How to Get Featured on Mom Blog From Home

How to Get Featured on Mom Blog From Home

At the beginning of the year, I decided to offer to feature new bloggers on my blog. They had the option to sign up and have an image of their choice and a biography added to my blog. The image was either their logo or profile picture. They could have however long of a bio they wanted and their blog URL.

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home
Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home
Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home
Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

It went great! I had a bunch of new bloggers sign up. I wanted to focus on new bloggers that really needed a helping hand on getting their name out there. I too am a new blogger but anything helps!

This was a great resource for me as well as I could ask each blogger that signed up what their struggles were in starting and growing their blogs. That gave me insight on how to help my readers! It gave me blog post ideas, course ideas, freebie ideas, etc.

How to Get Featured on Mom Blog From Home - Mom Blog From Home

I only wish that I could pump out the blog posts as fast as the ideas came in!

It was really hard when I had all this insight, traffic, and momentum but then I had to step aside from blogging for a few months to help out a local Church in their Preschool class. Now I am back at blogging full time so I have a lot of ground to make up!

While trying to dive back in I made a few changes to my blog. Such as my logo!

My daughter and I made a fort and we were spending time together in there while I was working on my blog so she helped me design it! I love it! It is definitely more me!

I also had changed a few things on my home page that ended up reducing my bounce rate by half! That was just an added bonus.

Then I an awesome idea!

As a blogger, you are always thinking about how can you better serve your readers? My blog is about teaching moms how to blog. Really anyone can read it and learn how to blog. Again, if only I could pump out the blog posts as fast as I think of them!

But I have moms in mind when I write and share what I have learned about blogging.

So, how else could I help moms? Originally, I thought that I could help moms be free as in debt free. That would just solve so many problems in the world and especially motherhood! I do have a passion for budgeting and paying off debt but I just felt like I could do more.

Then that’s when the idea hit me!

The turn out was very impressive when I offered to feature blogs! I couldn’t believe how many new bloggers signed up. So there was a reason for that. There was a need for that.

Benefits of being featured

Here are some benefits to being featured on Mom Blog From Home:

– To broaden your audience

– Gain new followers

– To collaborate and reach new people

– Build your SEO

– To have your blog listed amongst other like-minded passionate mom bloggers!

Depending on if you choose to join my Feature Facebook Group:

– You will be able to connect with other featured mom bloggers

–  To inspire new ideas

– To motivate each other

– To drive each other to reach our goals

– To build each other up

– To build our confidence

– Have fun together!

– Educate each other with tips and tricks

– Help support each other financially (purchase each other’s course/ebooks etc.)

– Build rapport and our reputations

– Get the advice you can trust

I know when I first started blogging (or still) I would have loved to have been featured on another blog! Especially if it was a bigger blog!

You have the potential to reach so many more readers!

That is what we are all after isn’t? To reach as many people as we can.

When I asked my readers, as they signed up to be featured, what their biggest struggles were as new bloggers wouldn’t you know it…most of them said traffic! So, just like I said…we all want to reach more people!

The main benefit I got out of it all was enjoyment! I flat out enjoyed every moment of helping those bloggers! They were so grateful I was willing to help them and it felt great!

So, my awesome new idea is to up my featuring game!

There were some kinks that needed to be worked out before that I fixed such as before I had to send out multiple emails a week and I added two features a week so after signing up it took a while to actually be featured. That is now fixed!

How does it work

This is how it will work now.

If you are a mom blogger (fur babies count!), but sorry guys this is for the ladies only, then you can sign up here to be featured on Mom Blog From Home.

Your feature will be categorized by niche and will be sorted alphabetically. This way there is no waiting in line and your feature will be easy to find when others search through the features. Oh, and did I mention that by being featured you will be apart of a blogging directory. I want it to be a place for bloggers to come to connect with other bloggers. I want it to benefit everyone!


There are several categories that your blog will fall into. I am sorting all blogs by these categories until we have so many I need to niche it further down. 

However, if you don’t fit into any of these categories right now I can add more!

This will help organize all the features and make it flow!

The categories are:

  • Health
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Faith and Inspiration
  • Technology
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • DIY


There are many benefits to being featured but here are the benefits you get from me for being featured: 

Feature Image– You can submit one image you would like to use for your feature. That image should either be your profile picture or your logo.

Biography– You can submit a bio for your feature that would tell readers about you and your blog.

Blog URL– Please submit your blog domain address or website URL (ex:

“Featured On” Image– Each feature will receive a “Featured On” image for you to place on your blog letting your readers know that you are featured here on Mom Blog From Home.

Promotional Link– A promotional link is a link to either an email opt-in, a blog post, or even an affiliate link. It is not a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Product Link– A product link is a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Special Feature Spot– Each package has a feature spot. The free package features will be listed in alphabetical order per category. Package Basic & Advanced will be featured in alphabetically order above the free features. The VIP package will be listed alphabetically above all other packages. Please see the chart below.

Private Facebook Group– There is a private Facebook Group for paid features. In this Facebook Group, you will have to opportunity to advertise your blog, freebies, promotions, affiliate links, products, services, etc. Each day will be for a certain category and if your blog niche falls into that category that is the day you will be able to share. Other days are for blogs in the other niches.

Facebook Live– VIP Features will be allowed to do one 10- minute Facebook Live. Lives will be scheduled with me prior to and will be set on your specific category niche day. Ex: Your blog is about health, your live will be scheduled on the day of the week that category is on.

Featured in Email– You will be featured one time in an email to my email subscribers.

FREE BRACELET– Please enjoy and show off your free Mom Blog From Home bracelet!

When you sign up you will get a PDF of exactly what is included in your feature package. Instructions on how to submit your information to me. Instructions on how to join the Private Facebook Group (if you choose those packages) and then a copy of your “featured on” image!

I am so excited about all the new benefits of being featured on Mom Blog From Home!

I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to have your blog featured. You get to pick which benefits you want by choosing which package you want!

The best part for you is super easy to just submit your information and be done! You don’t have to worry about writing a long post or anything just your basic info and that’s it!

This is a community you will be joining where we are all here to help each other. Everyone benefits from this!

I can’t wait to lock arms with you and all of us moms help each other grow our blogs together!

Have you ever been featured on another blog before? How did it go?

Talk to you later!


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