How to Provide Services on Your Blog to Make Money

How to Provide Services on Your Blog to Make Money

Blogs are more than just for an online journal. Many people use them to make extra money or even a full-time income! They can be lifestyle blogs, coaching/training/teaching blogs, informative blogs, product blogs, entertainment blogs, or service blogs.

It is really only limited to your imagination as to what you want to use a blog for. The same goes for the service you want to provide on your blog if that is the option you choose to go.

There are so many different services you could offer to make money on your blog but let’s talk about a few of the main ones.

How to Provide Services on Your Blog to Make Money - Mom Blog From Home

Provide Services to Make Money - Mom Blog From Home

Provide Services on your blog to make money - mom blog from home
Provide Services to Make Money on your blog - mom blog from home

1. Virtual Assistant

This one covers a wide range of needs that a blogger or any business with an online presence has. A virtual assistant is sort of like an online personal assistant. If you are looking for someone to just help you keep up on your emails you can hire a V.A. If you are looking for someone to help you write articles, respond to customers, fill orders, create pins, work on projects on your blog, you name it, there is a V.A. for it.

Many V.A.s just don’t want the whole responsibility of having their own blog and they would prefer to use their skills to work their own hours and help bloggers and business owners.

Or some do have their own blogs, but they just like to have a little extra work on the side of their own blogs.

That person may be in school full time, work full time, stay at home with the kids full time, or even blog full time and they are just looking for a little extra income on the side.

Whatever the case may be there are many wonderful V.A.s out there that are highly equipped to help however it’s needed!

So, if you have one area of blogging that you just love more than anything else, maybe you could offer your services as a V.A. for that specific thing.

Or maybe you love the idea of becoming a V.A. for someone else but you would rather have your own blog, then you could just blog about being a V.A. and teach others!

I read a great book (that I’m not affiliated with) that was full of everything you need to know about becoming a blogger. It was called Bootstrap V.A. and I got it off of Amazon Kindle.

It is a great read if becoming a V.A. is something you would like to do.

2. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is someone that usually has an artistic side that designs any type of image or product. For instance, my brother-in-law is a very good graphic designer.

He doesn’t do it for a living only on the side for the vinyl and promotion business that he and my sister have.

He has designed several logos for our family and is very good at it! I don’t think it is something he would want to do every day but as a hobby it is perfect. I, however, I am not an artist like that at all.

It takes a special skill to not only have a vision of the finished product but to understand all of the computer programs and different software out there to design it.

Because there are so many people like me, it is a great way to make extra money online and with a blog by someone who is good at it.

To make that change from more of an amateur look to a professional look would take the work of a graphic designer.

So, if you have that special touch and can create amazing images and designs then offering your services as a graphic designer would be a great way to make money with your blog.

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3. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is someone who gets paid to write. They can write blog posts, social media posts, books, ebooks, you name it. A popular name in the freelance blogging world is Elna Cain.

She is a freelance writer and has grown her business into multiple blogs. She talks all about freelance writing and how to use it to make money on a blog.

There are many companies you can sign up with to become a freelance writer and they will pay you to write! So, if that is more your strong suit and you would rather not worry about all the other details of blogging then that may be the way to go!

Here is Elna’s post on 20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner)

4. Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is someone who is in charge of the social media profiles of a business or client. They ensure that the account stays active and is responding to comments.

If you are someone who loves to be on social media, then this could be a great opportunity for you!

Businesses are seeing the importance of having an online presence and not just a website. They are seeing that being active on Social Media is great free (mostly free) exposure!

However, not all business owners have the time to be on social media all day or they don’t understand how to use it correctly for their business to grow.

This is where someone who does know all of that would step in!

It’s not as easy as just scrolling Facebook all day though. You would have to prove growth for that account and show you are worth getting paid to help.

Then you can move on to managing several accounts!

One of the popular names in Social Media Managing is Liz Benny of Social Money Business.

She has made a business of not only becoming one of the first social media managers but then she has turned teaching others how to do it into a business as well!

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5. Coaching

This one is very broad and can be used for anything. You can coach, train, teach, or inform anyone on anything you want.

The service you would be providing is your time and knowledge.

You can provide an online coaching service for those that need help with their online business. You can provide an online teaching service where you teach a different language.

As you can imagine you can pretty much do anything in this category. 

The difference between providing a service and selling an online product in this instance would be that you would provide more of a 1 on 1 with your readers.

You could have an option for them to purchase a 30-minute phone call with you each week or maybe a video chat.

As for an online course where you would sell the product you created teaching them how to do “your expertise”.

So the difference between them is one is more of a live 1 on 1 session and the other is a pre-written or pre-recorded course or ebook.

