with people all around the world so I could maybe help them, if just a little, on their own journey! My Blogging goals are to spread the message that we are all able to take full charge of our life and our happiness and really create the person we want to be and the life we want to experience every day. This life is full of possibilities, we just have to see & use them!

Life Review And Renew

My Blog is about reviewing albums and songs from my favorite gospel artist so that other gospel music lovers will get an honest and sincere option on whether the music is something they will enjoy as well. I also want to create a space for young Christian believers to discuss topics that involve using biblical principles in our everyday lives. I named this space church talk.

I wanted to start a blog as a way to earn some extra money and I knew gospel music is something that I love and could talk about with other people. My goal is to have my blog be one of the go-to places for gospel music reviews, concert reviews and maybe even meeting and working with some of the gospel artists.


Beach Glass Treasure blogger, Rachel Town, professional mixed media artist and third generation beach glass hunter. With artworks available for sale on Etsy and Vango Art, her blog is about lifestyle topics for artists, beach glass hunters, and collectors. She started blogging to connect with people further as she wasn’t really able to share her knowledge about certain topics that she believed could help others. Her blogging goals are : 1.) Publish content every other day for the next year by 10pm 2.) Launch 3 new never before seen series in the next six months catered towards the art world and the beach glass world. 3.) Get the ball rolling with the email list that I started setting up and a better subscriber list platform within the next month 4.) Check analytic information weekly and adjust business strategic plans accordingly.
Hi, I’m Yesenia Pina and I am a full-time worker at a nursing home with a dream of becoming a full-time blogger. I live with my boyfriend of three years and finding ways to save money is definitely one of my top goals. I’ve always had a passion for personal finance, crafts, making money, cooking and teaching. This is how Rich on a Budget was created. It is meant for the everyday mom, college student, couples, ect. No matter who you are, if your goal is to save money without sacrificing the lifestyle you want, then Rich on a Budget is for you! My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can, in living a comfortable “luxury” lifestyle while on a budget! So don’t worry if you can’t afford that $300 dollar Potter Barn mirror because you can make one yourself! Or don’t worry if you only have a few bucks for groceries because we’ll make it work!


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