How I Made $346.84 On My New Blog and the Steps You Need So You Can Too

How I made $346.84 on my new blog and the steps you need so you can too

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When I first started my blog my goal was to make money. I have always been drawn to blogging and I thought it was so interesting. One of the interesting points for me was that you could make money while staying home. We have one daughter and my husband has always worked long hours so it has always fallen on me to take care of everything. That probably isn’t far off from most moms that do it all and they may have more than one child but we lived far from family and I had no one to help me when I needed it.

Like all those times when your child wakes up with an earache or has a low-grade fever from teething and you just need someone to watch her because you have to work and she isn’t sick enough to need to go to the doctor. I never had any family that could help. My husband made all the money and so we needed him to be at work so it always came down to me calling into work. Some jobs are great with working with you and some are not. It seemed that I always had the jobs where they were not. The boss was a grumpy old man who had no relationship with his own kids so never understood what it was like.

Something had to change

I eventually opened up my own daycare to be more in control of my income and who was watching my child but it still didn’t change the same rules and laws about having a fever and closing down daycare for the day. Before when she went to daycare I couldn’t take her if she had a fever or had thrown up. Don’t get me wrong I agree with those laws to protect healthy kids and I loved being home those days to take care of my baby but those times when they bounce back and are fine but I couldn’t take her and had to miss work were stressful. Again, same thing when I had my own daycare. I had to close down and miss pay for that day and stress out the parents that brought their kids to me because they too had to miss work and pay because I was closed.

If I would have had more help from my husband or if we had family in town to help then it wouldn’t have fallen all on me. I understand that’s how life goes. I am not complaining I am just stating facts of life. Everyone has hard times they go through and it makes us stronger.

But you can see why I was so drawn to find a better solution to our problem. At the time we were a young married couple trying to make ends meet and blogging seemed like a great way to help bring in extra money while being at home caring for our daughter. I tried and tried to blog. Mind you this was all back in 2010-2011. It was a bit harder than it is now. I remember when I first heard about Pinterest. If I only knew then what I know now about the power of Pinterest!

Big changes

I tried and gave up blogging several times. It just wasn’t the right time for me but I never stopped dreaming about having one. In August of 2016, we moved to Georgia from Kansas and I took a job as a receptionist instead of reopening my daycare since our daughter was now old enough to be in school full time. Then last year in 2017 I was laid off from my receptionist job when the company closed so I decided to take the summer off and spend it with my daughter. She was 7 at the time and loved to spend time with her friends playing so I had free time and decided now was a great time to take another crack at blogging!

I came across this awesome and very affordable course that walked me through starting my blog. Everything is much easier now than years ago so it was going fairly quick! I designed my blog and changed my mind and redesigned my blog. I changed my niche several times and then finally it all came together and I officially launched it in September of 2017!

I had spent the summer working on my blog, spending time with my daughter and helping my husband with his side lawn care business. Once fall came we were still busy with the lawn care (hurricane cleanups), plus all of our birthdays land in the fall with all of the Holidays and we took a family vacation to Disney so once it all calmed down in January I kicked my blog into high gear.

I followed a Pinterest strategy and was able to take my blog traffic from 300 page views to over 5,000 in less than a month!

(How I gained over 600 page views in one day on my small blog)

Things were looking good

Even with the trickle of traffic I had at the beginning, I had already started to make money. Then my email list doubled with all the new traffic in January. It was all coming together!

Until the flu hit my daughter and I hard at the end of January. Also, I was offered the lead teaching position at a private school to help them through the rest of the school year. I took the position after healing from the flu and life got a bit crazy again.

I don’t regret taking the position because of all the wonderful people I have met, getting to spend time with all the little ones in my class, and of course a steady paycheck. I am happy that I was able to help the school out when they were in desperate need. I knew several of the teachers that worked there and one teacher was in a bad accident and they needed a replacement quick. It worked out for the both of us!

However, it did put a ding into my blogging “business”. I still was able to rack in a little more money even with my traffic slowly trickling down. From August of 2017-May of 2018, I was still able to make $346.84!

