Why You Should Use SiteGround As Your Hosting

Why You Should Use SiteGround As Your Hosting

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

Why you should use SiteGround as your Hosting - mom blog from home

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Why you should use SiteGround as your hosting - mom blog from home

If you have ever thought about starting a blog you have probably thought about what hosting you should use. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting. And why wouldn’t I? I use them and I love them so why wouldn’t I share with you what works best?

You may already have a blog and you either don’t have hosting yet or you do but you are second guessing who you have. Then once more I am here to tell you why you should use SiteGround as your hosting.

I have personally used BlueHost and HostGator in the past and I am not saying anything negative about them at all it just didn’t work out for me.

I had always wanted to start a blog and I tried several times to but it just didn’t work out for me those times. Now, I am happy to say that I am trucking right along this time! Those first two times I attempted it I once used BlueHost and the second time I used HostGator. It had nothing to do with the hosting as to why I was unsuccessful at starting my blog, however.

It was just not the right time in my life. I had too much going on and too little self-confidence. 

This time I found the resources that work best for me and since my blog is about teaching you how to blog as I learn then it is my job to share with you what resources I do use and recommend!

Live Chat

First, I want to say how much I love SiteGround’s live chat. Since I am not very tech savvy I love that when I run into a problem I can chat with someone right away to help me fix it! And it isn’t one of those “live chat” buttons that still send you to a contact email form either. It is a live chat with a representative helping you right away solve your problems.

There are several other ways to find out how to fix your problem on your own but I don’t have time to read through all of those FAQ’s and “best results” for the problem you typed in articles.

It will also show you how many other customers that representative has helped and how many stars they have for helping them. That gives me more comfort knowing that rep has successfully helped thousands of other people!

No Down Time

An important factor for running an online business is that you can’t have downtime. If your site is down you are losing customers and losing money. If you have thousands of views a day on your blog and you are down for just that one day. That can add up quickly! No one wants their site to be down. Even if you don’t get thousands of views it is still important to always be open for business!

With SiteGround, I have had zero downtime. I have had my site run into issues that were due to a plugin or a theme but SiteGround was able to help me identify what was causing it so I could get ahold of the right people to get it fixed!

No downtime with SiteGround hosting - mom blog from home



This gets a little too techy for me but I do know that I want my site to be fast. This day and age you can’t have a slow site or no one will stick around. We want things fast and convenient!

SiteGround has the hottest speed technologies.

SiteGround - Speed - Mom Blog From Home


Data Centers

This is more technology lingo that I understand but don’t at the same time. But I’ll let you be the judge of this right here.

SiteGround has the best data centers on three different continents!

SiteGround - 3 Continents - Mom Blog From Home



SiteGround does more than just provide hosting for your WordPress blog it also provides hosting such as Web Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

They provide several plans to choose from so you can pick what is right for you!

I went with the GrowBig Plan. It is the middle plan but this way I am able to have multiple sites that can support more monthly views than the Startup Plan. The Startup plan is the first plan and it is a little more basic. It would be a great beginner plan.

The GrowBig Plan just made me feel like I was ready to grow big if I wanted to, which who doesn’t want to. I just have heard stories of bloggers who had started with the small package and then when their pin or blog post went viral they weren’t ready for the traffic that it brought in. This can cause problems with your site or in some cases may cause you to be charged for the overage.

I wanted to be safe and make sure I was prepared so I went with the bigger plan of the two!

The last plan they offer is the GoGeek Plan and that is more for the big dogs. Hopefully, we all get to that stage someday but unless you have 25,000-100,000 monthly visits to your blog you don’t need to get this plan. And odds are if you had that many monthly views you wouldn’t be here reading this anyways haha! So for us, it is not the plan we would most likely go with.

Again, hopefully, someday we will all need it though!

SiteGround - Plans - mom blog from home


Friendly Website

SiteGround does have a user-friendly website that is easy to maneuver through. It is fairly self-explanatory on how to use it which is always so helpful!

You can manage everything you need to all in one on SiteGround’s website.

That was one thing that was hard for me to get used to with the other two hosting companies I mentioned before. Again, it could have just been the timing in my life as to why they didn’t work out for me. There was a 6+ year gap from the first time I tried to start a blog to this time. So as you can imagine a lot has changed in the online world and in my life as well!

So now using SiteGround, their website is very easy to go through and not get lost or feel confused. This opens up the customers they can have such as me, someone who isn’t very tech savvy!

SiteGround - User Friendly - mom blog from home

Easy Setup

Of course, they also make it very easy to get started with them. The checkout process is very quick and easy and then with the Live Chat, you can have them do all the hard work!

They will get you all set up and everything. Make sure it is all installed correctly so you don’t waste any time and you can have your blog up and running right away!

SiteGround easy set up - mom blog from home

Happiness Rate

SiteGround has a 99.7% Happiness Rate. I don’t think I have seen that before on any other site where they advertise their “happiness rate”. I have seen testimonials but to proudly state the percentage of happy customers is awesome!

I can believe that number too! It is easy to find out people’s opinions these days. Ask or don’t ask and they will give it to you. But If you do ask on one of those Facebook Groups for blogging, people are more than willing to give you their honest and helpful opinion. I see all the time people say how they use SiteGround and are so happy with them.

A long time ago when I first tried to start a blog I had never even heard of SiteGround. I don’t know if they even were around back then. But this time when I got back into it SiteGround is all I ever see being advertised or used by bloggers!

That right there speaks for itself how awesome they are!

SiteGround Happiness Rate - mom blog from home



Last but certainly not least, SiteGround offers an awesome affiliate program. I became an affiliate and was able to make my first sale before I even launched my blog! They paid me $50! That to me is a very high commission and I was beyond excited about that!

What is unique is that they pay you more the more sales you make! Let’s say you make $50 the first sale then if you make more than 5 sales it goes up to $75 a sale!

I don’t know if they will ever change that so I don’t want to put out all of the details, but you can see how quickly that could add up!

Five sales a month and you could make $250! Then if you sold 3 more at $75 each you almost doubled it to $475! An extra $500 bucks a month just right there in helping share how great SiteGround is! That would be awesome!

Plus, inside your affiliate page on SiteGround they show you your Stats & Reports, they give you premade banners to use for advertising, they show you your payouts, and they even give you success tips!

The affiliate program is just as awesome and helpful as the hosting they provide!


Siteground provides the fastest hosting for multiple platforms on 3 different continents with 99.9% uptime and 99.7% happiness rate with their live chat option, user-friendly website, and easy setup. They also have an awesome affiliate program!

I hope that you can see why SiteGround is an easy choice. All you have to do is a little research and you can see it is what most bloggers are using. When I just started to catch back up on blogging I was doing my research and the three ladies that I love to follow and learn from all three use SiteGround so it was a no-brainer for me!

