What I Use to Grow My Traffic as a Small Blog

What I Use to Grow My Traffic as a Small Blog

There is no doubt that you have probably already heard of Tailwind. If you haven’t then I’m glad I am the first to be able to share this with you. If you have heard about it but you aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about then I am about to tell you.

Tailwind has helped me grow my blog traffic from 300 page views one month to over 7,000 page views the next month! My blog was only a few months old at that point as well!


What is tailwind

  • Tailwind is a scheduler for posting to Pinterest and Instagram. There are options to have it post on Twitter and Facebook as well. But you can schedule out in advance for Pinterest and Instagram.
  • It has designated times for your pins/ posts to go live according to when it will be most viewed by your follows.
  • The Instagram feature even offers you suggestions for the best hashtags to use and you can save a list of the hashtags you want to use for each post. This saves time trying to remember all of them and then, of course, typing them all in.
  • You can add up to 50 times per day to pin to Pinterest
  • You can make board lists to group your boards or group boards together.
  • It breaks down the analytics to tell you how your pins are doing. If you are analytical you will love this feature. Pinterest provides analytics and so does Tailwind. You can compare and see how well your pins are doing and so much more! For me, it is a bit overwhelming how much information is provided. That is a great problem to have though! I can learn it all but I would prefer too much information than not enough!
  • There are Tailwind Tribes on Tailwind that is a group of others in your niche that you can share each other’s content.
    • Benefits of Tailwind Tribes
    • You can easily pick pins to repin in your niche
    • Your pins will be more likely to be repined as well by those in your Tribe (you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours)
    • You can see how many times your pin has been reshared within the Tribe
    • You can see how many pins you have repined within the Tribe
    • You can chat with the Tribe members
    • You can sign up for 5 different Tribes for free
    • You can add up to 30 pins per month into the Tribe. This helps from it being overloaded. You will make sure you are sharing your best pins in there and so will your Tribe members. Making the pins in there higher quality to share with your followers.
  • Tailwind is working on rolling out a loop feature. It is in Beta testing right now. From what I hear it is really awesome. This will save everyone even more time!

Grow Blog Traffic as a Small Blog

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1. Sign up for a free trial ($15 credit)

You can sign up for a $15 credit that works out to be a one-month free trial if you use my referral link right here! 

2. Enter in your info on profile

Once click on the link just go through and sign yourself up and fill in your information in your account. There are also awesome tutorial videos that will pop up and walk you through how to navigate through Tailwind.

3. Install extension

  • The Tailwind extension is super easy to install and use. It will place a Tailwind icon on the top toolbar of your internet window. This makes using Tailwind on Pinterest a breeze!

Once you are on Pinterest you can search for the pins that you are looking for (ex: how to blog) and then when the results pop up you can then click on the extension and it will pull all those pins so you can then choose which ones you want to repin.

You simply click on the pins you want to repin and the board you want them to be pinned too.

You can have them all go to the same board or you can choose a different board for each pin!

After you have selected which pins you want and where you want them to go, you just hit schedule the queue and it will fill up your Tailwind schedule!

You can also use the Tailwind extension on any other website as well. If you are on a blog you just love and you want to repin from it, you can use the extension the same way.

After you have hit schedule Tailwind will pull up a list of other pins you may also be interested in repining. Sometimes they have awesome suggested pins and sometimes they don’t. You don’t have to repin any of them but it is great to have more pins to choose from if you find one that you like!

Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours - mom blog from home

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

4. Set up preferences/how many pins per day.

  • As I said you can set your schedule to pin up to 50 times a day. You don’t have to do that many and if you find it difficult to keep it full then you may want to do less.
  • I used to do 50 but then I was unable to stay consistent. It felt like my queue would never stay full and I would end up pinning 50 times for 2 days and then only a few for 2-3 days and then back to 50 when I was able to refill it.
  • I decided to drop it down to 20 times so that my queue was consistently full every day. You just need to find what works for you!

It has a smart schedule so it knows when your followers are on Pinterest

  • Of those different time spots that you can choose from on Tailwind to pin your pins, they are in a small schedule. This means that Tailwind knows when it is best for you to pin for you. They know when your viewers are most likely on Pinterest and can see your pins!

How amazing is that! You don’t have to guess if you need to be up at 5 am pinning about breakfast recipes. Tailwind will do it all for you!

pin to profits list building - mom blog from home

Pin to Profits: List Building

Pin up to 50 times a day

  • As I said you can pin up to 50 times a day. Of those pins, you can do them all of your own pins or half yours and half others. It is all up to you!
  • Pin to your preference. Some say 80/20 some say 50/50 and some say 20/80

Pin to group boards and your own boards

  • You have the option to pin to your boards or to group boards you are apart of.
  • Group boards are boards where there are multiple collaborators. You all contribute to the same board and share each other’s pins.

Group Boards

  • Most group boards are niched down to be specific about a certain niche. There are some that are broader such as Mom Bloggers. That could be any type of blog made by a mom. You could have a wide variety of blog topics in there.
  • But most are narrowed down. Such as gluten-free recipes group board. So you are only sharing gluten-free recipes on that board.
  • There are pros and cons to both. Not niched down gives you more opportunity add more pins. However, that also gives chances of it being overlooked because there are so many different kinds of pins in that group board. Niched down means those people in that group board are interested in your niched pin so it is more likely to be noticed however you may not have as many pins to contribute.

Pin to Tailwind Tribe

  • Don’t forget to add pins and share pins from your Tailwind Tribes!
  • When using the extension sometimes the URL and description on that pin don’t move over and you have to manually add it. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes you can’t read on the image who made the pin.
  • In Tailwind, Tribes you don’t have to worry about that. Those will always be on the pin making resharing it super easy!