Making money

Now, if you followed along with me you will see that I did not put blood sweat and tears every day into my blog for 10 months to only get $346.84. I still lived life and worked on it very much part-time and was able to make a chunk of change.

I can only imagine what I would have made had I not taken the teaching job and kept pushing during my height of success. I call it a success because that is the furthest I have ever made it!

My goal was to launch my blog by my birthday in October and I was a whole month early. My other goal was to start making ANY income from my blog and I was able to do that before I even technically launched my blog!

(How I made my first affiliate sale with zero followers)

All of my income has been from affiliate sales.

August 2017-May 19, 2018

  • Siteground – $100
  • Start a Mom Blog – $113.84
  • Moms Make Cents – $88.50
  • Elegant Themes – $44.50
  • Total — $ 346.84

My niche is helping moms start their own blogs. The hosting I use is Siteground, the courses I promote are from Start a Mom Blog, and Moms Make Cents, the WordPress theme I use is Divi by Elegant Themes. That is where my sales have come from.

My traffic at the beginning was small then I had a huge month in January and then from flu to full-time job my traffic has slowly trickled down.

I would say that the main thing that has saved me and helped me earn any money at all has been my email list. Of course, Tailwind and Pinterest have been a huge help as well for getting traffic to my blog but I tried hard to stay up with my email list to keep the list warm and not let it go cold while I was teaching.

School is out next week so I plan on diving back in and hopefully pick back up where I left off. I am so excited to get back into blogging full time! I felt like I was living my dream in January until I started working again.

Here is a quick break down of what you need to earn affiliate sales with your blog.

The Steps You Need

  • Set up your blog with hosting so you can have affiliate links

    • I use Siteground for my hosting. This way I know that I am official and I am able to have affiliate links on my protected blog.
  • Set up your email service provider

    • I use Convertkit. There are free email providers out there but they are only free for so long. I went straight to using Convertkit because I have heard so many amazing things about them I didn’t want to try and switch later. I just started with the best.
  • Sign up for affiliate programs

    • There are SO many affiliate programs out there. You can be an affiliate for Amazon and promote any product you want or you can go directly to the company you want to promote. The best way to find out if they offer an affiliate program is to scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Most of them have an affiliate link at the bottom of their homepage. Also, you can search for the product+affiliate in Google.
  • Write great blog posts and add your affiliate links

    • Now that you are signed up as an affiliate and you have your affiliate link, you write a blog post about that product or company and insert your affiliate link! Make sure your post is informative and not just salesy!
  • Disclosure page

    • You will also want to have a disclosure page on your blog to let your readers know that you have affiliate links on your blog. You need to be open and honest with them that you receive commission or compensation for sales of that product. You also want to disclose that at the top of your blog post as well with something like “Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page”. Here is my disclosure page.
  • Offer an awesome freebie to gain email subscribers

  • Drive Traffic to your blog

    • Joining Facebook Groups is a good way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it but an even better way is Pinterest. Pinterest is a very powerful tool! An even more powerful tool is Tailwind (try it free for a month!) that pins to Pinterest for you! This makes life so much easier! Instead of spending hours pinning yourself it will pin for you! I can honestly say that is why I gained over 5,000 page views in one month. To read more about it you can check out my post – How to drive Pinterest traffic to your new blog.

To recap, as a new blogger to get yourself some sales I would suggest to write a few good blog posts with your affiliate links, have your email provider set up to gain subscribers (Convertkit) with a freebie to entice them to sign up, and then drive as much traffic to your blog as you can with Tailwind and Pinterest. You will also need to have a business account on Pinterest and don’t use your personal account. Again, I walk you through how I did it all right here!

Just start

I used to worry about my blog not being perfect and sending people to it not finished and losing out on sales…but you are losing out on sales waiting for your blog to be perfect. Just get it up and running, be able to have links and take email addresses, and you are good to go!

Start driving traffic to it as soon as you can! Then, don’t leave your email subscribers to just sit there and forget about why they signed up. Keep sending them great information in a weekly email and keep them warm. This helped me so when one of my affiliates ran a sale I was able to send out an email letting my list know and them not think Who is this? Or all she does is send out sales pitches. I kept in touch with them and then let them know of a sale without feeling guilty.