I hope it is a no-brainer for you!

Have you tried SiteGround before? How do you like it?



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Want to Be Featured on Mom Blog From Home?

Want to Be Featured on Mom Blog From Home?

At the beginning of the year, I decided to offer to feature new bloggers on my blog. They had the option to sign up and have an image of their choice and a biography added to my blog. The image was either their logo or profile picture. They could have however long of a bio they wanted and their blog URL.

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home
Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

Feature Mom Bloggers on Mom Blog From Home

It went great! I had a bunch of new bloggers sign up. I wanted to focus on new bloggers that really needed a helping hand on getting their name out there. I too am a new blogger but anything helps!

This was a great resource for me as well as I could ask each blogger that signed up what their struggles were in starting and growing their blogs. That gave me insight on how to help my readers! It gave me blog post ideas, course ideas, freebie ideas, etc.

I only wish that I could pump out the blog posts as fast as the ideas came in!

It was really hard when I had all this insight, traffic, and momentum but then I had to step aside from blogging for a few months to help out a local Church in their Preschool class. Now I am back at blogging full time so I have a lot of ground to make up!

While trying to dive back in I made a few changes to my blog. Such as my logo!

My daughter and I made a fort and we were spending time together in there while I was working on my blog so she helped me design it! I love it! It is definitely more me!

I also had changed a few things on my home page that ended up reducing my bounce rate by half! That was just an added bonus.

Then I an awesome idea!

As a blogger, you are always thinking about how can you better serve your readers? My blog is about teaching moms how to blog. Really anyone can read it and learn how to blog. Again, if only I could pump out the blog posts as fast as I think of them!

But I have moms in mind when I write and share what I have learned about blogging.

So, how else could I help moms? Originally, I thought that I could help moms be free as in debt free. That would just solve so many problems in the world and especially motherhood! I do have a passion for budgeting and paying off debt but I just felt like I could do more.

Then that’s when the idea hit me!

The turn out was very impressive when I offered to feature blogs! I couldn’t believe how many new bloggers signed up. So there was a reason for that. There was a need for that.

Benefits of being featured

Here are some benefits to being featured on Mom Blog From Home:

– To broaden your audience

– Gain new followers

– To collaborate and reach new people

– Build your SEO

– To have your blog listed amongst other like-minded passionate mom bloggers!

Depending on if you choose to join my Feature Facebook Group:

– You will be able to connect with other featured mom bloggers

–  To inspire new ideas

– To motivate each other

– To drive each other to reach our goals

– To build each other up

– To build our confidence

– Have fun together!

– Educate each other with tips and tricks

– Help support each other financially (purchase each other’s course/ebooks etc.)

– Build rapport and our reputations

– Get the advice you can trust

I know when I first started blogging (or still) I would have loved to have been featured on another blog! Especially if it was a bigger blog!

You have the potential to reach so many more readers!

That is what we are all after isn’t? To reach as many people as we can.

When I asked my readers, as they signed up to be featured, what their biggest struggles were as new bloggers wouldn’t you know it…most of them said traffic! So, just like I said…we all want to reach more people!

The main benefit I got out of it all was enjoyment! I flat out enjoyed every moment of helping those bloggers! They were so grateful I was willing to help them and it felt great!

So, my awesome new idea is to up my featuring game!

There were some kinks that needed to be worked out before that I fixed such as before I had to send out multiple emails a week and I added two features a week so after signing up it took a while to actually be featured. That is now fixed!

How does it work

This is how it will work now.

If you are a mom blogger (fur babies count!), but sorry guys this is for the ladies only, then you can sign up here to be featured on Mom Blog From Home.

Your feature will be categorized by niche and will be sorted alphabetically. This way there is no waiting in line and your feature will be easy to find when others search through the features. Oh, and did I mention that by being featured you will be apart of a blogging directory. I want it to be a place for bloggers to come to connect with other bloggers. I want it to benefit everyone!


There are several categories that your blog will fall into. I am sorting all blogs by these categories until we have so many I need to niche it further down. 

However, if you don’t fit into any of these categories right now I can add more!

This will help organize all the features and make it flow!

The categories are:

  • Health
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Faith and Inspiration
  • Technology
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • DIY


There are many benefits to being featured but here are the benefits you get from me for being featured: 

Feature Image– You can submit one image you would like to use for your feature. That image should either be your profile picture or your logo.

Biography– You can submit a bio for your feature that would tell readers about you and your blog.

Blog URL– Please submit your blog domain address or website URL (ex: www.momblogfromhome.com)

“Featured On” Image– Each feature will receive a “Featured On” image for you to place on your blog letting your readers know that you are featured here on Mom Blog From Home.

Promotional Link– A promotional link is a link to either an email opt-in, a blog post, or even an affiliate link. It is not a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Product Link– A product link is a link to a product or service you are selling or providing. VIP Features can change their link up to once per month with a 2-week notice.

Special Feature Spot– Each package has a feature spot. The free package features will be listed in alphabetical order per category. Package Basic & Advanced will be featured in alphabetically order above the free features. The VIP package will be listed alphabetically above all other packages. Please see the chart below.

Private Facebook Group– There is a private Facebook Group for paid features. In this Facebook Group, you will have to opportunity to advertise your blog, freebies, promotions, affiliate links, products, services, etc. Each day will be for a certain category and if your blog niche falls into that category that is the day you will be able to share. Other days are for blogs in the other niches.

Facebook Live– VIP Features will be allowed to do one 10- minute Facebook Live. Lives will be scheduled with me prior to and will be set on your specific category niche day. Ex: Your blog is about health, your live will be scheduled on the day of the week that category is on.

Featured in Email– You will be featured one time in an email to my email subscribers.

FREE BRACELET– Please enjoy and show off your free Mom Blog From Home bracelet!

When you sign up you will get a PDF of exactly what is included in your feature package. Instructions on how to submit your information to me. Instructions on how to join the Private Facebook Group (if you choose those packages) and then a copy of your “featured on” image!

I am so excited about all the new benefits of being featured on Mom Blog From Home!

I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to have your blog featured. You get to pick which benefits you want by choosing which package you want!

The best part for you is super easy to just submit your information and be done! You don’t have to worry about writing a long post or anything just your basic info and that’s it!

This is a community you will be joining where we are all here to help each other. Everyone benefits from this!

I can’t wait to lock arms with you and all of us moms help each other grow our blogs together!

Have you ever been featured on another blog before? How did it go?

Talk to you later!


