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Why Collaborating with Other Bloggers is so Important

If you have been wondering if collaborating with other bloggers is a good idea or not I am going to explain to you why it is so important! I was a skeptic at first. I wasn’t sure if there were rules to follow or if you would do all the work and they would not hold up their end of the deal but I have found out that is not the case at all!

collaborating with other bloggers and why it is so important - mom blog from home
Why Collaborating with Other Bloggers is so Important - Mom Blog From Home


The concept of working with other bloggers use to seem dumb to me at first. I had this mindset that it would a) be hard and b) it wouldn’t benefit me.

Why would I want to help another blogger? Isn’t the point to make your blog successful and to work hard on your own blog? Not send the readers you worked hard to get to someone else’s blog?

I quickly realized that I was dead wrong. I just didn’t see the whole picture. Plus, I had to open my mind and my heart to see it all.

If everyone reaches out and helps each other then we can all make it to the top but if we all just worry about ourselves then only a few elites make it to the top and you know the saying “It’s lonely at the top”. It is so much better to be up there with all of your friends than to have created enemies and still be at the bottom.


This is partly my personality but I was scared to ask for help or to reach out to others. I am the stand in the back of the room and try not to be noticed kind of girl. Once I am comfortable then look out! I am all fun and crazy but I am not a showy person at all.

I was scared that if I posted something I would get backlash for something. Either not posting on the right day, or the right thread, or saying something that I wasn’t supposed to. I just freak out about stuff like that!


I use to also be a little embarrassed that I was starting from the beginning so it was hard to reach out and talk or ask questions because I was new. Again, I found out that it is actually quite wonderful!

You are not alone! Everyone starts at the beginning so when you reach out for help there are so many people that are more than happy to lend a happing hand!


Like I said it turns out everyone was really nice! Everyone was very supportive and answered my questions. Gave me tips and advice or better yet gave me resources to be able to find the answer for myself!

I have had wonderful support from big bloggers that have had no problem reaching out and helping! Those bloggers are even in my same niche but they never saw me as a threat because of our niche being similar!

Suzi at Start a Mom Blog, Elna Caine at Twins Mommy, and McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents have all been great role models and a great support system to help drive me to do my best with the best!


You get to meet so many wonderful people from all across the world trying to do exactly what you are trying to do. You can ask each other for advice, personal reviews, follows, motivation, and share your wins!

One blogger posted in a Facebook Group if anyone wanted to join in a Facebook chat to help bounce questions and ideas off of each other and I said yes. There ended up being about 12 of us and the group has been so much fun to chat with. We share new ideas, test out theories, ask opinions and just collaborate with each other!

Also, because of a different Facebook Group, I met my friend from Australia who was also a new blogger and we have chatted back in forth several times to help motivate each other! How awesome is that!


There is always something to be learned. The blogging world is always changing so networking and collaborating with other bloggers helps keep you in the loop on what’s going on. Everyone is great about posting and making sure everyone has seen this new change or this new law.

They are constantly sharing important information with everyone else and building a good rapport with other bloggers.

Different Niches

New audience

I didn’t think that you could collaborate with other bloggers in different niches because what would you have in common besides blogging? That is far from true! There are so many benefits to collaborating with other bloggers in different niches.

You are now reaching a completely new audience. Readers you would have never reached with your blog or blogs within your niche are now seeing your blog link and that is potential new readers for you!

I recently was contacted by a blog that is not in my niche and we did a collaboration together and it worked out perfectly! is in a completely different niche than I am. They blog about everything you need to know to care for your baby! Their site is full of great valuable information regarding everything from pregnancy to toddler development.

Zoe wrote an awesome post on 8 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Are Expecting and she mentions me in the post and shares with her readers that I can help them start their own blogs!

It works out great for me to be able to be featured in a post that is geared for expecting moms who could potentially want to become stay at home moms and one way to do that is to start your own blog! You wouldn’t think that a blog that teaches you how to start a blog and another blog that helps you with your baby needs would be able to collaborate but we did!

I have also accepted a guest post from Emily at The Modest Cottage and her blog is about all the joys of being a stay at home mom, cooking, baking, and sewing but she did a guest post for me about How to Decorate Your House on a Budget.

Two different niches making it work!

New Areas and New Ideas

Collaborating with others is great for coming up with new ideas. Sometimes you have to walk outside and be in a new area to inspire new ideas. If I am ever stuck I walk away from my computer and it just opens everything in my mind back up to think clearer.

Same with checking out other blogs. It helps you to see what you like and what you don’t like. You could see someone has a great idea but it inspires you to have a new idea from that. You can work with a blogger in a completely different niche and you see the way they do their opt-ins or social media posts and it clicks for you to try this method or do that on your blog. Not copy, but inspire you to come up with a new opt-in or vision of your own!

Same Niches

Just like different niches you can still collaborate with bloggers in your same niche. Like I said before I used to think that was a bad idea because you would be sending your readers to someone else in your niche. That is wrong. It may happen but it may not. If you are providing value to your readers then you have nothing to worry about. That reader may come across that other blogger either way so don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with another blogger just because you are worried about “sharing”.

“Sharing is caring”

I have been featured in a roundup post on Twins Mommy called What Do You Focus On As A New Blogger. It was a collaborating with 12 new bloggers sharing what they suggest you focus on as a new blogger. It was a lot of fun contributing and I received a bunch of traffic from it!


So, overall the benefits are endless but I’ll list some again!

  • Network with like-minded bloggers
    • Share together
    • Grow together
    • Motivate each other
    • Inspire each other
    • Support each other
    • Learn from each other
  • Reach new audiences
    • Whether it is the same niche or a different niche you will be reaching a new audience you would have never reached before.
  • Linkbacks
    • When bloggers link back to each other that helps your SEO
  • New material
    • If you are stuck on what to write about you can do a roundup post with other bloggers and throw together a quick valuable blog post!

I’m sure there are more benefits that I have forgotten but if you were like I was and not quite sure if collaborating was right for you I hope this post helped convince you why it is so important!

Happy Blogging!


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