If you have ever thought about starting a blog and you aren’t sure where to start then I do have my free guide right here!

Or of course, you can purchase the course that I did to help me start! Suzi has since upgraded it so it is full of even more amazing details. She is great about walking you through and TEACHING you how to do things.

Again, I am so excited to get back into blogging and sharing everything I have learned! I have taken many courses because I just love learning about blogging. I have so much to share about what I have learned in the courses and what I have experienced over the past 10 months!

Talk to you soon!

Happy blogging!





30-Day challenge - mom blog from home

How to Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your New Blog

Getting traffic to your blog is a main priority for new bloggers. It is a priority for all bloggers but after you have been in the game for awhile you have don’t need as much help as you do at the very beginning. So how do you get traffic to your blog at the beginning?

There are different ways but the one that has worked the best for me is Pinterest. The other options are to do keyword research and focus on SEO, guest post on other popular blogs, and join Facebook Groups to promote your blog. Those ways work but they take much much longer.

I focused on Pinterest and I was very surprised at how quickly the traffic came in! I went from 300 page views in December to having 7,000 from January 8th – February 8th! I also gained 117 subscribers to my email list and my new Pinterest profile went up 705.07%!

Here is a view of my Google Analytics.

Here is a view of my email subscribers.

And here is a view of my Pinterest Analytics.

So how did I do that?

Well, I explain right here in this post.

But to go into more detail I will walk you through it right now.

First I created a new Pinterest Business Account

Some bloggers say you can convert your personal account into a business account and others say it is best to just start a new one. I decided to start a completely new one. If you convert your personal account then you need to make all your boards secret, change your profile bio, and I just felt like it was mixing personal and business and decided it was best to just keep them separate. This way if I want to pin fun crazy things to my personal account I can do that. It also means when I am on my business account pinning it is all business related and it doesn’t have personal interest pins in the mix. It just works best for me to keep them separate but that is up to you!

Start a business account here.

I added Rich Pins

Rich pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. This just adds something extra to your pins and it is free and easy to enable

I joined some group boards within my niche

The best way to find group boards to join within your niche is to go to a bigger blogger’s account within your niche and look at the group boards they are on. There are some sites that you can go to as well that will show you but I have heard they aren’t as accurate as they used to be. This has worked well for me because you then snowball into more group boards from the people that were on the first group board.

I joined Tailwind

Tailwind is a program that pins for you on Pinterest. It is good to manually pin as well but you can’t be on Pinterest all day every day so that’s where Tailwind comes in. It is $15 a month and worth! Also, you get a free month for anyone that uses your link to sign up so the potential is there to have it free every month! If you want to try it out for free yourself you can use my link right here.

I joined 5 Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind offers (or it did for me) 5 free Tailwind Tribes you can join or you can create your own. A Tribe is a group of people that are all together in one group (tribe) and you all share your pins in that tribe. By doing this it gets your pins in front of people within your niche to share with their followers. There are rules set up by the creator of that tribe, such as a pin for a pin. If you add a pin to the tribe then you share a pin from that tribe with your followers. Again, this just gets you more exposure for your pins.

I made sure I had Pinterest Pin It Button Plugin installed on my WordPress site

If you have WordPress then install the Pinterest Pin It Button Plugin. This will make all of your images on your blog pinnable. So when someone comes to your blog and hovers over your image a Pin It button will pop up.

I created beautiful Pinterest images for each blog post

Having good Pinterest images is very important. That is what catches the eye for them to actually read your pin and then to either repin it or to click through and read your blog post! I made a free Pinterest image course where I walk you through how I create my Pinterest images.



Then I created several more for the same posts

I like to create more that one image per blog post. Everyone has different styles of what they find attractive. If I make multiple images then I am more likely to catch more eyes. I hide the images within my post so it isn’t flooded with those images. This also helps to share the same blog post more times by not having the same image pop up on the Pinterest group boards Tailwind Tribes you are in.

I created boards on my Pinterest account using keywords

I did research on what keywords to use to name my boards. I went to Pinterest and in the search bar I typed in a keyword and then Pinterest gives you options that are most searched using that keyword. For example, if I put in the word blog then it drops down and says “how to start a blog”.