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Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger

Who doesn’t love Amazon? It is full of “a-ma-zon” products that are delivered right to your door! It is way too easy and let’s face it addicting! You need something you hop on there and find what you need, order it, and forget about it until it shows up a few days later! Easy-Peasy! Otherwise, you would have to write it down on a list, remember that list when you go to the store, drive all the way to the store, to realize you forgot your list, and find out that the product is out of stock. Then you end up buying all kinds of stuff you didn’t even need. Ugh! All day wasted and money wasted.

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

So when Amazon runs specials it is kind of a big deal! Everyone already loves them and to add promotions on top of it is just an added bonus! If you are a blogger then you are going to love this! Here are the Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger!

1. Ring Light

I recently purchased a ring light for my videos while blogging and posting to social media. I didn’t want anything too fancy just yet. First, because I am frugal. Second, because I don’t have a huge working area. I found this ring light that turned out to be perfect!

I fits great on my desk and I can move it out of the way if I need to without needing to unclamp it from my desk. I just bend it down behind my monitor and you can’t see it at all! It has a phone holder that fits any size phone. The holder moves and adjusts to any angle, which makes it great so you can adjust to the lighting in your house. I am right next to big windows so it is easy to swivel and adjust to create the perfect lighting for my shot.

It comes as a clamp that you can clamp onto your desk, table, or counter top. Like I said I clamp it on to the back of my desk and I just move the light and phone holder out when I am ready to use them.

The lights inside the ring are adjustable as well. There are several settings you can change to make the light perfect for the time of day. If it is at night then you can change the light to be bright and white. If it is day light outside you may only need a soft light.

It comes with a USB cord that just plugs into your computer and on the cord is the settings to adjust the light. This really is a great find! It was very reasonably priced and has done exactly what I needed it to do! I now can make videos and have more or less light and I can record either from my computer or my phone!

Ironically, my sister bought the exact same one! She didn’t know I had got one and she was so excited to tell me all about it and we laughed when I told her I had gotten the same one a month previously! Great minds think alike!

2. Apple Products

This may not be something you can just go out and get tomorrow but I just feel I have to share this with you. I love my MacBook Pro so very much! A few years ago my husband bought it for me for my birthday and I use it everyday! I have had several laptops in the past and they always would get viruses or start getting super slow. My Mac has been amazing! It still is just as fast as ever and can do so many things that have helped me with my blogging journey!

I wrote a blog post about it so you can read more about why it has been perfect for blogging right here!

So, naturally, I have an iPhone as well. I switched to iPhone years ago after I won a free ipad. It took a bit to get used to how it worked but then I was in love with how user friendly the ipad was! I switched to an iphone and so did my husband. We have been apple folks every since!

That’s why I got my Mac and it is so crazy how it all connects so well together. I can text, answer phone calls, FaceTime, and all of that right from my Mac. The main reason I am in love with my iPhone is that I recently upgraded to the 8. Yes, I am one of those people. But the camera on the 8 is so good!

I am no camera expert so I can’t argue all the terminologies on other cameras on other phones. I just know that the protrait view on the iphone 8 or later makes it super easy to take focused pictures. You know those pictures where the background is all blurry? Those are the ones that I can now take on my cool new iphone 8 camera!

awesome picture I was able to take with my iPhone 8 - mom blog from home

Look at this picture I took while out on our boat. That is my daughter tubing and that is my husband making sure his girl is doing okay. I just love this picture! I was able to take it with my phone while out on the boat!

On mother’s day 2017 my husband got me an Apple Watch (I’m starting to see a pattern as I type this…). I had a fitbit but he surprised me when they went on sale and got me one. I gave my fitbit to my sister and I have worn my Apple Watch everyday since! I do like how the fitbit tracked my steps better and you could have challenges with other friends but I love how my watch is like a mini phone attached to me. I can text, call, take pictures(you need your phone too) and so much more.

So how is the watch good for blogging?

You can set little reminders on your watch or you can download the Wunderlist app and it will go off on your watch and keep you on track. I like how you can check off your list from your watch and as you check it off the item disappears. Out of sight out of mind. Once it is done I don’t need to see it anymore. I only want to focus on what still needs to be done!

You will get notifications sent right to your watch. If someone sends you a message and your phone is still on silent from Church then you will still get the notification to be able to respond! It is a great motivation too to keep you moving and get as much done during the day! It will send you reminders that you need to breathe or stand up and move around. This helps me when I get into blogging and the next thing I know hours have gone by it will remind me to take a break!

I even love how when I sit down to work on my Mac my watch with unlock it for me! Too cool!

Then last but certain not least, a few weeks ago I got some Apple AirPods. This time from my father-in-law. It was a thank you gift for helping him out while he was in the hospital. Even though I insisted that’s just what family does, he knew I had been eye-balling his. He showed me how they worked and why he loved them and so he bought me some. I was so excited! They are just as awesome as all other Apple products!

As soon as you open the package they connect to your phone! They come in this cute little case that charges them while you aren’t using them. You can use one at a time or obviously both. Once it connects to your phone then as soon as you put one in your ear it will connect and is ready to use. You literally open and use them straight out of the box.

They are great for listen to webinars while you are pushing your child on the swing at the park, recording your own videos, talking on conference calls, and driving if you live in a hand free state. Georgia just passed a law to be a hands free state as of July 1, 2018.

So, since my husband loved them too I bought him a pair because he is always on the phone for work and we can’t risk a ticket! He has already got himself one of those. He loves the AirPods too!

As a mom they rock for talking on the phone or listening to a live while you are doing chores around the house. Before my cords would always get in the way and pull them out of my ears.

They know when they have came out of your ear and they will pause whatever you are watching or listening to. Tell me that isn’t cool! If you are like my husband and you are on the phone a lot for work then you will appreciate the charging case.

You can take one out and use it until it is about to die then put it into the case and use the other one while that one charges back up! Everytime you open your case it will pop up on your phone and let you know the battery levels of each one and the case!

apple AirPods - mom blog from home

Then with each of us having one I didn’t want to get them mixed up so I used my Cricut Air to stick this on mine real quick! And I might add that to take this picture I used my iPhone and my ring light!

If you are not an Apple fan then just skip all that but if you are like me and you have more cool tricks you want to share then comment below because I would love to here them!

3. Computer monitor

Once more my husband bought me a computer montior that has been a major asset to blogging. If you don’t know already my husband is the spender in our family which explains why I am the frugal one. He works from home sometimes and he needed another monitor in the office. He let me test it out and I found it very useful so he got me one. Even though I hate to admit it when he buys things I do usually love what he buys! I have it set up next to my laptop and I use the two screens to do so many things on my blog.

When I am trying to add pins to Tailwind, when I am editing pics on one screen and typing on the other, when I am building a page on my blog on one screen and watching the how to video one the other, it comes in so handy!

This is similar to the one he got me.