Semi-loop pins

How to create Pinterest images - free course- mom blog from home

5. Tell others and get free months of Tailwind

  • Tailwind has a referral program that if you share Tailwind and someone signs up they get $15 and you get $15. This is equivalent to a free month for each of you! Tailwind will automatically add that to your accounts. So by sharing Tailwind, you can essentially use Tailwind for free yourself with at least one sign up from a friend each month!

So to get started with Tailwind

Go here (https://www.tailwindapp.com/i/momblogfromhome.com) and sign up

– Install the extension

– Watch the tutorial video on Tailwind

– Start pinning

– Grow your blog traffic!

For more information on how I grew my blog traffic over 600 page views in one day on my small blog, you can check out this post.

Happy pinning!


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30 day challenge to start a blog - mom blog from home

How to Grow Your Email List and Why it is So Dang Important!

How to Grow Your Email List and Why it is So Dang Important!

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is with having an email list as a blogger? I always read that it was such a big deal but I didn’t fully understand why. Now I get it!

Having and growing an email list is your way of keeping in touch with your followers! It is like having a secret mailbox to send them information about your blog. You want to stay in touch with the people that come to your blog. You don’t want them to just stop by and then forget about you!

Grow email list - mom blog from home

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

A great way to gain email subscribers is to offer a freebie for them to sign up for. People are more likely to sign up when they are going to receive something. Also, this is a great way to give value and share with your readers so they see you are worth coming back for more.

Not only does it add value but it also hooks your readers. They can learn just enough from your freebie to feel they got something of worth but then they will see you are knowledgeable and want to learn more!

What’s the big deal

Imagine going out door to door trying to advertise your business. You meet people, talk about your business, and then leave them with a business card and a sample.

Let’s say you sell vitamins and you leave them with a sample (a freebie) they are more than willing to take that sample even if they don’t use it. People love free stuff!

You have now made a connection and introduced yourself and your product. But now the ball is in their court. For them to become a returning customer they would have to call you. They have your business card so now it’s a waiting game.

Your card most likely will end up in the trash can and unless your product was super amazing the odds of them becoming a customer are very slim.

But if you followed up with them again and asked how they liked the product and maybe even offer them some more free samples then you are getting closer to them become a customer!

Now obviously you can’t go door to door trying to sell your product and then be able to return to those same potential customers to follow up with them. However, if you got their email address you would be able to pop up in their inbox easily!

This increases the chances of them becoming a true customer!

Your Blog

Now I hope you can see that I was using that as an example of how if someone comes to your blog and gets a freebie on “The Best Vitamins to Take After the Age of 30” then you could easily follow up with them and see if they enjoyed the list, if they have tried them before, why they are looking for supplementation, etc!

You now have their email address and you can pop in weekly and refresh their brain on how much they enjoyed your freebie and how they want to learn more.

Having a list of email addresses that you can email weekly while still building your list and reaching new people is amazing! Your potential customer list is growing and you are able to follow up and cater to them!

Pins to Profits Foundations


Once you have established a good relationship with your readers you now have gained their trust and they have become loyal followers. Not just someone who stumbled across your blog but a loyal follower who looks forward to your next email.

Then when you have a paid product you are ready to introduce to them they are ready to buy from you. They trust you. You have established a good foundation and relationship with them by providing helpful and useful information every week. They know that whatever product you are sharing must be good!

Your loyal followers turn into loyal customers.

Customers who will also in the future look forward to what you have to offer! All because you got their email address and you were able to nurture that relationship.

I have had bloggers tell me that 50% or more of their sales come from their email list. 50%! That is amazing!


So what is a good freebie? A freebie is something you will offer your readers in exchange for their email address. It won’t feel like you are trading to them. It will feel like you are friends helping each other out.

If you put “If you give me your email address, I’ll send you this free printable” no one is going to sign up. That just sounds like a scam.

If you put “Hey friends I made this awesome printable. I’d love to send you a free copy!” They won’t think twice about entering their email address to get that free printable!

pin to profits list building - mom blog from home

So what makes a good freebie?

You want to offer them something of value. It needs to help solve a problem for them. It could look super cool but if it is about “The Best Ways to Train Your Goldfish” then I’m out. I don’t need that. There is no value in that for me personally. Now if your blog is about training goldfish then sure!

If your blog is about makeup then you could offer “The Top 5 Makeup Brushes to Use in 2018”. That would be helpful for someone who has no idea what makeup brush to use. You could even go a little further and explain what the brushes are used for.

For someone like me, I couldn’t tell you anything about makeup brushes so if I was trying to get into it I wouldn’t even know what brush was for what purpose!

This would solve a problem for me. It would be a great freebie!


Make sure that your freebie pertains to your blog niche and that your freebie isn’t too broad either. If you blog is about gluten-free foods then a freebie that would be great is “Top 5 Gluten Free Recipes For Muffins”. It is within your blog niche but niched down just a little more to a more specific need.

I don’t watch for gluten-free recipes but I do know a few friends that I could see downloading that freebie for sure!

You don’t want your freebie to be too broad. For example: “100 Gluten Free Recipes”. There might be some that would jump on that but to me, that seems too overwhelming. I don’t want to read all that. That isn’t something I could quickly print off. That might be something I would pin for later but I don’t think I would give my email address for something so broad.

Pin to Profits Affiliate Marketing

Where do you put your freebies?

