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Top Amazon Finds for a Blogger

Who doesn’t love Amazon? It is full of “a-ma-zon” products that are delivered right to your door! It is way too easy and let’s face it addicting! You need something you hop on there and find what you need, order it, and forget about it until it shows up a few days later! Easy-Peasy! Otherwise, you would have to write it down on a list, remember that list when you go to the store, drive all the way to the store, to realize you forgot your list, and find out that the product is out of stock. Then you end up buying all kinds of stuff you didn’t even need. Ugh! All day wasted and money wasted.

Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home
Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

So when Amazon runs specials it is kind of a big deal! Everyone already loves them and to add promotions on top of it is just an added bonus! If you are a blogger then you are going to love this! Here are the Top 5 Amazon Finds for a Blogger!

Top Amazon Finds for a Blogger - Mom Blog From Home

1. Ring Light

I recently purchased a ring light for my videos while blogging and posting to social media. I didn’t want anything too fancy just yet. First, because I am frugal. Second, because I don’t have a huge working area. I found this ring light that turned out to be perfect!

I fits great on my desk and I can move it out of the way if I need to without needing to unclamp it from my desk. I just bend it down behind my monitor and you can’t see it at all! It has a phone holder that fits any size phone. The holder moves and adjusts to any angle, which makes it great so you can adjust to the lighting in your house. I am right next to big windows so it is easy to swivel and adjust to create the perfect lighting for my shot.

It comes as a clamp that you can clamp onto your desk, table, or counter top. Like I said I clamp it on to the back of my desk and I just move the light and phone holder out when I am ready to use them.

The lights inside the ring are adjustable as well. There are several settings you can change to make the light perfect for the time of day. If it is at night then you can change the light to be bright and white. If it is day light outside you may only need a soft light.

It comes with a USB cord that just plugs into your computer and on the cord is the settings to adjust the light. This really is a great find! It was very reasonably priced and has done exactly what I needed it to do! I now can make videos and have more or less light and I can record either from my computer or my phone!

Ironically, my sister bought the exact same one! She didn’t know I had got one and she was so excited to tell me all about it and we laughed when I told her I had gotten the same one a month previously! Great minds think alike!

2. Apple Products

This may not be something you can just go out and get tomorrow but I just feel I have to share this with you. I love my MacBook Pro so very much! A few years ago my husband bought it for me for my birthday and I use it everyday! I have had several laptops in the past and they always would get viruses or start getting super slow. My Mac has been amazing! It still is just as fast as ever and can do so many things that have helped me with my blogging journey!

I wrote a blog post about it so you can read more about why it has been perfect for blogging right here!

So, naturally, I have an iPhone as well. I switched to iPhone years ago after I won a free ipad. It took a bit to get used to how it worked but then I was in love with how user friendly the ipad was! I switched to an iphone and so did my husband. We have been apple folks every since!

That’s why I got my Mac and it is so crazy how it all connects so well together. I can text, answer phone calls, FaceTime, and all of that right from my Mac. The main reason I am in love with my iPhone is that I recently upgraded to the 8. Yes, I am one of those people. But the camera on the 8 is so good!

I am no camera expert so I can’t argue all the terminologies on other cameras on other phones. I just know that the protrait view on the iphone 8 or later makes it super easy to take focused pictures. You know those pictures where the background is all blurry? Those are the ones that I can now take on my cool new iphone 8 camera!

awesome picture I was able to take with my iPhone 8 - mom blog from home

Look at this picture I took while out on our boat. That is my daughter tubing and that is my husband making sure his girl is doing okay. I just love this picture! I was able to take it with my phone while out on the boat!

On mother’s day 2017 my husband got me an Apple Watch (I’m starting to see a pattern as I type this…). I had a fitbit but he surprised me when they went on sale and got me one. I gave my fitbit to my sister and I have worn my Apple Watch everyday since! I do like how the fitbit tracked my steps better and you could have challenges with other friends but I love how my watch is like a mini phone attached to me. I can text, call, take pictures(you need your phone too) and so much more.

So how is the watch good for blogging?

You can set little reminders on your watch or you can download the Wunderlist app and it will go off on your watch and keep you on track. I like how you can check off your list from your watch and as you check it off the item disappears. Out of sight out of mind. Once it is done I don’t need to see it anymore. I only want to focus on what still needs to be done!

You will get notifications sent right to your watch. If someone sends you a message and your phone is still on silent from Church then you will still get the notification to be able to respond! It is a great motivation too to keep you moving and get as much done during the day! It will send you reminders that you need to breathe or stand up and move around. This helps me when I get into blogging and the next thing I know hours have gone by it will remind me to take a break!