Mine is the Element brand and I don’t know much about computers but since all it is used for is to widen my screen it works great! I saw many options on Amazon so when they run their sales that would be a great time to grab one!

4. Planner

A must for anyone is a planner. Some like to use their phones or Google as a planner. I prefer to write things out. I still need reminders sent to me but there is something about writing it all out that helps me remember it. I got this planner right here and it was a great mix of a calendar and a journal. I like to write out my ideas and to do lists as they pop in my head and that is for blogging and motherhood too. With this planner is has a big section in the back that is all blank so you can use it however you choose. I put tabs in it and made a section for my blog, a section for my daughter, a section for our lawn care company, and a section for life.

This way I have all my notes somewhat organized.

Another thing that I love is there are three bookmark strings. I use one that bookmarks the full month calendar, one that book marks the current week in the weekly calendar, and then one that books mark what I was last working on in the notes section.

This planner is less than 20 bucks too! It was an all in one for the price that I liked!

5. Pens

Then naturally you will need some fancy pens too! I like to have a color for each part of my life. I use the same color of pen for my to-dos on my blog, same color for the to-dos for life, and etc. My sister had found these gel pens that erase and are super awesome!

I don’t like to use pencils I prefer pens but I also don’t like to scribble things out when I make a mistake so these have been perfect for me and my OCD.

They have become my daughters favorite too so I have to watch her carefully that she doesn’t steal them and get them mixed up in all her art supplies. She loves to draw!

So, those have been my favorite Amazon finds that I use daily as a blogger! I didn’t get all of these on Amazon but they are available on Amazon! I probably could have gotten a better deal if we would have got them on Amazon!

I did order my planner, the pens, both sets of the Airpods, and my ring light on Amazon.

There is always a sale on Amazon so be on the look out! Plus, Christmas is around the corner so there will be all kinds of sales! Whoop Whoop!

All of these products I use on a daily basis for my blog and help contribute to my blogs success! What are some things that you use and couldn’t live without for your blog?

Happy blogging!


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Are You a Mom Blogger?

If you are a mom blogger I want to feature you on Mom Blog From Home!

Not a Blogger Yet?

No problem!

Take my 30-Day Challenge to Start a Blog!

Collaborating with Other Bloggers and Why It Is So Important

Collaborating with Other Bloggers and Why It Is So Important

If you have been wondering if collaborating with other bloggers is a good idea or not I am going to explain to you why it is so important! I was a skeptic at first. I wasn’t sure if there were rules to follow or if you would do all the work and they would not hold up their end of the deal but I have found out that is not the case at all!

collaborating with other bloggers and why it is so important - mom blog from home


The concept of working with other bloggers use to seem dumb to me at first. I had this mindset that it would a) be hard and b) it wouldn’t benefit me.

Why would I want to help another blogger? Isn’t the point to make your blog successful and to work hard on your own blog? Not send the readers you worked hard to get to someone else’s blog?

I quickly realized that I was dead wrong. I just didn’t see the whole picture. Plus, I had to open my mind and my heart to see it all.

If everyone reaches out and helps each other then we can all make it to the top but if we all just worry about ourselves then only a few elites make it to the top and you know the saying “It’s lonely at the top”. It is so much better to be up there with all of your friends than to have created enemies and still be at the bottom.


This is partly my personality but I was scared to ask for help or to reach out to others. I am the stand in the back of the room and try not to be noticed kind of girl. Once I am comfortable then look out! I am all fun and crazy but I am not a showy person at all.

I was scared that if I posted something I would get backlash for something. Either not posting on the right day, or the right thread, or saying something that I wasn’t supposed to. I just freak out about stuff like that!


I use to also be a little embarrassed that I was starting from the beginning so it was hard to reach out and talk or ask questions because I was new. Again, I found out that it is actually quite wonderful!

You are not alone! Everyone starts at the beginning so when you reach out for help there are so many people that are more than happy to lend a happing hand!


Like I said it turns out everyone was really nice! Everyone was very supportive and answered my questions. Gave me tips and advice or better yet gave me resources to be able to find the answer for myself!

I have had wonderful support from big bloggers that have had no problem reaching out and helping! Those bloggers are even in my same niche but they never saw me as a threat because of our niche being similar!

Suzi at Start a Mom Blog, Elna Caine at Twins Mommy, and McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents have all been great role models and a great support system to help drive me to do my best with the best!


You get to meet so many wonderful people from all across the world trying to do exactly what you are trying to do. You can ask each other for advice, personal reviews, follows, motivation, and share your wins!

One blogger posted in a Facebook Group if anyone wanted to join in a Facebook chat to help bounce questions and ideas off of each other and I said yes. There ended up being about 12 of us and the group has been so much fun to chat with. We share new ideas, test out theories, ask opinions and just collaborate with each other!

Also, because of a different Facebook Group, I met my friend from Australia who was also a new blogger and we have chatted back in forth several times to help motivate each other! How awesome is that!


There is always something to be learned. The blogging world is always changing so networking and collaborating with other bloggers helps keep you in the loop on what’s going on. Everyone is great about posting and making sure everyone has seen this new change or this new law.

They are constantly sharing important information with everyone else and building a good rapport with other bloggers.

Different Niches

New audience

I didn’t think that you could collaborate with other bloggers in different niches because what would you have in common besides blogging? That is far from true! There are so many benefits to collaborating with other bloggers in different niches.

You are now reaching a completely new audience. Readers you would have never reached with your blog or blogs within your niche are now seeing your blog link and that is potential new readers for you!

I recently was contacted by a blog that is not in my niche and we did a collaboration together and it worked out perfectly!

ThinkBaby.org is in a completely different niche than I am. They blog about everything you need to know to care for your baby! Their site is full of great valuable information regarding everything from pregnancy to toddler development.

Zoe wrote an awesome post on 8 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Are Expecting and she mentions me in the post and shares with her readers that I can help them start their own blogs!

It works out great for me to be able to be featured in a post that is geared for expecting moms who could potentially want to become stay at home moms and one way to do that is to start your own blog! You wouldn’t think that a blog that teaches you how to start a blog and another blog that helps you with your baby needs would be able to collaborate but we did!

I have also accepted a guest post from Emily at The Modest Cottage and her blog is about all the joys of being a stay at home mom, cooking, baking, and sewing but she did a guest post for me about How to Decorate Your House on a Budget.

Two different niches making it work!

New Areas and New Ideas

Collaborating with others is great for coming up with new ideas. Sometimes you have to walk outside and be in a new area to inspire new ideas. If I am ever stuck I walk away from my computer and it just opens everything in my mind back up to think clearer.

Same with checking out other blogs. It helps you to see what you like and what you don’t like. You could see someone has a great idea but it inspires you to have a new idea from that. You can work with a blogger in a completely different niche and you see the way they do their opt-ins or social media posts and it clicks for you to try this method or do that on your blog. Not copy, but inspire you to come up with a new opt-in or vision of your own!