There are several places you can put your freebies on your blog. But each blog post should contain one freebie for sure. Your goal with writing each post is to get your readers to read it by helping them with a problem and then turn them into loyal readers.

Reading one blog post probably won’t make them loyal readers. However, getting their email address through that blog post will help turn them into loyal readers. How? Like I said before, now you can reach them weekly and keep reminding them of how awesome you are!

Then when they read your email and get more great information they will look forward to your new blog posts and emails!

You can put your freebie right in the middle of your blog post, at the beginning, at the end, or have it as a pop-up, really the option is up to you!

It depends on what your freebie is on where you would feel it should go. If in the middle of your blog post is where you are talking about that freebie then that might be a good place to put it! If your freebie is broader and doesn’t specifically fit into that blog post but you can remind them about it at the end of the post then that’s where you should put it!

Maybe you can’t come up with a freebie that fits anywhere in your blog post then you could have the option to have a pop up to a popular opt-in that does well on your blog. Then it wouldn’t matter so much if it doesn’t pertain directly to that post.

What should my freebie be?

This is similar to the reason you are writing the post in the first place. You want to solve a problem for your readers. With a freebie, you want to help them along the way of solving their problem.

If your goal is to teach them the best workouts to do to lose that belly fat then your freebie could be an easy printout with the steps on it. It could be a checklist so as they do those exercises every day they can check it off!

The best freebies can be checklists, calendars, resources, free mini-course, etc!

Here are two freebies that I offer to my readers that do well. One is a guide and one is a mini-course.

Guide Freebie

Grab Your Free Copy Here!


Mini-Course Freebie

Pinterest Course - Mom Blog From Home

Once you have them signed up for your opt-in and on your email list you can now nurture and grow that relationship.

How do you make a freebie?

I use PicMonkey to create all of my freebie and Pinterest images. You can check out How I do them in my How to Create Pinterest Images Course listed above!

Email Service Provider

Depending on what email service provider you use can make a difference too. For example, I use Convertkit. It is a paid service but it is worth it to me because they are one of the best!

I love their live chat option that you can use to ask quick questions. The reps are always so nice and helpful. They have tutorials and videos to walk you through step by step on setting things up. They are on top of their game when new regulations change such as the GDPR. And so many other wonderful things.

But I will tell you why I love them the most. It is their easy to use system that integrates with so many other services out there.

Let’s say that you have a new course on Teachable that you want to offer to a certain group on your email list. Convertkit and Teachable integrate and work together. You can then send out an email to your certain group of people (that you can separate using tags within Convertkit) and then after someone signs up for your course Teachable will communicate with Convertkit letting them know.

So then when you follow up with that same group in a few days to see if they had time to sign up or missed your email or whatever you don’t want to send that email to the ones that already signed up right? No, so you can tell Convertkit to send it to that same group that hasn’t signed up yet.

That is pretty specific! You can add tags, segments, automations, email sequences, and so much more within Convertkit!

This makes email marketing fun! When you can have your list organized so when you need to talk to just a certain group of our list you can narrow it down and target just that group!

If you want to try Convertkit out then grab your first month free right here!

Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours - mom blog from home

Why Convertkit?

You may be wondering but why Convertkit? There are other companies out there too. Well, this is why I chose Convertkit.

Live Chat

They offer a live chat to help walk you through any questions you may have. If they live chat is down then you can send them a quick email and you will get a speedy response!

This is awesome for me because I like to know the answer now. No one likes to wait. Plus, that may the only time you have to work on something and you don’t want to be stuck on one little hiccup.


They integrate with so many other services like WordPress, Shopify, Teachable, Woo-Commerce and more!


You can have a bird’s eye view of you automations. This shows you your funnel in an easy to understand view. You can see that once your reader finishes this email sequence they will then go into this email sequence. Or maybe you have a trigger that says they purchased a product so then they go into a different sequence.


You can set rules up so that you can guide your readers where you want them to go. This will ensure they are getting the best service from you. So, if your readers click on a link you can have that triggered to add a tag to them so you know they are interested in whatever that link was.

This just helps tailor and customize each reader’s experience with you.


Just like I said before you can have something trigger to add a tag or add that reader to a segment. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Stats, Stats and more Stats

Convertkit provides so many different stats! You can filter it down to whichever detail you want! It is very awesome!

Landing Pages

Convertkit offers landing pages. You can choose to have your opt-in be a form or a landing page and then it gives you more details from there. It is great how you can customize your opt-in to get exactly what you are looking for!

Plug-in for WordPress

It, of course, has a WordPress plugin. This makes it nice to be able to easily add an opt-in at the bottom of your post or again change your how page into a landing page.


As I stated before you can tag your readers so you get to find out more about them. If they click on a link in your email that is for learning how to write an ebook then you know that is something they are interested in. So later if you have more information on how to write an ebook then you can send it to those who clicked that link and were tagged with saying they liked that information.


Segments let you organize your tags, sequences, and forms like a folder.

Video Tutorials

This has been great for me since I am not the most tech savvy person. I like going on and getting a quick video walkthrough on how to do something. This could save me a bunch of time but watching someone walk me through how to do it.

They came highly recommended

Many of the bigger bloggers I follow use Convertkit. This helped to give them credibility. I knew it must be a good service and company for them to trust Convertkit. That was the main selling point for me.

I knew if I wanted to be successful like them I need to do what successful people do (and use!).

Do you already have an email service provider? Who do you use? And do you like them?

Happy blogging!