I filled my Pinterest account with keyword descriptions

When filling out your profile description and your board descriptions use as many keywords as you can. Make it flow and describe each board but Pinterest is like a search engine and uses keywords.

I put a keyword filled description on each pin

Same goes for your pin description. Be detailed and explain what your pin is about and again use keywords.

I set up my Tailwind to pin 50 times a day

You can choose how many times you would like Tailwind to pin for your throughout the day. I did the max it would schedule for me which was 50 times.

I set up Tailwind to pin my pins to the group boards on a one-day interval

Within Tailwind, you can make boards lists to list all of your group boards. So, if you want to pin a pin to multiple group boards you can click on the board list that has them all listed instead of having to click on each group board individually. If you don’t change the interval of the pins then you can end up pinning multiple pins onto each group board and possibly break the group boards rules or flood the feed in that group board. That could cause you to be kicked from the group board. To prevent all of that I change the interval to at least once a day. This is a great way to loop your pins as well.

The remaining spots I filled with pins within my niche to fill my boards.

Not only do you need to share your pins but you also need to fill your boards with awesome pins of others as well. This will help you gain followers. The more followers you have the more people that will see your pins.

I did this solid for over 2 weeks and that was my results.

I was very sick with the flu the last week of January and into February. I was sick for about 2 weeks so I didn’t keep up with my blog traffic very well during that time. I still had traffic coming to my blog from those two solid weeks I was able to keep my Tailwind full. I was shocked that it worked so well and also that it continued to work for a while afterward. It started to taper off and I just started working at a school so I haven’t been able to keep it up as well so it has dropped now.

Again, that is only because I haven’t been able to work on it. After getting over the flu I got a sinus infection and ear infection then finally after getting healthy my dog became ill quickly and needed emergency surgery but didn’t make it. The month of February has been a rough one for our family. Now that we are into March I plan to refocus and get those numbers back up! I can’t wait to show you the results!

How do you drive traffic to your blog?





Haven’t started your blog yet?


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How to Create Pinterest Images and the 4 Simple Steps I Use

How to Create Pinterest Images and the 4 Simple Steps I Use


Creating Pinterest images use to sound so hard to me. When I first started blogging I remember thinking that I had no idea what I was doing and it was going to be so hard to learn. I had no idea that I would actually come to love it and it would be one of my favorite parts of blogging!

I did have some help from other bloggers but now that I have learned the basics I have been able to come up with a few tricks myself!

There are many different ways to create Pinterest images and I think that is half of the fun as well. You aren’t stuck with one program that you don’t like, you can choose which one works best for you. Or you can use them all like I do! It depends on what I want to make on which program I will use.

I use to be worried that my images wouldn’t be eye-catching or they would not look professional and now it is like second nature to get in there and design them just how I want!

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.



There are several different places you can get stock images from. Not all of them are free, in fact, most of them aren’t. The best place I have found is They have free images where you can donate if you would like. It says on there that images can be used for personal or commercial use. There are so many different choices on there too for photos.




Once again there are many different programs you can use to edit images. The one that I use is PicMonkey. They do have a free trial but eventually, they want you to pay to use them. After using PicMonkey I can tell you it is worth the small amount to be able to edit pictures so quickly!

I like to take my images that I got from Pexels and edit them before I even start using them for my pins. The main way that I edit the pictures is that even though the background may be white when you add it to your Pinterest Template that has a white background you can see the difference in color. I will then go in and edit that to match.

You may be thinking, “Well, are you allowed to edit the pictures?” Because I know I was! And yes, you can edit the pictures don’t worry!





To save myself from always going back to look for more pictures to use for my Pinterest images, I like to make several different images out of one. I will find one that I like. Go to PicMonkey and edit the picture, then I will move that picture around and make multiple different images out of that one.

The best way for me to explain it is to watch how I do it in my FREE Pinterest Image Course.



FREE course on how to create Pinterest images - mom blog from home


I walk through everything I am talking about in this post, in my course. By making the different images out of one, it saves me so much time and keeps my pins all having the same theme/look to them. Some say to change it up which I do but others say it is good to have a certain “style” you stick with. Elna with Twins Mommy is very good about her pins all having a certain look to them. When I am on Pinterest pinning I will come across one of her pins and I will know it is hers before even looking.