Same Niches

Just like different niches you can still collaborate with bloggers in your same niche. Like I said before I used to think that was a bad idea because you would be sending your readers to someone else in your niche. That is wrong. It may happen but it may not. If you are providing value to your readers then you have nothing to worry about. That reader may come across that other blogger either way so don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with another blogger just because you are worried about “sharing”.

“Sharing is caring”

I have been featured in a roundup post on Twins Mommy called What Do You Focus On As A New Blogger. It was a collaborating with 12 new bloggers sharing what they suggest you focus on as a new blogger. It was a lot of fun contributing and I received a bunch of traffic from it!


So, overall the benefits are endless but I’ll list some again!

  • Network with like-minded bloggers
    • Share together
    • Grow together
    • Motivate each other
    • Inspire each other
    • Support each other
    • Learn from each other
  • Reach new audiences
    • Whether it is the same niche or a different niche you will be reaching a new audience you would have never reached before.
  • Linkbacks
    • When bloggers link back to each other that helps your SEO
  • New material
    • If you are stuck on what to write about you can do a roundup post with other bloggers and throw together a quick valuable blog post!

I’m sure there are more benefits that I have forgotten but if you were like I was and not quite sure if collaborating was right for you I hope this post helped convince you why it is so important!

Happy Blogging!


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How to find your niche and stand out in it

How to find your niche and stand out in it

How to find your niche or topic of your blog is a very important first step in blogging. This decision is hard to change later on without starting over. Maybe if your blog name was something broad but most likely you will want your blog name to be what your niche is so again it would be hard to change later on. That why it is so important to take time and make sure you find your niche and stand out in it rather than keep changing your mind and wasting time.

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

For example, my blog name is Mom Blog From Home and it’s about teaching moms how to blog from home. If I wanted to change my niche I could possibly spin it to where I am a mom blogging from home about a certain topic but I wouldn’t be able to change my niche to teaching people how to care for puppies or something like that.

It just wouldn’t make sense with the name of my blog. I have personally gone through this many times so I am speaking from experience. I have always wanted to blog but never knew what to blog about. I would change my mind too many times. Then when I finally decided on a niche I would buy the domain name and then panic and change my mind again but of course, it was too late by then. I still have some of the domain names I have purchased in the past but it wasn’t until I finally went with my heart and chose to teach about blogging did it all come together.

First, a quick note if you are questioning if blogging is even right for you: Check out this post that I wrote to help you decide if blogging is right for you!

Why It Is Important

  • You can’t change it later on

As I have already stated you really can’t change your niche later on after you have committed and been blogging about that topic plus have a domain name for that topic as well. You would most likely have to start over and no one wants to do that. So, it is better to just take a few days to really think it over to make sure it is the right niche market for you.

  • Needs to be something you are passionate about

One thing you will hear from other bloggers and you are going to hear it from me is that you need to be passionate about your niche. If you are knowledgeable in a subject but you aren’t passionate about it then that is probably not the one to go with. Let me give you two examples.

First, I feel I am pretty knowledgeable with children.

My mother ran an in-home daycare for 20 years so I grew up in that daycare for 15+ years. Once out of college I had my daughter and I opened up my own daycare that I ran for two years. Since then I have worked on and off with the 1-3-year-olds at a private school in town for a total working time of a year. I have taken many safety courses and done many trainings plus obviously years of hands-on work.

However, though I love them all dearly, I don’t believe that is my calling and it is not my passion. Maybe it is a skill I have to handle little children when many others can not but again it is not a passion. I had thought about all the different niches I could use that involved children that I would be able to blog about for a long while. But those times when you have had a long day and you just don’t feel like working on your blog, those will be way too easy to give into. If you are passionate about your niche then you will look forward to working on it. It won’t feel like work at all!. Also, then you will strive to learn more and grow in your niche market!

Second, I have some knowledge about health and weight loss.

I have my own weight loss success story after finding these awesome products that I have been taking since 2012. I started them after a friend had lost 30 pounds and looked amazing and was full of energy. I got on the products and the program and I ended up losing 20 pounds and I am still at that 125-pound mark I ended at years ago. I learned so much along that journey that I would love to share with everyone.

However, I quickly learned that people want to have their cake and eat it too….literally! When it comes to weight loss no one wants to actually put in the work and most are quick to shut anything your say down (even if you have all kinds of proof). It is something I am passionate about for myself but I am not passionate about trying to convince people that it works. I know it does and so for me, that’s all that matters! Of course, I am willing to share what I have done and what I know with those who want to know but I am not going to try and argue with everyone that thinks their products are better or whatnot because that’s usually what happened.

I was just so beyond blessed to have my friend share with me these amazing products that help drive me every day so I would never want to deprive someone else of them. Again though, it always turns into a battle and that is no fun for me.

Teaching moms how to blog though is a strong passion of mine! I absolutely love it! We are all learning and growing together and everyone is so kind to one another and grateful for the help so it makes teaching and helping others so much fun!

You will want to learn and grow and build your blog

I had thought about all the different niches I could use that involved children and health that I would be able to blog about for a long while. But again, those times when you have had a long day and you just don’t feel like working on your blog will be way too easy to give into. If you are passionate about your niche then you will look forward to working on it. It won’t feel like work at all!. Also, then you will strive to learn more and grow in your niche market!

  • You will be blogging about that topic for years (hopefully right?)

If your blog goes well then you should be blogging for years, right? If you grow your blog and you are bringing in an income then that will be your source of income for….well ever! Make sure your niche in something you can stand to blog about forever. Of course, you can also start another blog later on once this one is successful but you wouldn’t want to close the first one either way so again back to being able to blog about that niche for…ever. There is the chance that you build your blog up and then sell it and start over again but I believe most will keep it and continue to grow it. Your blog becomes your baby. Something you have started and worked on every day. Something you have built from the grown up.

  • Investment

There is some investment to starting a blog so you once more you want to make sure you know for sure what you are going to be blogging about or what your niche is going to be before you make any purchases. The main one that you can’t take back is your domain name. Luckily, domain names are fairly inexpensive so you won’t be out much money if you do change your mind. I purchased Mom Blog From Home at NameCheap. I have also used GoDaddy in the past but I now prefer NameCheap. Their prices are better and they don’t try and upsell you on everything at checkout like GoDaddy does. You go in trying to just purchase your domain name for $3-$20 bucks and by the end of checkout, they have asked you to add on so much that you now have over $100 in your cart? NameCheap just sells you the domain name.

Time is money as they say and if you get too deep into creating your blog around your niche and writing blog posts then you will have done that all for nothing. You have not only invested money on a domain name but you have also invested time.