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Why You Should Use SiteGround As Your Hosting

Why You Should Use SiteGround As Your Hosting

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

Why you should use SiteGround as your hosting - mom blog from home

If you have ever thought about starting a blog you have probably thought about what hosting you should use. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting. And why wouldn’t I? I use them and I love them so why wouldn’t I share with you what works best?

You may already have a blog and you either don’t have hosting yet or you do but you are second guessing who you have. Then once more I am here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting.

I have personally used BlueHost and HostGator in the past and I am not saying anything negative about them at all it just didn’t work out for me.

I had always wanted to start a blog and I tried several times to but it just didn’t work out for me those times. Now, I am happy to say that I am trucking right along this time! Those first two times I attempted it I once used BlueHost and the second time I used HostGator. It had nothing to do with the hosting as to why I was unsuccessful at starting my blog, however.

It was just not the right time in my life. I had too much going on and too little self-confidence. 

This time I found the resources that work best for me and since my blog is about teaching you how to blog as I learn then it is my job to share with you what resources I do use and recommend!

Live Chat

First, I want to say how much I love SiteGround’s live chat. Since I am not very tech savvy I love that when I run into a problem I can chat with someone right away to help me fix it! And it isn’t one of those “live chat” buttons that still send you to a contact email form either. It is a live chat with a representative helping you right away solve your problems.

There are several other ways to find out how to fix your problem on your own but I don’t have time to read through all of those FAQ’s and “best results” for the problem you typed in articles.

It will also show you how many other customers that representative has helped and how many stars they have for helping them. That gives me more comfort knowing that rep has successfully helped thousands of other people!

No Down Time

An important factor for running an online business is that you can’t have downtime. If your site is down you are losing customers and losing money. If you have thousands of views a day on your blog and you are down for just that one day. That can add up quickly! No one wants their site to be down. Even if you don’t get thousands of views it is still important to always be open for business!

With SiteGround, I have had zero downtime. I have had my site run into issues that were due to a plugin or a theme but SiteGround was able to help me identify what was causing it so I could get ahold of the right people to get it fixed!

No downtime with SiteGround hosting - mom blog from home



This gets a little too techy for me but I do know that I want my site to be fast. This day and age you can’t have a slow site or no one will stick around. We want things fast and convenient!

SiteGround has the hottest speed technologies.

SiteGround - Speed - Mom Blog From Home


Data Centers

This is more technology lingo that I understand but don’t at the same time. But I’ll let you be the judge of this right here.

SiteGround has the best data centers on three different continents!

SiteGround - 3 Continents - Mom Blog From Home



SiteGround does more than just provide hosting for your WordPress blog it also provides hosting such as Web Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

They provide several plans to choose from so you can pick what is right for you!

I went with the GrowBig Plan. It is the middle plan but this way I am able to have multiple sites that can support more monthly views than the Startup Plan. The Startup plan is the first plan and it is a little more basic. It would be a great beginner plan.

The GrowBig Plan just made me feel like I was ready to grow big if I wanted to, which who doesn’t want to. I just have heard stories of bloggers who had started with the small package and then when their pin or blog post went viral they weren’t ready for the traffic that it brought in. This can cause problems with your site or in some cases may cause you to be charged for the overage.

I wanted to be safe and make sure I was prepared so I went with the bigger plan of the two!

The last plan they offer is the GoGeek Plan and that is more for the big dogs. Hopefully, we all get to that stage someday but unless you have 25,000-100,000 monthly visits to your blog you don’t need to get this plan. And odds are if you had that many monthly views you wouldn’t be here reading this anyways haha! So for us, it is not the plan we would most likely go with.

Again, hopefully, someday we will all need it though!

SiteGround - Plans - mom blog from home


Friendly Website

SiteGround does have a user-friendly website that is easy to maneuver through. It is fairly self-explanatory on how to use it which is always so helpful!

You can manage everything you need to all in one on SiteGround’s website.

That was one thing that was hard for me to get used to with the other two hosting companies I mentioned before. Again, it could have just been the timing in my life as to why they didn’t work out for me. There was a 6+ year gap from the first time I tried to start a blog to this time. So as you can imagine a lot has changed in the online world and in my life as well!

So now using SiteGround, their website is very easy to go through and not get lost or feel confused. This opens up the customers they can have such as me, someone who isn’t very tech savvy!

SiteGround - User Friendly - mom blog from home

Easy Setup

Of course, they also make it very easy to get started with them. The checkout process is very quick and easy and then with the Live Chat, you can have them do all the hard work!

They will get you all set up and everything. Make sure it is all installed correctly so you don’t waste any time and you can have your blog up and running right away!

SiteGround easy set up - mom blog from home

Happiness Rate

SiteGround has a 99.7% Happiness Rate. I don’t think I have seen that before on any other site where they advertise their “happiness rate”. I have seen testimonials but to proudly state the percentage of happy customers is awesome!

I can believe that number too! It is easy to find out people’s opinions these days. Ask or don’t ask and they will give it to you. But If you do ask on one of those Facebook Groups for blogging, people are more than willing to give you their honest and helpful opinion. I see all the time people say how they use SiteGround and are so happy with them.

A long time ago when I first tried to start a blog I had never even heard of SiteGround. I don’t know if they even were around back then. But this time when I got back into it SiteGround is all I ever see being advertised or used by bloggers!

That right there speaks for itself how awesome they are!

SiteGround Happiness Rate - mom blog from home



Last but certainly not least, SiteGround offers an awesome affiliate program. I became an affiliate and was able to make my first sale before I even launched my blog! They paid me $50! That to me is a very high commission and I was beyond excited about that!

What is unique is that they pay you more the more sales you make! Let’s say you make $50 the first sale then if you make more than 5 sales it goes up to $75 a sale!

