How to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

How to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

Now more than ever people are looking for ways to make extra money from home. I am here to tell you that it is possible with Pinterest. You are probably thinking how can someone make extra money from home with Pinterest? Well, what if I told you there are actually several ways you can make money with Pinterest?

Yes, you read that correctly. There is more than one way to turn something you probably do all the time, pin on Pinterest, into a money-making machine.

Like I said there are actually multiple ways you can use Pinterest to make money but today I am going to share two of those ways. The two that I am going to share with you today are the ones that can start earning you extra money sooner than the other ways. Which again is more important right now in the midst of the country being quarantined at home. (March 2020)

How to Make Money from Home with Pinterest - MBFH

Affiliate Marketing to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

You may have heard all about affiliate marketing already but let me share, for those that haven’t, what affiliate marketing is. It is pretty much getting paid to advertise for other companies.

Amazon was the first big one to roll it out. Instead of paying to advertise online they offered to give a commission back to those that advertised for them on their own sites. For example, if someone went to a blog or website and clicked on the advertisement for an Amazon product and then purchased something from Amazon after clicking that link, Amazon would pay that blog or website owner a commission for the sale.

It has since grown into a huge deal where almost all companies have some sort of affiliate or “influencer” program. And it isn’t only for purchases either, some pay for leads and other things now too.

Pinterest allows you to pin affiliate links so that is one way you could start making some extra cash from home with Pinterest. Become an affiliate for a product you love and share it on Pinterest!

Now you can also share an affiliate link (where allowed) on your other social media accounts but they won’t get you nearly as far as Pinterest will. Unless you have millions of followers on your social media accounts.

There is more to it than just slapping some affiliate links on to Pinterest but overall that is just one option of making money from home with Pinterest. Maybe you are thinking this is a great opportunity to learn how to make money from home so you want to find everything you can out. I don’t blame you.

The Expert in Affiliate Marketing

If that is you then let me point you in the right direction to the expert in affiliate marketing – Michelle Gardner. She makes over $125k on her blog every month and over $50k of that is from affiliate marketing. She shares everything in her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Let me be upfront with you about affiliate marketing and using it to make money from home with Pinterest during all of this quarantine scare. You don’t get paid right away from sales. There is usually a waiting period of 30-60 days for payouts. Just keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that maybe there won’t be that many people buying things so you may not get a commission sale or as many as you would normally.

I personally think people still will be buying things and not completely hoarding their money. There are many people that are able to work from home and still keep their normal monthly income coming in. Those people won’t financially be effected so they will still be buying things online. Actually, they may be buying more online since they can’t go out in public.

It’s all really hard to predict but I just wanted to throw that out there.

Sell Your Own Product to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

Just like how you can create pins to sell other company’s products, you can create pins to sell your own products. This doesn’t mean you have to sell a physical product either. If you already have a physical product that you sell and you are just looking to up your sales than Pinterest would be perfect for that.

However, if you don’t have a physical product a very quick and much easier method is to sell a digital product. A digital product can be anything from a printable, an eBook, coloring pages, cookbook, or even a course.

If there is something you are knowledgeable about and you can create a digital product to share it with others then you can create a pin on Pinterest and sell your digital product.

Don’t worry about it not being perfect or professionally made. You can create your product in a Word Doc and save it as a PDF and ta-da! You now have a digital product to sell on Pinterest. Keep in mind that your product should be more than just words on a paper. You will want to give it a cover page, an index, chapters, resources, and so on.

Make sure that you are solving a problem for your readers and make it worth buying. I just want to be clear I am not suggesting to just throw something together. Think about if it is something you would spend money on? Yes? Then you are fine! If not, then you need to fix it up a little before trying to sell it.

Resources to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

  • Printables by Number – A course that teaches you how to create amazing printables
  • Send Owl – A great resource to use to be able to receive a payment for your products. You can list your products on there and copy the link to add to your pin on Pinterest!
  • PicMonkey – A photo editing program that I use to make a lot of my
  • Free Pinterest Image Course – My free image course that teaches you how to create pin images for Pinterest

Questions on How to Make Extra Money from Home with Pinterest

You probably have a bunch of questions right now like:

  • Do I need a special Pinterest account to do all this?
  • How do I find affiliate programs?
  • How do I sign up for affiliate programs?
  • What are the rules that go along with all this?
  • How do I get paid for selling my own products on Pinterest?
  • How long does it take to get paid?
  • Do I need a website or blog to do this?

And many more I am sure. It really isn’t as complicated as you think so stick with me and I will answer those questions for you.

Do I need a special Pinterest account to do all this?

Yes, you have to have a Business Pinterest Account.

How do I find affiliate programs?

You can go to affiliate networks that host a bunch of the big name company’s affiliate programs or a simple Google search works too. If all else fails it is usually listed on the company’s bottom menu on their website.

How do I sign up for affiliate programs?

Each program is different and if they host their own affiliate program you just follow the steps they provide. Or if you go through an affiliate network then you follow the steps provided on there.

What are the rules that go along with all this?

There are a few different rules to make sure you are compliant with the FTC and disclose that you are an affiliate of that company, not the actual company. Also, this openly lets people know you are receiving a commission for sales made. Make sure you read through the terms of each affiliate program to see if they allow you to pin on Pinterest. Then make sure you add in your Pinterest pin description #affiliatelink to disclose it is an affiliate link.

How do I get paid for selling my own products on Pinterest?

Depending on if you have physical or digital products is how you will get paid. You need to use some sort of platform to make the transactions through. Example: Etsy. You can use Etsy for either your physical or digital homemade product. If you are looking to just do digital and you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up an Etsy store, you can also try SendOwl. They offer a free trial and a very low plan after that.

How long does it take to get paid?

Each affiliate program has its own payout schedule so that just depends. I would say the average is 30 days. However, if you sell your own products you could get paid the same day the sale is made.

Do I need a website or blog to do this?

Technically the answer to this is no. You don’t have to have a website or blog. Some affiliate programs may want you to but not all of them do. For selling your own products, you don’t have to have a site either besides somewhere that you can make the transaction through for your product. If you are wanting to start a blog and promote your affiliate links on there for more added income than you can learn more here.

This sounds perfect but I have more questions, help me!

Don’t worry! If you are thinking “Yes, pinning on Pinterest sounds like the perfect way to make extra money from home!” But you still have some unanswered questions then check out Paid by Pinterest by Elise McDowell.

Paid by Pinterest

Take Course

I took this course and it walks you through exactly what you need to do to start earning money by pinning on Pinterest. Elise started earning money on Pinterest when she created a quick PDF and listed it for sale by pinning it on Pinterest. She also made her first affiliate sale in 24 hours. Then the rest is history! Now she shares all of her success and how you can achieve it too in her course!

In this course you will learn: 

  • How She Made Her First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours
  • Getting Started: Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • The Perfect Pin: Research & What Works
  • How to Create the Perfect Pin
  • A “Viral” Pin Strategy & Automating Pinning
  • How to Schedule pins on Tailwind
  • How to Prevent Your Pinterest Account from Getting Suspended
  • 1000+ Group Boards for All Different Niches
  • Free Canva Templates by Social Digital Designs
  • 10k in 12 months eBook

I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be so I love how straight and to the point Elise is on getting you up and running to make extra money! Check out Paid by Pinterest and get started today!

Affiliate Program Checklist

Once you start applying to different affiliate programs it can get confusing to try and remember which ones you have applied to, which ones you’ve been accepted in, which ones allow pins on Pinterest, etc. So, I created this free affiliate program checklist to help you keep track of all of your applications. I hope it helps keep you organized!

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