This helps do that for me. I have a certain style that I feel stands out but at the same time, I am able to play around with each pin and make it unique.




There are three programs I use to make my Pinterest images. As you know one of them is PicMonkey, the other is Canva, and the last one is PowerPoint. I not only use PicMonkey to edit my pictures and create multiple images out of one, I also use it to add the words and turn a stock image into my own personal pin image.

Canva is a fun program that I use to not like so much but now I love it. It is free and it saves your past images on there for you so I like to look back at everything I have created. I also like how it is very quick to add the words and design to the pin. Canva has templates set up for you as well to be able to make much more than just Pinterest images!

PowerPoint is not one that most people would think of. I love PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel so when I came across a blogger that used PowerPoint for her images I had to learn what she did. She taught me a lot and I go over those things in the FREE Pinterest Image Course.

One of the best ways to use PowerPoint is to show off a freebie you may be offering to your readers. Like this for example:



I made the “pile of papers” in PowerPoint. I then took that image and made the actual pin in Canva. Or like this one:


accountability calendar example image - mom blog from home

This image I made in PowerPoint as well. Then all you have to do is put it on a long pin background and tada! You got yourself a pin for Pinterest!

The fun part is the creative part. When you take the image and move it around to just how you like it and envision how the words are going to look on the pin. Then adding the words, changing the font, changing the color of the words, maybe making them bigger or small, trying to catch the readers attention. I will change a pin around to make it pop and look appealing to the viewers on Pinterest. I want it to catch their attention for being easy on the eyes and they want to save it and hopefully click through.

I don’t want to catch their attention by it being ugly because they are not going to want to repin in…well I know I don’t when I am on Pinterest.

Think about your style and what you like and make what you think is good. That is the best way to start. Go on to Pinterest and see what pins you find attractive and find your “brand” and then start creating!

What are your tips and tricks for making Pinterest images?

What exactly is a blog and what are they used for?

What exactly is a blog and what are they used for - mom blog from home

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a blog?

When I decided I wanted to start a blog it was hard picking what I wanted to blog topic or niche to be.

Even after coming up with ideas I still didn’t know how to blog so I would research and research trying to learn and absorb as much as I could.

During all of this, I realized how much I enjoyed learning about blogging and also how hard it is to learn everything when you are starting from the very beginning.

I realized that teaching other moms how to blog was my passion. I am a mom that so badly just wanted someone to walk me through it all. Instead, I had to read blog post after blog post, ebook after ebook, and take course after course.

I am no expert but I know way more than I used too!

I feel like every new piece of information was just a new piece to a giant puzzle. I didn’t even know sometimes where the puzzle piece went but I knew I needed it.

I finally came across a course that was more on my level and answered many questions I had.

I recommend it to any new blogger!

It got me finally started after many failed attempts but I still had questions.

This is again where my passion to help others cam in. Some people just get it and some people, like myself, need a little more help and guidance.

I have always been that way. In school, the teacher would give an assignment and some students had it done in 15 minutes when I was still trying to figure out exactly what the assignment was.

It’s because I over analyze and over think everything. It’s a blessed and a curse.

The lady who I follow that taught me so much in her course did a great job but she didn’t break down the little steps that I still needed help with.

I had no idea about WordPress or how to use it, what a plug-in was, how to make a blog post or any of those simple steps.

So, I told myself I can’t be along and that if I am going to help teach others how to start a blog, I would start super small and walk through all the little steps. I would try and leave no stone unturned for my readers.

I use my mom as an example. In the blogging world, I am a newbie blogger. But, in the real world with my friends and family, I am a pro! I know way more than they do! So, when I talk blog talk they are all confused. But, that’s how I started! That’s how most people start! Again, some people pick things up much faster than others but starting from scratch is where I want to help my readers.


When Googled this is the definition:

  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  1. 1.
    add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    “it’s about a week since I last blogged”

What that means is it is a platform for people to share their knowledge, advice, experiences, etc. with others.