I don’t know if they will ever change that so I don’t want to put out all of the details, but you can see how quickly that could add up!

Five sales a month and you could make $250! Then if you sold 3 more at $75 each you almost doubled it to $475! An extra $500 bucks a month just right there in helping share how great SiteGround is! That would be awesome!

Plus, inside your affiliate page on SiteGround they show you your Stats & Reports, they give you premade banners to use for advertising, they show you your payouts, and they even give you success tips!

The affiliate program is just as awesome and helpful as the hosting they provide!


Siteground provides the fastest hosting for multiple platforms on 3 different continents with 99.9% uptime and 99.7% happiness rate with their live chat option, user-friendly website, and easy setup. They also have an awesome affiliate program!

I hope that you can see why SiteGround is an easy choice. All you have to do is a little research and you can see it is what most bloggers are using. When I just started to catch back up on blogging I was doing my research and the three ladies that I love to follow and learn from all three use SiteGround so it was a no-brainer for me!

I hope it is a no-brainer for you!

Have you tried SiteGround before? How do you like it?



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Want to Be Featured on Mom Blog From Home?

Want to Be Featured on Mom Blog From Home?

At the beginning of the year, I decided to offer to feature new bloggers on my blog. They had the option to sign up and have an image of their choice and a biography added to my blog. The image was either their logo or profile picture. They could have however long of a bio they wanted and their blog URL.

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home
Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

It went great! I had a bunch of new bloggers sign up. I wanted to focus on new bloggers that really needed a helping hand on getting their name out there. I too am a new blogger but anything helps!

This was a great resource for me as well as I could ask each blogger that signed up what their struggles were in starting and growing their blogs. That gave me insight on how to help my readers! It gave me blog post ideas, course ideas, freebie ideas, etc.

I only wish that I could pump out the blog posts as fast as the ideas came in!

It was really hard when I had all this insight, traffic, and momentum but then I had to step aside from blogging for a few months to help out a local Church in their Preschool class. Now I am back at blogging full time so I have a lot of ground to make up!

While trying to dive back in I made a few changes to my blog. Such as my logo!

My daughter and I made a fort and we were spending time together in there while I was working on my blog so she helped me design it! I love it! It is definitely more me!

I also had changed a few things on my home page that ended up reducing my bounce rate by half! That was just an added bonus.

Then I an awesome idea!

As a blogger, you are always thinking about how can you better serve your readers? My blog is about teaching moms how to blog. Really anyone can read it and learn how to blog. Again, if only I could pump out the blog posts as fast as I think of them!

But I have moms in mind when I write and share what I have learned about blogging.

So, how else could I help moms? Originally, I thought that I could help moms be free as in debt free. That would just solve so many problems in the world and especially motherhood! I do have a passion for budgeting and paying off debt but I just felt like I could do more.

Then that’s when the idea hit me!

The turn out was very impressive when I offered to feature blogs! I couldn’t believe how many new bloggers signed up. So there was a reason for that. There was a need for that.

Benefits of being featured

Here are some benefits to being featured on Mom Blog From Home:

– To broaden your audience

– Gain new followers

– To collaborate and reach new people

– Build your SEO

– To have your blog listed amongst other like-minded passionate mom bloggers!

Depending on if you choose to join my Feature Facebook Group:

– You will be able to connect with other featured mom bloggers

–  To inspire new ideas

– To motivate each other

– To drive each other to reach our goals

– To build each other up

– To build our confidence

– Have fun together!

– Educate each other with tips and tricks

– Help support each other financially (purchase each other’s course/ebooks etc.)

– Build rapport and our reputations

– Get the advice you can trust

I know when I first started blogging (or still) I would have loved to have been featured on another blog! Especially if it was a bigger blog!

You have the potential to reach so many more readers!

That is what we are all after isn’t? To reach as many people as we can.

When I asked my readers, as they signed up to be featured, what their biggest struggles were as new bloggers wouldn’t you know it…most of them said traffic! So, just like I said…we all want to reach more people!

The main benefit I got out of it all was enjoyment! I flat out enjoyed every moment of helping those bloggers! They were so grateful I was willing to help them and it felt great!

So, my awesome new idea is to up my featuring game!

There were some kinks that needed to be worked out before that I fixed such as before I had to send out multiple emails a week and I added two features a week so after signing up it took a while to actually be featured. That is now fixed!

How does it work

This is how it will work now.

If you are a mom blogger (fur babies count!), but sorry guys this is for the ladies only, then you can sign up here to be featured on Mom Blog From Home.

Your feature will be categorized by niche and will be sorted alphabetically. This way there is no waiting in line and your feature will be easy to find when others search through the features. Oh, and did I mention that by being featured you will be apart of a blogging directory. I want it to be a place for bloggers to come to connect with other bloggers. I want it to benefit everyone!


There are several categories that your blog will fall into. I am sorting all blogs by these categories until we have so many I need to niche it further down. 

However, if you don’t fit into any of these categories right now I can add more!

This will help organize all the features and make it flow!

The categories are:

  • Health
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Faith and Inspiration
  • Technology
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • DIY


There are many benefits to being featured but here are the benefits you get from me for being featured: 

Feature Image– You can submit one image you would like to use for your feature. That image should either be your profile picture or your logo.

Biography– You can submit a bio for your feature that would tell readers about you and your blog.

Blog URL– Please submit your blog domain address or website URL (ex: www.momblogfromhome.com)

“Featured On” Image– Each feature will receive a “Featured On” image for you to place on your blog letting your readers know that you are featured here on Mom Blog From Home.

