16 Christmas Decorations for the Living Room Fireplace

16 Christmas Decorations for the Living Room Fireplace

One of my favorite things to decorate during the Christmas season is my fireplace! Growing up my mom always had beautiful Christmas decorations for our living room fireplace. She would decorate the whole house but there was something special about the fireplace mantel that I just fell in love with. Looking back I am very impressed at my moms decorating skills for living in a small town in Kansas before Amazon and Pinterest!

There was no place to shop in our tiny town and without Amazon to delivery everything to your door practically overnight and without Pinterest to inspire you with a million ideas, I don’t know how she did it! Whenever people would come over to visit they would always compliment her decorating abilities.

I often have people tell me the same and I like to think that I got some of it from my mom but I also have access to not only Amazon and Pinterest, but I now live in Savannah, GA so I have plenty of home decor stores to visit for inspiration!

Even with access to all those fun stores, I am still a sucker for Amazon. It’s just too convenient to pick up your phone and in just a few clicks everything you need is heading your way and some of it now even comes the very next day! Of course, that is if you have a Prime Membership with Amazon. Which I’m sure most everyone does but if you are one of the few that don’t then let me tell you that it is completely worth it! Years ago I was a big skeptic but then I finally got a membership and I never looked back!

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16 Christmas Ideas for the Living Room Fireplace - Mom Blog From Home

16 Christmas Decorations for the Living Room Fireplace

So let’s move on to 16 Christmas decoration ideas I found on Amazon for the living room fireplace. I picked out some of the cutest decorations that caught my eye. There are so many that I really could have easily put a hundred in this post but then I don’t know if anyone would actually make it through the entire list!


The first one that caught my eye is these adorable throw pillowsThrow pillows are very trendy right now and they are a great inexpensive way to decorate your house. You can change them out throughout the year for each season and it makes a big difference in the look and feel of your home. These pillows would be super cute in a basket by the fireplace, on a bench by the fireplace, or even leaned again the fireplace or mantel.




I have a set of these remote-controlled faux candles and they put off a beautiful glow that is perfect for setting the Christmas mood. There are different settings so you can either have them come on automatically or just turn them on with a quick push of a button! These are great for any time of the year not just for Christmas decorations.




These reindeer candle holders are super cute! They would be perfect for decorating your living room fireplace! They could even be used throughout your house to bring every room to life with Christmas spirit! I like how they are used in this picture on the dining room table. That is another great idea to use them for.




I love the idea of these plain stockings! They look very clean and elegant. The all-white Christmas look is very modern and I would love to be able to pull it off myself but everything I try and get that is white my dogs, husband, and child quickly turn is a grey/brown color. Keeping everything clean is a battle in itself I don’t know why I put more stress on myself by buying white decor.

These are a pretty cream color and they look so cute it is going to be hard not to purchase these and replace our old cheap looking stockings I have been holding on to!



If you aren’t into the all-white Christmas look but you are still looking to upgrade your old shaggy stockings then these might be just for you. The red plaid look is also very modern and trendy this Christmas. You could get these and those throw pillows I shared at the beginning and tie the whole room together! All you need to do next is get a wreath or tree with a similar look!




This wooden reindeer would be a perfect accent to your mantel decor! Set them up within your garland with those faux candles and add some cute little trees (check those out below) and stocks with a throw pillow on the side and you would have an amazing fireplace this Chrismas! I am also all for easy to store Christmas decorations and these would store very easily.




There are so many different options for garland that are available but I think this one is beautiful. The garland that I have lights up in multiple colors. The more I go through all these amazing Christmas decorations for the living room fireplace the more I am realizing how dated what I have is! We updated our tree last year so this year may be the perfect year to update our fireplace decorations.




A big family with a bunch of stockings deserves to have these stocking holders. We were only able to have one child and she has an adorable stocking holder but since we only have one holder I need to get some more for my husband and I. Not that anyone fills our stockings but it looks so bare with only one stocking! Maybe we should make some for the dogs haha!




I have seen so many of these signs being used throughout all the holiday seasons and they are starting to grow on me. I picture all of the decorations above all placed perfectly on the mantel of my living room fireplace with this sign either on the mantel as shown in the picture or off to the side hanging on a shelf on the wall. There is more than one way I picture using this Merry Christmas sign. It does look good on the fireplace though!




This is a much simpler strand of garland that includes lights and pinecones. We decorated our Christmas tree with pinecones last year and it turned out so good. It gives your decor a rustic look that would go great with the red plaid theme. I try and make sure that all my Christmas decorations have a similar look and feel to them. When we first got married everything we had was hand-me-downs and so none of it matched or went together at all. Now I try to make sure it all flows nicely together!



This stocking holder is similar to the one that we have for our daughter. It is just a little different than all the other basic stocking holders. Again this has a more rustic look to it than the metal holders which I prefer. I like that farmhouse look.




I love the look of these. The splash of red would pull out all the other red tones in the room and the burlap base has a shabby chic feel to it. We also put berries in our tree last year so these accent decorations would go along perfect with our tree as they sat upon the mantel.

Something that I will add is that we got all of our new tree decorations from Dollar Tree last year! It is amazing what you can find there.




It wouldn’t be Christmas without a nativity scene! I haven’t seen one where the lights are in the middle like this one and I really like the effect it gives it. This piece would be beautiful upon the mantel! Just image the fire crackling underneath and Christmas music playing in the background. Yes! Sign me up!



I really like the snow-covered look and this wreath it looks like it is straight out of the forest. The berry and twigs make this wreath look more natural and really pop against that green and white. This whole thing has a classic green, white and red Christmas look!




These are a perfect simple accent decoration that I would easily use throughout my whole house but definitely on the fireplace mantel in the living room too! I love the simplicity of these and how they are a great way to add a touch of Christmas here and there if you don’t want to go all out. I picture these being used as part of a centerpiece on my dinner table as well!



This garland again has that snow-covered look that I just couldn’t help but include in this list! Now that I live in the South and I am not around the snow anymore I feel like I can enjoy it more than when I was forced to live in it all day every day during Winter back home. This makes your house feel like Christmas without actually having to deal with the snow!



Well, I hope you loved going through all these ideas for Christmas decorations for the living room fireplace as much as I did! I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas this year! Let me know if you found some other goodies that would go on your living room fireplace this Christmas!


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16 Christmas Ideas for the Living Room Fireplace - Mom Blog From Home 16 Christmas Ideas for the Living Room Fireplace - Mom Blog From Home

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