I always thought it was just an online journal for stay at home moms.

In reality, it is a way to present to the world whatever you want! You want to share your weight loss journey, share how to pay off debt, teach people how to sew, you name it!

It is a website that you get to personalize and make it whatever you want.

People can come and learn from you, comment on your posts, and decide to keep coming back to follow you on your blog!

Blogging has grown to become a huge thing! Pinterest is all blogs…I mean some pins may not be to a blog but most are.

People don’t realize that. You go to Pinterest and search for a recipe and all these different pins pop up to different blog posts on how to make that recipe.

Think about all those pins and all those different blogs out there.

Most blogs are narrowed down to a specific niche or topic to stand out from the crowd.

If you write about recipes you are one in a million but if you write about gluten-free recipes you are in a much smaller pool. If you write about only gluten-free dessert recipes you are in an even smaller pool.

You may be thinking “Okay, but who is searching for that, not many people.” When in reality that is a good thing! Wouldn’t you want less competition and to take care of your unique customers instead of trying to fight the crowd and stand out in all the noise with no unique customers?

I was given this example years ago. You are not Walmart and you don’t want to compete with Walmart. Narrow down your niche and take care of those specific customers. Those people will be your loyal returning customers.

So now that you have an understanding of what a blog is and how to narrow down what to blog about, you may still be wondering why people blog.

Like I mentioned before, people use blogs to share their knowledge with the world. Some literally do it just for that purpose alone. Others do it as a source of income.

The income varies from a few dollars a month to $100,000+ a month. Naturally, there are more people making closer to the lower amounts than the higher amounts but I personally know several bloggers that thousands of dollars a month blogging.

That sounds pretty awesome to me!

Here are some examples for you!

  1. Victoria at A Modern Homestead

Victoria - a modern homestead - mom blog from home

She makes over $5,000 a month blogging about frugal living on their homestead!

Victoria has great money saving tips on her blog and wonderful recipes as well!

2. McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents

McKinzie Bean - Moms make cents - mom blog from home

I couldn’t find an updated income report for McKinzie but I found one that was from 2016 where she was making over $2,000 a month so I can guarantee you that it is way more than that now.

McKinzie helps teach blogging tips but more importantly, she teaches bloggers how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs!

She offers a free Pinterest course called Pinterest Primer. I took this course and it helped me gain over 5,000 page views last month!

3. Michelle Schroeder – Gardner at Making Sense of Cents

making sense of cents - mom blog from home

Michelle teaches everyone how to be smart with their money. She teaches you how to earn more, save more, and live more. She does it very successfully too! As you can see she made over 1.5 Million dollars with her blog last year!

Those are just a few examples of bloggers making awesome money with their blogs and in different niches as well!

Now that we have discussed what a blog is and what it can be used for you may still be asking yourself if blogging is right for you?

I wrote a post for that exact question right here!

I go over exactly what it entails to be a blogger for you to see if blogging is right for you!

Happy blogging!




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How I Landed an Interview with a Bigger Blogger (with Little to No Traffic)

How I Landed an Interview with a Bigger Blogger – with little to no traffic

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

How I landed an interview with a bigger blogger - mom blog from home


When you first start out as a new blogger you can’t wait to land your first guest post whether that is someone guest posting on your blog or you on theirs.

It just feels like you are official if you can land a guest post.

Well, I feel pretty official to have been able to interview a bigger blogger for my blog! It’s not quite the same as a guest post. She didn’t write the post for me but I did get to ask her whatever questions I wanted and now I get to share those answers with you!

How I got to this point

I had come across a free Pinterest course and decided I could definitely learn more about how Pinterest can help drive traffic to my blog and not just teach me how to decorate my living room so I took it.

I learned so much from this course and had a few follow up questions so I reached out to this blogger.

I didn’t know that she was a bigger blogger really, I just knew I had questions. She was wonderful and answered them all right away!

She has an even better paid Pinterest Course that I knew I wanted to be able to offer to my readers so I asked about that.

She once again was wonderful and helped me out with all of that as well.

Now that we had emailed each other back and forth I decided to do some more research on her and realized she had a huge following and was helping all kinds of bloggers learn how to use Pinterest to leverage their blog traffic!

