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How I Made $346.84 on My New Blog and The Steps You Need So You Can Too

Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn More.

When I first started my blog my goal was to make money. I have always been drawn to blogging and I thought it was so interesting. One of the interesting points for me was that you could make money while staying home. We have one daughter and my husband has always worked long hours so it has always fallen on me to take care of everything. That probably isn’t far off from most moms that do it all and they may have more than one child but we lived far from family and I had no one to help me when I needed it.

Like all those times when your child wakes up with an earache or has a low-grade fever from teething and you just need someone to watch her because you have to work and she isn’t sick enough to need to go to the doctor. I never had any family that could help. My husband made all the money and so we needed him to be at work so it always came down to me calling into work. Some jobs are great with working with you and some are not. It seemed that I always had the jobs where they were not. The boss was a grumpy old man who had no relationship with his own kids so never understood what it was like.

Something had to change

I eventually opened up my own daycare to be more in control of my income and who was watching my child but it still didn’t change the same rules and laws about having a fever and closing down daycare for the day. Before when she went to daycare I couldn’t take her if she had a fever or had thrown up. Don’t get me wrong I agree with those laws to protect healthy kids and I loved being home those days to take care of my baby but those times when they bounce back and are fine but I couldn’t take her and had to miss work were stressful. Again, same thing when I had my own daycare. I had to close down and miss pay for that day and stress out the parents that brought their kids to me because they too had to miss work and pay because I was closed.

If I would have had more help from my husband or if we had family in town to help then it wouldn’t have fallen all on me. I understand that’s how life goes. I am not complaining I am just stating facts of life. Everyone has hard times they go through and it makes us stronger.

But you can see why I was so drawn to find a better solution to our problem. At the time we were a young married couple trying to make ends meet and blogging seemed like a great way to help bring in extra money while being at home caring for our daughter. I tried and tried to blog. Mind you this was all back in 2010-2011. It was a bit harder than it is now. I remember when I first heard about Pinterest. If I only knew then what I know now about the power of Pinterest!

Big changes

I tried and gave up blogging several times. It just wasn’t the right time for me but I never stopped dreaming about having one. In August of 2016, we moved to Georgia from Kansas and I took a job as a receptionist instead of reopening my daycare since our daughter was now old enough to be in school full time. Then last year in 2017 I was laid off from my receptionist job when the company closed so I decided to take the summer off and spend it with my daughter. She was 7 at the time and loved to spend time with her friends playing so I had free time and decided now was a great time to take another crack at blogging!

I came across this awesome and very affordable course that walked me through starting my blog. Everything is much easier now than years ago so it was going fairly quick! I designed my blog and changed my mind and redesigned my blog. I changed my niche several times and then finally it all came together and I officially launched it in September of 2017!

I had spent the summer working on my blog, spending time with my daughter and helping my husband with his side lawn care business. Once fall came we were still busy with the lawn care (hurricane cleanups), plus all of our birthdays land in the fall with all of the Holidays and we took a family vacation to Disney so once it all calmed down in January I kicked my blog into high gear.

I followed a Pinterest strategy and was able to take my blog traffic from 300 page views to over 5,000 in less than a month!

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Things were looking good

Even with the trickle of traffic I had at the beginning, I had already started to make money. Then my email list doubled with all the new traffic in January. It was all coming together!

Until the flu hit my daughter and I hard at the end of January. Also, I was offered the lead teaching position at a private school to help them through the rest of the school year. I took the position after healing from the flu and life got a bit crazy again.

I don’t regret taking the position because of all the wonderful people I have met, getting to spend time with all the little ones in my class, and of course a steady paycheck. I am happy that I was able to help the school out when they were in desperate need. I knew several of the teachers that worked there and one teacher was in a bad accident and they needed a replacement quick. It worked out for the both of us!

However, it did put a ding into my blogging “business”. I still was able to rack in a little more money even with my traffic slowly trickling down. From August of 2017-May of 2018, I was still able to make $346.84!

Making money

Now, if you followed along with me you will see that I did not put blood sweat and tears every day into my blog for 10 months to only get $346.84. I still lived life and worked on it very much part-time and was able to make a chunk of change.

I can only imagine what I would have made had I not taken the teaching job and kept pushing during my height of success. I call it a success because that is the furthest I have ever made it!