Promotional Link– A promotional link is a link to either an email opt-in, a blog post, or even an affiliate link. It is not a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Product Link– A product link is a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Special Feature Spot– Each package has a feature spot. The free package features will be listed in alphabetical order per category. Package Basic & Advanced will be featured in alphabetically order above the free features. The VIP package will be listed alphabetically above all other packages. Please see the chart below.

Private Facebook Group– There is a private Facebook Group for paid features. In this Facebook Group, you will have to opportunity to advertise your blog, freebies, promotions, affiliate links, products, services, etc. Each day will be for a certain category and if your blog niche falls into that category that is the day you will be able to share. Other days are for blogs in the other niches.

Facebook Live– VIP Features will be allowed to do one 10- minute Facebook Live. Lives will be scheduled with me prior to and will be set on your specific category niche day. Ex: Your blog is about health, your live will be scheduled on the day of the week that category is on.

Featured in Email– You will be featured one time in an email to my email subscribers.

FREE BRACELET– Please enjoy and show off your free Mom Blog From Home bracelet!

When you sign up you will get a PDF of exactly what is included in your feature package. Instructions on how to submit your information to me. Instructions on how to join the Private Facebook Group (if you choose those packages) and then a copy of your “featured on” image!

I am so excited about all the new benefits of being featured on Mom Blog From Home!

I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to have your blog featured. You get to pick which benefits you want by choosing which package you want!

The best part for you is super easy to just submit your information and be done! You don’t have to worry about writing a long post or anything just your basic info and that’s it!

This is a community you will be joining where we are all here to help each other. Everyone benefits from this!

I can’t wait to lock arms with you and all of us moms help each other grow our blogs together!

Have you ever been featured on another blog before? How did it go?

Talk to you later!


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Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger

Who doesn’t love Amazon? It is full of “a-ma-zon” products that are delivered right to your door! It is way too easy and let’s face it addicting! You need something you hop on there and find what you need, order it, and forget about it until it shows up a few days later! Easy-Peasy! Otherwise, you would have to write it down on a list, remember that list when you go to the store, drive all the way to the store, to realize you forgot your list, and find out that the product is out of stock. Then you end up buying all kinds of stuff you didn’t even need. Ugh! All day wasted and money wasted.

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

So when Amazon runs specials it is kind of a big deal! Everyone already loves them and to add promotions on top of it is just an added bonus! If you are a blogger then you are going to love this! Here are the Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger!

1. Ring Light

I recently purchased a ring light for my videos while blogging and posting to social media. I didn’t want anything too fancy just yet. First, because I am frugal. Second, because I don’t have a huge working area. I found this ring light that turned out to be perfect!

I fits great on my desk and I can move it out of the way if I need to without needing to unclamp it from my desk. I just bend it down behind my monitor and you can’t see it at all! It has a phone holder that fits any size phone. The holder moves and adjusts to any angle, which makes it great so you can adjust to the lighting in your house. I am right next to big windows so it is easy to swivel and adjust to create the perfect lighting for my shot.

It comes as a clamp that you can clamp onto your desk, table, or counter top. Like I said I clamp it on to the back of my desk and I just move the light and phone holder out when I am ready to use them.

The lights inside the ring are adjustable as well. There are several settings you can change to make the light perfect for the time of day. If it is at night then you can change the light to be bright and white. If it is day light outside you may only need a soft light.

It comes with a USB cord that just plugs into your computer and on the cord is the settings to adjust the light. This really is a great find! It was very reasonably priced and has done exactly what I needed it to do! I now can make videos and have more or less light and I can record either from my computer or my phone!

Ironically, my sister bought the exact same one! She didn’t know I had got one and she was so excited to tell me all about it and we laughed when I told her I had gotten the same one a month previously! Great minds think alike!

2. Apple Products

This may not be something you can just go out and get tomorrow but I just feel I have to share this with you. I love my MacBook Pro so very much! A few years ago my husband bought it for me for my birthday and I use it everyday! I have had several laptops in the past and they always would get viruses or start getting super slow. My Mac has been amazing! It still is just as fast as ever and can do so many things that have helped me with my blogging journey!

I wrote a blog post about it so you can read more about why it has been perfect for blogging right here!

So, naturally, I have an iPhone as well. I switched to iPhone years ago after I won a free ipad. It took a bit to get used to how it worked but then I was in love with how user friendly the ipad was! I switched to an iphone and so did my husband. We have been apple folks every since!

That’s why I got my Mac and it is so crazy how it all connects so well together. I can text, answer phone calls, FaceTime, and all of that right from my Mac. The main reason I am in love with my iPhone is that I recently upgraded to the 8. Yes, I am one of those people. But the camera on the 8 is so good!

I am no camera expert so I can’t argue all the terminologies on other cameras on other phones. I just know that the protrait view on the iphone 8 or later makes it super easy to take focused pictures. You know those pictures where the background is all blurry? Those are the ones that I can now take on my cool new iphone 8 camera!

awesome picture I was able to take with my iPhone 8 - mom blog from home

Look at this picture I took while out on our boat. That is my daughter tubing and that is my husband making sure his girl is doing okay. I just love this picture! I was able to take it with my phone while out on the boat!

On mother’s day 2017 my husband got me an Apple Watch (I’m starting to see a pattern as I type this…). I had a fitbit but he surprised me when they went on sale and got me one. I gave my fitbit to my sister and I have worn my Apple Watch everyday since! I do like how the fitbit tracked my steps better and you could have challenges with other friends but I love how my watch is like a mini phone attached to me. I can text, call, take pictures(you need your phone too) and so much more.