How to Brainstorm Ideas

  • Start big and work down

Take some time to think about everything you could write about. When it comes to brainstorming nothing should be left out. Write down everything that comes to your mind because it could, later on, lead you to your perfect niche. My husband is such a hard worker it amazes me every day and after 11 years together you would think that he would have slowed down some but no he just keeps trucking and working harder and harder each day.

The most impressive part to me is how smart he is. He has his private pilot license and a CDL and they are both passions of his. He is extremely knowledgeable, yet humble, about what he knows. So we talk about starting a business all the time for him. The catch always is that it costs so much to get started. So, he started with what he had and started his own lawn care company. After working long and hard hours at work he would still come home and mow yards. He grew his business very fast (too fast) and we couldn’t keep up.

Over the winter when things calmed down we have talked about what to do this summer when it starts to pick up again. In the meantime he got a promotion at work and now is the Transportation Manager growing a trucking company for the oil company he works for. He knowledge and experience in trucking plus his worked ethic has earned him that position.

Now, with a new more demanding job he does not have the time to mow yards anymore but he is not ready to just give up his side job. So he has come up with the idea to narrow down his niche even more to just spraying fertilizer which takes up less time, pays more, and it much easier than mowing in the Georgia heat.

He has taken his idea and narrowed it down to a smaller niche.

  • Write everything down that comes to your mind

    • What are you knowledgeable about
    • What are you passionate about
    • What do you do for a living
    • What are your interests
    • What is something you know that others don’t
    • What do you like to read about
    • What do you like to watch
    • What do you do in your spare time
    • What can you teach someone


Niche Ideas

  • Here are some ideas

    • Health/Fitness
    • Dog Training
    • Homeschooling
    • Photography
    • Makeup
    • Pregnancy
    • Lawn Care
    • Gardening
    • Mechanic
    • Computers
    • Home Décor
    • Sports
    • Video Games
    • Recipes
    • Funny Videos
    • Cleaning
    • Finances
    • Fashion
    • Make Furniture


Narrow down your choices

  • Now is when you will take every topic you came up with and start narrowing it down. Here are some examples.

    • Health/Fitness
      • Exercises
      • Healthy Recipes
      • Supplements
      • Clothing
    • Pregnancy
      • Health
      • Clothes
      • Exercises
      • Baby room décor
      • Nursing


Narrow down your niche (more specific)

So that you stand out even fuller you can narrow your niche down once more! The pool of people that will be searching for Health and Fitness is really large. That is great but there is also a large number of people providing that information. If you narrow it down to just exercises then that narrows down the people looking and the people providing the information or your competition. Then if you narrow it down once more and be very specific then odds are you will have even less competition. Yes, you will have fewer people searching but that is okay because you will have a more targeted audience. You are more likely to get a better turn out with a more targeted audience than to be lost in the crowd of every other website out there on the broader niche.

For example Mom Blog From Home: It is about teaching moms how to blog and how to use that money to pay off debt. I narrowed it down from not just about blogging but to teaching moms to blog, then to narrow it down once more to teach them how to use their blog to pay off debt.

Another example is my husband. Like I told you he now has the idea he wants to spray chemicals on yards. It would be fertilizer, weed killer, bug spray, etc. which is a more targeted niche. It’s not all yard work, it’s not mowing, it’s not landscaping, and it’s actually not even just spraying chemical. How he has narrowed his niche down even more than just spraying chemicals is he is looking into flying a drone to spray the chemicals. He is now bringing his love of aviation into the equation. This will help him be able to use his passion in his niche. He never lacks motivation but it will turn work into fun for him. He grew up farming and watching spray planes treat fields and now he has the opportunity to be able to do something very similar.

This also helps him stand out in the drone business. He has had his eye on a drone for years but it just didn’t make financial sense to purchase such an expensive “toy” in my eyes. We already have some pricey model airplanes that just hang in the garage haha! He has many visions but one of them has been to have a drone business but taking pictures for realtors isn’t really his thing. So again, this just makes sense for him. He loves flying, he loves farming, he is knowledgeable in chemical applications, it just all comes together. It also is a very narrowed down niche.

Look for keywords

Keywords are another major part of picking out your niche. If there are keywords in your niche that you could use then that will help drive traffic to your blog. Keywords are words that are popular or searched for often. You can go to kwfinder.com to search for long-tailed keywords and see how popular they are. If you can use a long-tailed keyword in your domain name and use as your niche then when someone searches for that term your blog with pop up.

I thought long and hard about my blog name. I didn’t want it to be my name as some bloggers use and I wanted it to be somewhat clever. Mainly I just wanted it to make sense and after brainstorming and praying, Mom Blog From Home came to be. I was a mom blogging from home. This way I have two key phrases in my domain name. When “mom blog” is searched or when “blog from home” or really anything “from home” I will be in the search results. Now whether I am on the first page or the millionth page, that will all depend on my Google ranking. However, if someone searches “how to mom blog from home” I should be on that first page!

If your blog niche is going to about teaching others how to care for their puppies you could have your domain name be “how to care for my puppy.com” It may not be the cutest name but I know that’s what I would type in looking for how to care for my puppy so then your blog will pop up!


Of course, everyone wants to find a niche that has no competition but I once read that having competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That means that niche is in high demand. It must be popular to have others in that same niche. That’s again where setting yourself apart from your competitors comes in by narrowing down your niche to be more specific for a more targeted audience!


There needs to be a way to profit from your niche. Unless you are purely blogging for fun. If you are like me you are looking to make an income and so you need to not only find something that you can make a profit from but something people are actually purchasing too.

For example, just because recipes is a popular niche and you could sell your own recipes doesn’t mean someone will buy your liver and onions recipes. Sorry for those that like liver and onions I was trying to think of something I wouldn’t (or most people wouldn’t) eat. So make sure that your niche isn’t all about something that no one wants.

To avoid that, a great suggestion is to do some market research yourself and see if there are others out there. Odds are if you can’t find any other sites that are like your targeted niche, then it probably isn’t a good one to go with. It is nearly impossible to be the first one in that niche.

If you find successful sites with that niche then you can see that there are people purchasing in that niche and you just need to jump in and set yourself apart to get a piece of the pie!

Affiliate Marketing

So how do you make a profit in your niche market? One way to make money is to do affiliate marketing. That is selling someone else’s product. You advertise for them or suggest their product to your readers and when they make a purchase you get a commission of that sale.

To join affiliate programs you can go to the site of the product you wish to promote and most sites that offer an affiliate program have a link at the very bottom. If you don’t know who sells a product you wish to promote you can search in google “the product + affiliate” and companies that sell that product and have an affiliate program will pop up!