My goal was to launch my blog by my birthday in October and I was a whole month early. My other goal was to start making ANY income from my blog and I was able to do that before I even technically launched my blog!

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All of my income has been from affiliate sales.

August 2017-May 19, 2018

  • Siteground – $100
  • Start a Mom Blog – $113.84
  • Moms Make Cents – $88.50
  • Elegant Themes – $44.50
  • Total — $ 346.84

My niche is helping moms start their own blogs. The hosting I use is Siteground, the courses I promote are from Start a Mom Blog, and Moms Make Cents, the WordPress theme I use is Divi by Elegant Themes. That is where my sales have come from.

My traffic at the beginning was small then I had a huge month in January and then from flu to full-time job my traffic has slowly trickled down.

I would say that the main thing that has saved me and helped me earn any money at all has been my email list. Of course, Tailwind and Pinterest have been a huge help as well for getting traffic to my blog but I tried hard to stay up with my email list to keep the list warm and not let it go cold while I was teaching.

School is out next week so I plan on diving back in and hopefully pick back up where I left off. I am so excited to get back into blogging full time! I felt like I was living my dream in January until I started working again.

Here is a quick break down of what you need to earn affiliate sales with your blog.

The Steps You Need

  • Set up your blog with hosting so you can have affiliate links

    • I use Siteground for my hosting. This way I know that I am official and I am able to have affiliate links on my protected blog.
  • Set up your email service provider

    • I use Convertkit. There are free email providers out there but they are only free for so long. I went straight to using Convertkit because I have heard so many amazing things about them I didn’t want to try and switch later. I just started with the best.
  • Sign up for affiliate programs

    • There are SO many affiliate programs out there. You can be an affiliate for Amazon and promote any product you want or you can go directly to the company you want to promote. The best way to find out if they offer an affiliate program is to scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Most of them have an affiliate link at the bottom of their homepage. Also, you can search for the product+affiliate in Google.
  • Write great blog posts and add your affiliate links

    • Now that you are signed up as an affiliate and you have your affiliate link, you write a blog post about that product or company and insert your affiliate link! Make sure your post is informative and not just salesy!
  • Disclosure page

    • You will also want to have a disclosure page on your blog to let your readers know that you have affiliate links on your blog. You need to be open and honest with them that you receive commission or compensation for sales of that product. You also want to disclose that at the top of your blog post as well with something like “Mom Blog From Home may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page”. Here is my disclosure page.
  • Offer an awesome freebie to gain email subscribers

  • Drive Traffic to your blog

    • Joining Facebook Groups is a good way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it but an even better way is Pinterest. Pinterest is a very powerful tool! An even more powerful tool is Tailwind (try it free for a month!) that pins to Pinterest for you! This makes life so much easier! Instead of spending hours pinning yourself it will pin for you! I can honestly say that is why I gained over 5,000 page views in one month. To read more about it you can check out my post – How to drive Pinterest traffic to your new blog.

To recap, as a new blogger to get yourself some sales I would suggest to write a few good blog posts with your affiliate links, have your email provider set up to gain subscribers (Convertkit) with a freebie to entice them to sign up, and then drive as much traffic to your blog as you can with Tailwind and Pinterest. You will also need to have a business account on Pinterest and don’t use your personal account. Again, I walk you through how I did it all right here!

Just start

I used to worry about my blog not being perfect and sending people to it not finished and losing out on sales…but you are losing out on sales waiting for your blog to be perfect. Just get it up and running, be able to have links and take email addresses, and you are good to go!

Start driving traffic to it as soon as you can! Then, don’t leave your email subscribers to just sit there and forget about why they signed up. Keep sending them great information in a weekly email and keep them warm. This helped me so when one of my affiliates ran a sale I was able to send out an email letting my list know and them not think Who is this? Or all she does is send out sales pitches. I kept in touch with them and then let them know of a sale without feeling guilty.

If you have ever thought about starting a blog and you aren’t sure where to start then I do have my free guide right here!

Or of course, you can purchase the course that I did to help me start! Suzi has since upgraded it so it is full of even more amazing details. She is great about walking you through and TEACHING you how to do things.

Again, I am so excited to get back into blogging and sharing everything I have learned! I have taken many courses because I just love learning about blogging. I have so much to share about what I have learned in the courses and what I have experienced over the past 10 months!

Talk to you soon!

Happy blogging!





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