So how is the watch good for blogging?

You can set little reminders on your watch or you can download the Wunderlist app and it will go off on your watch and keep you on track. I like how you can check off your list from your watch and as you check it off the item disappears. Out of sight out of mind. Once it is done I don’t need to see it anymore. I only want to focus on what still needs to be done!

You will get notifications sent right to your watch. If someone sends you a message and your phone is still on silent from Church then you will still get the notification to be able to respond! It is a great motivation too to keep you moving and get as much done during the day! It will send you reminders that you need to breathe or stand up and move around. This helps me when I get into blogging and the next thing I know hours have gone by it will remind me to take a break!

I even love how when I sit down to work on my Mac my watch with unlock it for me! Too cool!

Then last but certain not least, a few weeks ago I got some Apple AirPods. This time from my father-in-law. It was a thank you gift for helping him out while he was in the hospital. Even though I insisted that’s just what family does, he knew I had been eye-balling his. He showed me how they worked and why he loved them and so he bought me some. I was so excited! They are just as awesome as all other Apple products!

As soon as you open the package they connect to your phone! They come in this cute little case that charges them while you aren’t using them. You can use one at a time or obviously both. Once it connects to your phone then as soon as you put one in your ear it will connect and is ready to use. You literally open and use them straight out of the box.

They are great for listen to webinars while you are pushing your child on the swing at the park, recording your own videos, talking on conference calls, and driving if you live in a hand free state. Georgia just passed a law to be a hands free state as of July 1, 2018.

So, since my husband loved them too I bought him a pair because he is always on the phone for work and we can’t risk a ticket! He has already got himself one of those. He loves the AirPods too!

As a mom they rock for talking on the phone or listening to a live while you are doing chores around the house. Before my cords would always get in the way and pull them out of my ears.

They know when they have came out of your ear and they will pause whatever you are watching or listening to. Tell me that isn’t cool! If you are like my husband and you are on the phone a lot for work then you will appreciate the charging case.

You can take one out and use it until it is about to die then put it into the case and use the other one while that one charges back up! Everytime you open your case it will pop up on your phone and let you know the battery levels of each one and the case!

apple AirPods - mom blog from home

Then with each of us having one I didn’t want to get them mixed up so I used my Cricut Air to stick this on mine real quick! And I might add that to take this picture I used my iPhone and my ring light!

If you are not an Apple fan then just skip all that but if you are like me and you have more cool tricks you want to share then comment below because I would love to here them!

3. Computer monitor

Once more my husband bought me a computer montior that has been a major asset to blogging. If you don’t know already my husband is the spender in our family which explains why I am the frugal one. He works from home sometimes and he needed another monitor in the office. He let me test it out and I found it very useful so he got me one. Even though I hate to admit it when he buys things I do usually love what he buys! I have it set up next to my laptop and I use the two screens to do so many things on my blog.

When I am trying to add pins to Tailwind, when I am editing pics on one screen and typing on the other, when I am building a page on my blog on one screen and watching the how to video one the other, it comes in so handy!

This is similar to the one he got me.

Mine is the Element brand and I don’t know much about computers but since all it is used for is to widen my screen it works great! I saw many options on Amazon so when they run their sales that would be a great time to grab one!

4. Planner

A must for anyone is a planner. Some like to use their phones or Google as a planner. I prefer to write things out. I still need reminders sent to me but there is something about writing it all out that helps me remember it. I got this planner right here and it was a great mix of a calendar and a journal. I like to write out my ideas and to do lists as they pop in my head and that is for blogging and motherhood too. With this planner is has a big section in the back that is all blank so you can use it however you choose. I put tabs in it and made a section for my blog, a section for my daughter, a section for our lawn care company, and a section for life.

This way I have all my notes somewhat organized.

Another thing that I love is there are three bookmark strings. I use one that bookmarks the full month calendar, one that book marks the current week in the weekly calendar, and then one that books mark what I was last working on in the notes section.

This planner is less than 20 bucks too! It was an all in one for the price that I liked!

5. Pens

Then naturally you will need some fancy pens too! I like to have a color for each part of my life. I use the same color of pen for my to-dos on my blog, same color for the to-dos for life, and etc. My sister had found these gel pens that erase and are super awesome!

I don’t like to use pencils I prefer pens but I also don’t like to scribble things out when I make a mistake so these have been perfect for me and my OCD.

They have become my daughters favorite too so I have to watch her carefully that she doesn’t steal them and get them mixed up in all her art supplies. She loves to draw!

So, those have been my favorite Amazon finds that I use daily as a blogger! I didn’t get all of these on Amazon but they are available on Amazon! I probably could have gotten a better deal if we would have got them on Amazon!

I did order my planner, the pens, both sets of the Airpods, and my ring light on Amazon.

There is always a sale on Amazon so be on the look out! Plus, Christmas is around the corner so there will be all kinds of sales! Whoop Whoop!

All of these products I use on a daily basis for my blog and help contribute to my blogs success! What are some things that you use and couldn’t live without for your blog?

Happy blogging!


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Collaborating with Other Bloggers and Why It Is So Important

Collaborating with Other Bloggers and Why It Is So Important

If you have been wondering if collaborating with other bloggers is a good idea or not I am going to explain to you why it is so important! I was a skeptic at first. I wasn’t sure if there were rules to follow or if you would do all the work and they would not hold up their end of the deal but I have found out that is not the case at all!

collaborating with other bloggers and why it is so important - mom blog from home


The concept of working with other bloggers use to seem dumb to me at first. I had this mindset that it would a) be hard and b) it wouldn’t benefit me.