You can become an affiliate for Amazon and promote all kinds of products, you can go to Commission Junction, Share a Sale, or Rakuten LinkShare and they are companies that handle big companies affiliate programs like WalMart and more.


You can make money by having ads on your blog. All you would do is just write blog posts and drive traffic to your blog and the more traffic the more you get paid for ads on your blog. You can join Google Adsense to start with and then once you grow your blog you can join more ad programs later on! Many programs won’t accept you until you have reached a minimum number of page views per month. A great resource to explain more about ads is this ebook by Victoria Pruett called Make Money Blogging At Any Level. She talks about how she makes over $5,000 a month with her small blog about her homestead life!


A great way to make an income off your blog is to create your own products. Write an ebook, create printables, create courses, or have a membership site. Don’t let those scare you off they are much easier to do that you may think! Creating your own products enables you to make the full profit as well. You don’t only just get a cut of someone else’s products you get the full cut for yourself. Ebooks and printables are just PDF documents that you create and then sell on your blog. You can either use Teachable like I do and so many other bloggers to handle the buying and selling of your products or you can use a WordPress plug-in. If you choose the plugin method you can search for which plugin to use or you can use the one that Victoria mentions in her ebook above.


Lastly, you can offer your services as a way to make an income off your blog. You can sell your coaching services. Coach people how to market their business, coach people how to lose weight, coach people how to trade stocks. You can sell your teaching services. Teach people how to speak English (or any language), teach homeschooled students, teach people how to care for their new puppies. You could sell your organization skills. Maybe you have a blog where they can purchase a package from your that includes one live chat a week to help them organize their life, their house, their finances.

You can see that the possibilities are endless! 

There you have it!

I hope this helped break it down on how to find your niche and stand out in it! It is a true passion of mine helping moms learn how to blog and how to use their blogs to pay off debt! I started my blog on the side and now this summer of 2018 I am taking it on full time! I have much more to offer and I can’t wait to share it with you! If you have any questions please comment below and I would love to help you!


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22 Of The Best Photo Editors For Bloggers (Free and Paid)

22 Of The Best Photo Editors For Bloggers

(Free and Paid)

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

My top 2 Favorites

There are so many different programs out there to use as a picture editor. If you are new to blogging, it can be overwhelming! I know it was for me, I didn’t know where to start. Should I pay for an editing software or would I be able to use a free software that would work just as well?

Personally, I don’t have any background in photography or picture editing. I need something that is well…. easy and dummy proof. I know what I like but once I start editing then it starts to look forced and over edited. I try to go with less is more. If I like the picture to begin with then I just do a little touching up and not overdo it.

However, if you have the eye for it and the knowledge then go for it! But even with the know-how and the eye you may still be lost on which one to use or which ones are even available. I did some research for you and this is what I found!

I found 22 different programs to use as a picture editor. 14 of them are free photo editor programs! I personally use two of them, but I have read other bloggers that recommend a few of the other ones so it is entirely your preference.

Some will just come easier to you and some may not be your style. For example, I use both Canva and PicMonkey. I had the free version of them both for a while, but I did go ahead and invest in the paid version of PicMonkey and I will explain why in just a bit. For now, I want to tell you the differences I see in them.

Canva vs PicMonkey

1. Canva

Canva is great for creating Pins for Pinterest and other social media images. Canva right away shows you different templates you can use for your photo. Let’s say you are creating an image for Facebook it already has the template with the correct size that is best for Facebook. Same for Pinterest, flyers, business cards, etc. It doesn’t however, in the free verse at least, let you do much actual editing to your photo itself.

You can upload an image and crop it, filter it, flip it, adjust the transparency, link it, and rearrange the content on your design. But again, you can’t do anything like photoshop work to it.

I do like that Canva shows what you have created on your profile. After you download your design it shows you all your past creations when you go to your profile. You can also create a team to work on a project together, you can see what images others have shared with you, and what is really cool is you can set up your brand as well.

Within Canva you can:

Choose a layout

Within the layouts, it had many different options to choose from. These are nice because they are all done for you. You just have to add your touch and done!

Choose an Element

Within the elements tab, there are 9 choices. As you can see you can pick from Free Photos, Grids, Frames, Shapes, Lines, Illustrations, Icons, Chats, and I love Canva.

Free Photos

Canva gives you many beautiful free pictures to use and then they do offer some you can buy.


Grids are where you can add multiple photos to your image in a specific layout that you choose. It is just like a collage and you pick the design you want to use.


You can add a frame or a border to your image.


This one is really great for making Pinterest images. You can add shapes to your image to really make a certain word or number stand out in your image. This is also great to break apart the text on your image.


Again, this is great to break apart the text on your image or to make a certain word or number stand out to the viewer. It also brings a little character to your image as well!


This is like Clipart for Canva. This is where you can choose from a variety of different illustrations to use for your image. If you are planning a 4thof July BBQ there is a red, white and blue popsicle illustration, or if you are planning a camping trip there are binoculars, a compass, and a lantern illustration you can use! So many options!


The text section seems pretty obvious but Canva added a little twist. They have text templates already available for you to pick from. Instead of just offering different fonts you can adjust yourself, Canva has the different fonts already put together for you to just change the words to your own. For example, they have a baby announcement one that has all the same font, but they emphasized the “We are having a baby girl!” part by making it a larger font. Then they have some that have one that invites you to an ice cream party and it uses multiple fonts and sizes. You just click on the template you like and drag it over to your creation! Or start from scratch and create it yourself!


Once again, choose from the many different free and paid for backgrounds that Canva has to offer. There are solid backgrounds, patterned backgrounds, or upload your own!

Upload your own!

I hope that helps walk you through what Canva has to offer for photo editing, now let’s dive into PicMonkey!

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey has a lot more to offer. Canva and PicMonkey each have their own pros and cons and again it is each to their own. Some prefer Canva and some prefer PicMonkey.

You can see right away that you have more to choose from as to what you can do on PicMonkey. You can either edit a photo, touch up a photo, choose a design or template to use, or make a collage.

I used the free version of PicMonkey as my photo editor for a long time but then I went ahead and invested in the $7.99 a month to be able to do more editing to my pictures. I have heard that photoshop is difficult to learn and is expensive so in my opinion, I would rather pay the $7.99 and have a very user-friendly photo editor program for me to use.

If you are already a photo editor wizard then this might be too simple for you. If you are like me and just need the basics to touch up an image than PicMonkey is amazing! There are so many things you can do in PicMonkey. Here is a run through of the options available.

Basic Edits

Here you can crop, change the canvas Color, Rotate the image, change the exposure, change the color of the image, sharpen the image, and resize it. There is also the option at the top to auto adjust. This feature makes life easier for me so I don’t overdo it with all the options below. I just hit auto adjust and move on to the next section.