Pros and Cons of each

Coaching Pros

  • You get that 1 on 1 with your client to help see them through the process.
  • You have control of how many students you take on and when you are available.
  • Start getting paid right away.
  • You get to show your passion and emotion more through that more personable experience.
  • You can charge more.

Coaching Cons

  • The biggest con would be you are limiting your income to only the clients you can take on.
  • It seems a little more stressful to take on a bunch of clients and have the pressure of making those calls daily or weekly.
  • It would be less streamlined than just recording once and selling repeatedly.
  • You’re put directly on the spot on calls.

Product Pros

  • It is more of a one and done type of deal. Write the book once or record the course once and then just maintenance work after that.
  • You are able to make a lot more sales since this doesn’t require your time daily.
  • You can offer an affiliate program for your products and sell more products through the help of others.
  • It is easy to go into your course and make an adjustment, unlike a live coaching call.

Product Cons

  • You wouldn’t make any sales until the product is finished.
  • It is harder to show your personality through an ebook or even videos than it is in a live coaching call.

If creating products is something you would like to learn more about then I highly suggest using Teachable! That is who I go through for all of my products I have created.

What Other Services Are There?

There really is no limit to a service you could provide and promote on your blog.

If there is a need for it, there are people out there willing to pay for it. You just have to think outside the box and think about what people struggle with that you could help with.

  • Do people need to make extra money and you know how?
  • Do people need to find more time in the day and you know how?
    • What would save time for a busy mom that works full-time with 3 kids?
    • What would save time for a busy businessman who works 24/7?
      • Do they need more organization?
      • Do they need a cleaning service?
      • Do they need to meal prep?
      • What problem can you solve?
    • How to pay off debt quickly
    • How to eat more healthy

Think of all the problems people face on a daily basis and find out how you can solve it with your service.

Once you come up with a problem that you can solve, narrow it down even more. Let’s say you want to help busy moms find more time. Then you narrow it down to you want to help them also eat more healthy and save time.

So now you want to help moms meal plan healthy meals. Can you narrow it even further and maybe provide a service that does all of the meal planning and prepping for them?

Your service could be that you provide already prepped healthy meals for big busy families delivered right to their door!

Boom! That busy mom doesn’t have to come up with meals her kids will like, she doesn’t have to look up all the ingredients, she doesn’t have to go to the store, she doesn’t have to come home and prep it all, she doesn’t have to do any of that hard work!

Her week is already planned, prepared, and taken care of! All she has to do is serve it! That just saved her a bunch of time and stress.

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Another Example

Here is an example of a way that I was able to come up with some extra money by providing a service.

I used to run a daycare, my mom ran one for 20 years, and I have worked in schools. So, I have plenty of experience with children. I had been working at the Church Preschool part way through the school year to help them out. They decided to close the 1-year old’s class which left me with the opportunity to either stay home or take a different position at the school.

After much discussion, my husband and I decided that I would stay home. But then that left us without my pay, so I had to find a way to make that up.

Right at that same time, our city school system announced they were changing the start time for the elementary schools to be later and the high schools to be earlier.

I believe this was a way to make sure that not everyone was on the road at the same time because our town has been booming and grounding very rapidly.

However, parents have to be at work by 8 or 8:30 and now the elementary schools didn’t start until 9.

This left a need for parents to find before care.

I had been trying to find a way to make extra money without taking on a full-time job and it hit me. What if I offered before and aftercare for just our neighborhood?

I looked up the child care laws and if I didn’t watch more than 2 at a time, I would be fine. Our neighborhood is all very close, so I threw the idea out there on our neighborhood Facebook Page and I had enough people respond that I was able to fill two spots in the morning and two in the evening.

I charged what the school before and aftercare charged, and I was able to not only help myself, but I helped all those parents struggling to find before and aftercare for their children.

This way all the kids get on and off the bus as if they normally would and the parents don’t have to go out of their way on their busy car ride to and from work to pick them up somewhere.

They just drop them off at my house on their way out of the neighborhood and then come straight to our neighborhood and pick them up on their way home!

So, I “work” 2 hours a day and make pretty much what I made working full time at the school.

I found a need and I solved a problem!

You just have to get creative and really think. Don’t think about the big problems either. Think about the little problems and niche down and become the middle man.

I realize that is not a virtual service that you could provide on your blog but I just wanted to help give you an example of how thinking outside of the box can help you find a solution to a problem!

What unique services do you provide or want to provide on your blog?



Is providing a service not your cup of tea?

Check out my post on making money with affiliate marketing!

Or to see more option on how you can make money with your blog check out this post on how to make money blogging!

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