Why would I want to help another blogger? Isn’t the point to make your blog successful and to work hard on your own blog? Not send the readers you worked hard to get to someone else’s blog?

I quickly realized that I was dead wrong. I just didn’t see the whole picture. Plus, I had to open my mind and my heart to see it all.

If everyone reaches out and helps each other then we can all make it to the top but if we all just worry about ourselves then only a few elites make it to the top and you know the saying “It’s lonely at the top”. It is so much better to be up there with all of your friends than to have created enemies and still be at the bottom.


This is partly my personality but I was scared to ask for help or to reach out to others. I am the stand in the back of the room and try not to be noticed kind of girl. Once I am comfortable then look out! I am all fun and crazy but I am not a showy person at all.

I was scared that if I posted something I would get backlash for something. Either not posting on the right day, or the right thread, or saying something that I wasn’t supposed to. I just freak out about stuff like that!


I use to also be a little embarrassed that I was starting from the beginning so it was hard to reach out and talk or ask questions because I was new. Again, I found out that it is actually quite wonderful!

You are not alone! Everyone starts at the beginning so when you reach out for help there are so many people that are more than happy to lend a happing hand!


Like I said it turns out everyone was really nice! Everyone was very supportive and answered my questions. Gave me tips and advice or better yet gave me resources to be able to find the answer for myself!

I have had wonderful support from big bloggers that have had no problem reaching out and helping! Those bloggers are even in my same niche but they never saw me as a threat because of our niche being similar!

Suzi at Start a Mom Blog, Elna Caine at Twins Mommy, and McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents have all been great role models and a great support system to help drive me to do my best with the best!


You get to meet so many wonderful people from all across the world trying to do exactly what you are trying to do. You can ask each other for advice, personal reviews, follows, motivation, and share your wins!

One blogger posted in a Facebook Group if anyone wanted to join in a Facebook chat to help bounce questions and ideas off of each other and I said yes. There ended up being about 12 of us and the group has been so much fun to chat with. We share new ideas, test out theories, ask opinions and just collaborate with each other!

Also, because of a different Facebook Group, I met my friend from Australia who was also a new blogger and we have chatted back in forth several times to help motivate each other! How awesome is that!


There is always something to be learned. The blogging world is always changing so networking and collaborating with other bloggers helps keep you in the loop on what’s going on. Everyone is great about posting and making sure everyone has seen this new change or this new law.

They are constantly sharing important information with everyone else and building a good rapport with other bloggers.

Different Niches

New audience

I didn’t think that you could collaborate with other bloggers in different niches because what would you have in common besides blogging? That is far from true! There are so many benefits to collaborating with other bloggers in different niches.

You are now reaching a completely new audience. Readers you would have never reached with your blog or blogs within your niche are now seeing your blog link and that is potential new readers for you!

I recently was contacted by a blog that is not in my niche and we did a collaboration together and it worked out perfectly!

ThinkBaby.org is in a completely different niche than I am. They blog about everything you need to know to care for your baby! Their site is full of great valuable information regarding everything from pregnancy to toddler development.

Zoe wrote an awesome post on 8 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Are Expecting and she mentions me in the post and shares with her readers that I can help them start their own blogs!

It works out great for me to be able to be featured in a post that is geared for expecting moms who could potentially want to become stay at home moms and one way to do that is to start your own blog! You wouldn’t think that a blog that teaches you how to start a blog and another blog that helps you with your baby needs would be able to collaborate but we did!

I have also accepted a guest post from Emily at The Modest Cottage and her blog is about all the joys of being a stay at home mom, cooking, baking, and sewing but she did a guest post for me about How to Decorate Your House on a Budget.

Two different niches making it work!

New Areas and New Ideas

Collaborating with others is great for coming up with new ideas. Sometimes you have to walk outside and be in a new area to inspire new ideas. If I am ever stuck I walk away from my computer and it just opens everything in my mind back up to think clearer.

Same with checking out other blogs. It helps you to see what you like and what you don’t like. You could see someone has a great idea but it inspires you to have a new idea from that. You can work with a blogger in a completely different niche and you see the way they do their opt-ins or social media posts and it clicks for you to try this method or do that on your blog. Not copy, but inspire you to come up with a new opt-in or vision of your own!

Same Niches

Just like different niches you can still collaborate with bloggers in your same niche. Like I said before I used to think that was a bad idea because you would be sending your readers to someone else in your niche. That is wrong. It may happen but it may not. If you are providing value to your readers then you have nothing to worry about. That reader may come across that other blogger either way so don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with another blogger just because you are worried about “sharing”.

“Sharing is caring”

I have been featured in a roundup post on Twins Mommy called What Do You Focus On As A New Blogger. It was a collaborating with 12 new bloggers sharing what they suggest you focus on as a new blogger. It was a lot of fun contributing and I received a bunch of traffic from it!


So, overall the benefits are endless but I’ll list some again!

  • Network with like-minded bloggers
    • Share together
    • Grow together
    • Motivate each other
    • Inspire each other
    • Support each other
    • Learn from each other
  • Reach new audiences
    • Whether it is the same niche or a different niche you will be reaching a new audience you would have never reached before.
  • Linkbacks
    • When bloggers link back to each other that helps your SEO
  • New material
    • If you are stuck on what to write about you can do a roundup post with other bloggers and throw together a quick valuable blog post!

I’m sure there are more benefits that I have forgotten but if you were like I was and not quite sure if collaborating was right for you I hope this post helped convince you why it is so important!

Happy Blogging!


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