Her name is McKinzie Bean with Moms Make Cents!

Here is a quick look at McKinzie’s Pinterest following:

McKinzie's following - mom blog from home

She has over 6,800 followers!

I did like she stated and made my Pinterest business account separate from my personal so I only have 31 followers so far! So help a sista out and follow me on Pinterest!

Mom blog from home Pinterest

The Interview

Now that I realized who she was I reached back out to her to see about a possible guest post or different ways I could share her product with my readers to benefit them as well.

That’s when she suggested doing an interview!

I loved that idea!

I got to pick the questions and share her answers with my readers!

Here is what she had to say to my questions…

  • How long have you been blogging?

I started my first blog in June 2012, so five and a half years now! My current blog, Moms Make Cents, I started in June 2016.

  • What is your favorite part about blogging?

I absolutely love the community. I’ve been able to connect and collaborate with women from all over the world. Blogging has brought some of my best friends into my life and I’m forever grateful for that. I also love that through sharing my passion and creativity I am able to make money from home. It has been a huge blessing for our family and has allowed me to stay home with my little boy.

  • What advice do you have to new bloggers?

Be a sponge and then go and do! I feel like sometimes new bloggers get super overwhelmed with all of the information that is out there and it can result in analysis paralysis. I would recommend taking a month or so to learn everything that you can. Read blog posts, books, take a course, etc. and then go and implement everything. I am a huge advocate for learning but sometimes it can actually get in the way of producing content, creating systems and networking in your business.

My second bit of advice would be to focus on 1-2 social platforms. If you try to be present on every single platform, creating different social media posts, graphics and engaging with your audience you are going to burn out. It is more effective to really kick butt on 1-2 platforms. I personally recommend Pinterest (this has been by far the most effective use of my time) and then either Facebook or Instagram depending on your niche.

  • What is one quick tip for those new to Pinterest?

Make sure to have strong pin descriptions right off the bat! Pinterest is really more of a search engine than social media and we need to treat it that way. It is much easier to do it right the first time on Pinterest vs. going back through all of your pins and making edits. You can check out how I recommend optimizing your pins for Pinterest SEO here.

  • What are some results people have had from your Pin for Profits course?

I’ve had hundreds of students go through my Pinterest courses and have had amazing results, here are a couple of examples. Jessica – Shades of Blue Design – Within 48 hours of changing up my Pinterest strategy I had a sale and traffic to my shop increased by 80-90%!

Jennifer – Women Winning Online – “Using McKinzie’s BoardBooster strategy I doubled my Pinterest traffic and increased my blog income. ”

Angela – Natural Born Mommy – “Within a month, I gained almost 200 email subscribers and earned my first few dollars by applying the affiliate strategies outlined in the course.”

Amanda – Mommy Imagines – My first month following McKinzie’s Pinterest advice I boosted my impressions by 1630%!

  • How can someone sign up for your Pinterest courses?

I know that everyone’s knowledge and experience with Pinterest is going to be on a different level, so I’ve broken my signature course into five smaller courses that you can purchase individually based on what you want to learn more about.

The five courses are:

Pin to Profits: Foundations

Pin to Profits: Automation

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

Pin to Profits: List Building & Sales Funnels

Pin to Profits: Promoted Pins

Or you can choose to purchase all five courses here in a bundle and get access to the private students only Facebook group.

My results

McKinzie has been an amazing help for me and growing my blog traffic! I have done like she says and I have become a sponge and listened to other bloggers and their advice on Pinterest as well.

Pinterest Primer is a perfect free course to start with, it walks you through how to set up your Pinterest business account for success.

I didn’t realize all the important details that make a huge difference in ranking high on Pinterest.

The biggest walk away I can say is signing up for tailwind has made a dramatic difference for my blog.

You have to have all the pieces of the puzzle put together for the best results. Great Pinterest business account set up, great pin images, and tailwind.

Again, Pinterest Primer will get you set up for success but implementing Tailwind strategies has blown up my blog traffic compared to what I was getting before.

You can sign up for a FREE month with Tailwind right here. They have training videos on there to show you how to use it. It is very user-friendly!

