Why I Use SiteGround to Host My Blog

Why I Use SiteGround to Host My Blog

If you have ever thought about starting a blog you have probably thought about what hosting you should use. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting. And why wouldn’t I? I use them and I love them so why wouldn’t I share with you what works best?

You may already have a blog and you either don’t have hosting yet or you do but you are second guessing who you have. Then once more I am here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting.

I have personally used BlueHost and HostGator in the past and I am not saying anything negative about them at all it just didn’t work out for me.

I had always wanted to start a blog and I tried several times to but it just didn’t work out for me those times. Now, I am happy to say that I am trucking right along this time! Those first two times I attempted it I once used BlueHost and the second time I used HostGator. It had nothing to do with the hosting as to why I was unsuccessful at starting my blog, however.

It was just not the right time in my life. I had too much going on and too little self-confidence. 

This time I found the resources that work best for me and since my blog is about teaching you how to blog as I learn then it is my job to share with you what resources I do use and recommend!

Why I Use SiteGround to Host My Blog - Mom Blog From Home

Live Chat

First, I want to say how much I love SiteGround’s live chat. Since I am not very tech savvy I love that when I run into a problem I can chat with someone right away to help me fix it! And it isn’t one of those “live chat” buttons that still send you to a contact email form either. It is a live chat with a representative helping you right away solve your problems.

There are several other ways to find out how to fix your problem on your own but I don’t have time to read through all of those FAQ’s and “best results” for the problem you typed in articles.

It will also show you how many other customers that representative has helped and how many stars they have for helping them. That gives me more comfort knowing that rep has successfully helped thousands of other people!

No Down Time

An important factor for running an online business is that you can’t have downtime. If your site is down you are losing customers and losing money. If you have thousands of views a day on your blog and you are down for just that one day. That can add up quickly! No one wants their site to be down. Even if you don’t get thousands of views it is still important to always be open for business!

With SiteGround, I have had zero downtime. I have had my site run into issues that were due to a plugin or a theme but SiteGround was able to help me identify what was causing it so I could get ahold of the right people to get it fixed!

No downtime with SiteGround hosting - mom blog from home



This gets a little too techy for me but I do know that I want my site to be fast. This day and age you can’t have a slow site or no one will stick around. We want things fast and convenient!

SiteGround has the hottest speed technologies.

SiteGround - Speed - Mom Blog From Home


Data Centers

This is more technology lingo that I understand but don’t at the same time. But I’ll let you be the judge of this right here.

SiteGround has the best data centers on three different continents!

SiteGround - 3 Continents - Mom Blog From Home



SiteGround does more than just provide hosting for your WordPress blog it also provides hosting such as Web Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

They provide several plans to choose from so you can pick what is right for you!

I went with the GrowBig Plan. It is the middle plan but this way I am able to have multiple sites that can support more monthly views than the Startup Plan. The Startup plan is the first plan and it is a little more basic. It would be a great beginner plan.

The GrowBig Plan just made me feel like I was ready to grow big if I wanted to, which who doesn’t want to. I just have heard stories of bloggers who had started with the small package and then when their pin or blog post went viral they weren’t ready for the traffic that it brought in. This can cause problems with your site or in some cases may cause you to be charged for the overage.

I wanted to be safe and make sure I was prepared so I went with the bigger plan of the two!

The last plan they offer is the GoGeek Plan and that is more for the big dogs. Hopefully, we all get to that stage someday but unless you have 25,000-100,000 monthly visits to your blog you don’t need to get this plan. And odds are if you had that many monthly views you wouldn’t be here reading this anyways haha! So for us, it is not the plan we would most likely go with.

Again, hopefully, someday we will all need it though!

SiteGround - Plans - mom blog from home


Friendly Website

SiteGround does have a user-friendly website that is easy to maneuver through. It is fairly self-explanatory on how to use it which is always so helpful!

You can manage everything you need to all in one on SiteGround’s website.

That was one thing that was hard for me to get used to with the other two hosting companies I mentioned before. Again, it could have just been the timing in my life as to why they didn’t work out for me. There was a 6+ year gap from the first time I tried to start a blog to this time. So as you can imagine a lot has changed in the online world and in my life as well!

So now using SiteGround, their website is very easy to go through and not get lost or feel confused. This opens up the customers they can have such as me, someone who isn’t very tech savvy!

SiteGround - User Friendly - mom blog from home

Easy Setup

Of course, they also make it very easy to get started with them. The checkout process is very quick and easy and then with the Live Chat, you can have them do all the hard work!

They will get you all set up and everything. Make sure it is all installed correctly so you don’t waste any time and you can have your blog up and running right away!

SiteGround easy set up - mom blog from home

Happiness Rate

SiteGround has a 99.7% Happiness Rate. I don’t think I have seen that before on any other site where they advertise their “happiness rate”. I have seen testimonials but to proudly state the percentage of happy customers is awesome!

I can believe that number too! It is easy to find out people’s opinions these days. Ask or don’t ask and they will give it to you. But If you do ask on one of those Facebook Groups for blogging, people are more than willing to give you their honest and helpful opinion. I see all the time people say how they use SiteGround and are so happy with them.

A long time ago when I first tried to start a blog I had never even heard of SiteGround. I don’t know if they even were around back then. But this time when I got back into it SiteGround is all I ever see being advertised or used by bloggers!

That right there speaks for itself how awesome they are!

SiteGround Happiness Rate - mom blog from home



Last but certainly not least, SiteGround offers an awesome affiliate program. I became an affiliate and was able to make my first sale before I even launched my blog! They paid me $50! That to me is a very high commission and I was beyond excited about that!

What is unique is that they pay you more the more sales you make! Let’s say you make $50 the first sale then if you make more than 5 sales it goes up to $75 a sale!

I don’t know if they will ever change that so I don’t want to put out all of the details, but you can see how quickly that could add up!

Five sales a month and you could make $250! Then if you sold 3 more at $75 each you almost doubled it to $475! An extra $500 bucks a month just right there in helping share how great SiteGround is! That would be awesome!

Plus, inside your affiliate page on SiteGround they show you your Stats & Reports, they give you premade banners to use for advertising, they show you your payouts, and they even give you success tips!

The affiliate program is just as awesome and helpful as the hosting they provide!


Siteground provides the fastest hosting for multiple platforms on 3 different continents with 99.9% uptime and 99.7% happiness rate with their live chat option, user-friendly website, and easy setup. They also have an awesome affiliate program!

I hope that you can see why SiteGround is an easy choice. All you have to do is a little research and you can see it is what most bloggers are using. When I just started to catch back up on blogging I was doing my research and the three ladies that I love to follow and learn from all three use SiteGround so it was a no-brainer for me!

I hope it is a no-brainer for you!

Have you tried SiteGround before? How do you like it?



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