I even love how when I sit down to work on my Mac my watch with unlock it for me! Too cool!

Then last but certain not least, a few weeks ago I got some Apple AirPods. This time from my father-in-law. It was a thank you gift for helping him out while he was in the hospital. Even though I insisted that’s just what family does, he knew I had been eye-balling his. He showed me how they worked and why he loved them and so he bought me some. I was so excited! They are just as awesome as all other Apple products!

As soon as you open the package they connect to your phone! They come in this cute little case that charges them while you aren’t using them. You can use one at a time or obviously both. Once it connects to your phone then as soon as you put one in your ear it will connect and is ready to use. You literally open and use them straight out of the box.

They are great for listen to webinars while you are pushing your child on the swing at the park, recording your own videos, talking on conference calls, and driving if you live in a hand free state. Georgia just passed a law to be a hands free state as of July 1, 2018.

So, since my husband loved them too I bought him a pair because he is always on the phone for work and we can’t risk a ticket! He has already got himself one of those. He loves the AirPods too!

As a mom they rock for talking on the phone or listening to a live while you are doing chores around the house. Before my cords would always get in the way and pull them out of my ears.

They know when they have came out of your ear and they will pause whatever you are watching or listening to. Tell me that isn’t cool! If you are like my husband and you are on the phone a lot for work then you will appreciate the charging case.

You can take one out and use it until it is about to die then put it into the case and use the other one while that one charges back up! Everytime you open your case it will pop up on your phone and let you know the battery levels of each one and the case!

apple AirPods - mom blog from home

Then with each of us having one I didn’t want to get them mixed up so I used my Cricut Air to stick this on mine real quick! And I might add that to take this picture I used my iPhone and my ring light!

If you are not an Apple fan then just skip all that but if you are like me and you have more cool tricks you want to share then comment below because I would love to here them!

3. Computer monitor

Once more my husband bought me a computer montior that has been a major asset to blogging. If you don’t know already my husband is the spender in our family which explains why I am the frugal one. He works from home sometimes and he needed another monitor in the office. He let me test it out and I found it very useful so he got me one. Even though I hate to admit it when he buys things I do usually love what he buys! I have it set up next to my laptop and I use the two screens to do so many things on my blog.

When I am trying to add pins to Tailwind, when I am editing pics on one screen and typing on the other, when I am building a page on my blog on one screen and watching the how to video one the other, it comes in so handy!

This is similar to the one he got me.

Mine is the Element brand and I don’t know much about computers but since all it is used for is to widen my screen it works great! I saw many options on Amazon so when they run their sales that would be a great time to grab one!

4. Planner

A must for anyone is a planner. Some like to use their phones or Google as a planner. I prefer to write things out. I still need reminders sent to me but there is something about writing it all out that helps me remember it. I got this planner right here and it was a great mix of a calendar and a journal. I like to write out my ideas and to do lists as they pop in my head and that is for blogging and motherhood too. With this planner is has a big section in the back that is all blank so you can use it however you choose. I put tabs in it and made a section for my blog, a section for my daughter, a section for our lawn care company, and a section for life.

This way I have all my notes somewhat organized.

Another thing that I love is there are three bookmark strings. I use one that bookmarks the full month calendar, one that book marks the current week in the weekly calendar, and then one that books mark what I was last working on in the notes section.

This planner is less than 20 bucks too! It was an all in one for the price that I liked!

5. Pens

Then naturally you will need some fancy pens too! I like to have a color for each part of my life. I use the same color of pen for my to-dos on my blog, same color for the to-dos for life, and etc. My sister had found these gel pens that erase and are super awesome!

I don’t like to use pencils I prefer pens but I also don’t like to scribble things out when I make a mistake so these have been perfect for me and my OCD.

They have become my daughters favorite too so I have to watch her carefully that she doesn’t steal them and get them mixed up in all her art supplies. She loves to draw!

So, those have been my favorite Amazon finds that I use daily as a blogger! I didn’t get all of these on Amazon but they are available on Amazon! I probably could have gotten a better deal if we would have got them on Amazon!

I did order my planner, the pens, both sets of the Airpods, and my ring light on Amazon.

There is always a sale on Amazon so be on the look out! Plus, Christmas is around the corner so there will be all kinds of sales! Whoop Whoop!

All of these products I use on a daily basis for my blog and help contribute to my blogs success! What are some things that you use and couldn’t live without for your blog?

Happy blogging!


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