By using Tailwind my blog traffic went from 300 views for the month of December to over 2,000 views already for January and the month is only half over!

I hadn’t focused on blog traffic yet, I was more worried about getting my blog all ready and functioning. Then after the Holidays, I focused on traffic using Tailwind to drive it from Pinterest and I was shocked!

What You Should Do

If you are looking for ways to grow your blog traffic then I highly suggest using Tailwind and Pinterest! If you already use Pinterest and you don’t feel like you are getting any traffic then you definitely need to take McKinzie’s course to get your Pinterest account set up correctly.

If you are completely new and don’t have Pinterest then again I would recommend taking Pinterest Primer and taking McKinzie’s advice on setting your business account up correctly and using Tailwind to drive traffic to your blog!

Now that I know what to do I am so excited to keep moving forward and implementing what I have learned to skyrocket my blog traffic!

I hope you do too!


P.S. Haven’t started a blog yet? No big deal! Start with my 30-Day Challenge Workbook to Start a Blog!

How to Make $2,000 a Month as a Stay at Home Mom with a Small Blog

How to Make $2,000 a Month as a Stay at Home Mom with a Small Blog

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page.Learn More.


I just love meeting new bloggers with stories like Victoria’s! There are so many amazing mommies out there making money from home and they are more than willing to help share with you how they are doing it!

I came across Victoria’s eBook Make Money Blogging at Any Level as part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Ultimate Bundle I had purchased. They run a huge special every year and this year I purchased $5,800+ worth of eBooks and courses for a whopping $97 bucks!

It was my birthday present to myself! And side note, it was in October so be on the lookout around October 2018 because I myself will definitely be purchasing the next bundle!

Back to Victoria, her eBook caught my eye because since I am not a huge blog I wanted to know how to make money blogging at any level. I have made some money so far but any additional information is always a plus!

Her eBook talks a lot about ads and ad placement. She does talk about affiliate marketing but I was already using that. I wasn’t, however, using ads. 

How to make $2,000 a month as a stay at home mom with a small blog - mom blog from home


She breaks it down for you as to switch companies you should use based on your traffic. I love that part! I need to know who will take smaller blogs and who won’t! Also, I love that it tells you when and who to switch to once you have reached that traffic amount to get the most money from your ads.

Since I don’t have a huge amount of traffic just yet I played it safe and went with Google Adsense. Once you read her eBook you may be thinking well she has a different opinion about Google Adsense, well I am just getting my feet wet and then I will switch like she says later.

Ad Placement

Victoria talks about the placement of your ads and where you should put them to get the most out of them. Luckily Google Adsense does this for you but it is great to know for future reference!


Like other bloggers, she also suggests to create your own products and breaks down where she advertises on her blog her own products. She talks about how much that increased her income.


I feel like Victoria’s eBook was filled with great knowledge and walks you through the basics but when I learn about new resources, that’s when it really counts for me!

I am all for learning new resources and sharing those with my readers!

Resources make everyone’s life so much easier! No searching and hoping you are getting the right company to work with. When blogger’s share which companies they work with, that just saves so much headache and heartache for others!

Victoria’s eBook is filled with great resources!

Learn how to make money blogging even if you only have 1,000 monthly page views! Get real actionable tips to start earning an income blogging, and learn how to make a living as a blogger!

A Modern Homestead

Victoria blogs at A Modern Homestead where she teaches her readers all about frugal living and living off of the land. She is a stay at home mom and makes over $2,000 a month with her small blog!

That is amazing!

Everyone has their own blogging income goals and I would think it is safe to say that $2,000 a month is a great feat! I have been blogging for under 6 months myself and I would love to make $2,000 a month with my small blog!

That is why I took what she had to say to heart and I started implementing what she had taught me about ads.

I added ads to my blog and I have already started making money! Wahoo!

You can check out my ads on my home page Mom Blog From Home.

Overall I can’t say enough good things about Victoria’s eBook Make Money Blogging at Any Level! It is a must read for new bloggers! Shoot any blogger!

I would love to hear what you thought about her eBook or if you have any other great reads you would like to share!


Happy blogging!


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