Here is where you can change the effect of the image or the tint of it. These are preset that you can go through and click on to see which one fits the look you are going for. Again, I have to paid version so I may have more available to choose from than the free version.

Touch Up

As far as editing your photos this is my favorite feature. I don’t necessarily have the most beautiful skin in the world. So, when I wanted to make a headshot profile picture I needed to do some touch-up work on certain areas. This made it super easy! My husband took my picture with his new iPhone 8, not even with a fancy camera, and I went in and edited it to remove some blemishes, wrinkles, and scars and wah-lah! You can give yourself a complete facelift if you wanted to! I am not all into that but removing some blemishes and wrinkles absolutely! You won’t have as many options in the free version but it will still help you clean up your image!


You can add text to your photo and change the size and font but unlike Canva it doesn’t have text templates of fonts that go well together. Still is very easy to add and adjust the text to your photo though.


This is similar to the shapes you can add in Canva but here you can add symbols, arrows, spirographs, as well as all the illustrations of different clipart type inserts. You can also add your own. This is a great way to be able to overlap text and images through your design.


Here is the same where you can add a frame to your photo to give it a fun touch or certain look.


This reminds me of the filters on SnapChat. You can add fun accents to your photo. If you want your photo to look like it is on an old piece of paper they have that texture you can add to your photo. Or if you want it to look painted on or stitched on, they have that texture.


Themes are everything all rolled into one. If you have a certain vibe you are going for but you don’t want to go through each category one by one to try and achieve that look, then go to the themes section and it has them all categorized together. If you want it to look like an old newspaper clipping then you can click on the School U theme and under there it will list all the effects, overlays, text, textures, and frames that will most likely go with that look. Under effects in the School U theme it says newspaper and then you just go from there! This can say you a bunch of time!


Here is where you can choose a template for your image. Just like Canva, you can make a Facebook image, business card, flyer, Pinterest image, etc. You will want to make this decision before you start any editing though.

So there you have it. The differences between Canva and PicMonkey. I would like to say again that I do have the free version of Canva and the paid version of PicMonkey. You may be able to do more in the paid version of Canva that I don’t know about. I do know that still with the free version of PicMonkey I felt you were able to do more and you could do actual photo editing.

Check out my FREE Pinterest Image Course where I walk you through how I make my Pinterest images. I show you where I get my free stock images, how I edit them, how I make one image into multiple, and then how to use a bonus program you may already have on your computer to make beautiful Pinterest images!

How to create Pinterest images - free course- mom blog from home


Here is the complete list of the 22 programs you can use as a picture editor. Numbers 3-22 I have not personally used before. I did look into them though so here is more information on them!

  1. Canva – FREE (upgrade available for more features)
  2. PicMonkey – FREE (upgrade available for more features)
  3. Gimp – FREE
  4. PhotoScape – FREE
  5. Fotor – FREE TRIAL (upgrade to paid plan)
  6. Pixlr Editor – FREE
  7. Aviary – FREE
  8. On1 Perfect Effects – PAID
  9. Snappa – FREE (upgrade available for more features)
  10. PortraitPro – PAID
  11. Inkscape – FREE
  12. PhotoViewer Pro – PAID
  13. iPiccy – FREE
  14. BeFunky – FREE (upgrade available for more features)
  15. Picasa – FREE
  16. Serif PhotoPlus X8 -PAID
  17. Ribbet – FREE (upgrade available for more features)
  18. Adobe Lightroom – PAID Adobe $9.99-19.99 a month
  19. Photoshop CS2 – PAID Adobe $9.99-19.99 a month
  20. Photoshop Elements -PAID Adobe $9.99-19.99 a month
  21. Pixelmator – PAID
  22. Fotoflexr – FREE

3. Gimp

Gimp is a free online photo editor site. I have heard of other bloggers using this program and it reminds me of PicMonkey and Canva but just not quite as user-friendly.

best photo editor program - mom blog from home

4. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free download that you install onto your computer.

best photo editor program - mom blog from home

5. Fotor

Fotor offers a free trial to test it out but then it is either a monthly or yearly subscription after that.

best photo editor program - mom blog from home

6. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is a free photo editing site that also offers an app!

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

7. Aviary

Aviary is free as well and they too offer an app for photo editing!

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

8. On1 Perfect Effects

On1 offers a free trial but then it is a paid program.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

9. Snappa

Snappa offers three different plans to chose from. One is paid with fewer features and then the more you pay the more you get on the other two features.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

10. PortraitPro

PortraitPro has a free trial but then becomes a paid program.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

11. Inkscape

Inkscape is free to download.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

12. Photo Viewer Pro

Photo ViewerPro can be download for a price. That price depends on which plan you choose. They offer three different plans. To find those prices go to the bottom and lick on FAQ and it has the answer there.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

13. iPiccy

iPiccy is another free program for editing your photos. You just have to install it to run the program. It works for graphic design too!


the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

14. BeFunky

BeFunky has a free basic plan to edit your photos and then they offer a paid plan as well that offers more features.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

15. Picasa

Picasa seems to be still available to download but there is a statement saying that it is being discontinued. I didn’t try to download it because I didn’t want to actually download it but you can try to here. If you want to read more about why it is discounted and what it is now turning into you can read more about that right here!

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

16. Serif PhotoPlus X8

Serif PhotoPlus X8 is a paid program that you can purchase for $24.99

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

17. Ribbet

Ribbet is free to edit photos but it does offer upgrade features for a price. Again this one reminds me of Canva and PicMonkey.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

The next three are Adobe programs that run $9.99 and up a month

18. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

19. Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS2 – Adobe offers too many programs to list them all. I just listed the ones that I found to be the most popular.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

20. Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

21. Pixelmator

Pixelmator can be downloaded from your Mac App Store for $59.99

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home

22. Fotoflexr

Fotoflexr is another free program for photo editing.

the best photo editor program - mom blog from home


Now that you have gone through all of them I hope you can see which ones may or may not work for you. Without actually downloading and trying each one it is hard for me to give them a proper review. I would like to say that though you may be thinking some of those are a bit pricey, don’t forget that those are a one time fee and the others are a monthly fee.

Of course, you may not want to pay for any of them and decide to go with one of the free programs! I don’t blame you there!

If you are a photographer that needs in-depth photo editing than I suggest you get one that you have to buy. You get what you pay for and if your product is the images themselves you don’t want to cheap out there.

If you are like me and you are a blogger and you just need to make some quick edits and make pin images, then you can definitely go with a free program. I lean more toward Canva and PicMonkey of course since I have used those two before.

If I could only pick one of those two I would go with PicMonkey.

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog has a great FREE course on PicMonkey that goes more in-depth on all its amazing features!

Good luck on your photo editing journey!




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