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What Exactly is a Blog and What are They Used For?

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a blog? When I decided I wanted to start a blog it was hard picking what I wanted my blog topic or niche to be. Even after coming up with several ideas I still didn’t know how to blog so I would research and research trying to learn and absorb as much as I could.

During all of this, I realized how much I enjoyed learning about blogging and also how hard it is to learn everything when you are starting from the very beginning.

I realized that teaching other moms how to blog was my passion. I am a mom that so badly just wanted someone to walk me through it all. Instead, I had to read blog post after blog post, ebook after ebook, and take course after course.

What Exactly is a Blog and What are They Used for? - Mom Blog From Home

I felt like every new piece of information was just a new piece to a giant puzzle. I didn’t even know sometimes where the puzzle piece went but I knew I needed it. Finally, I came across this course that was more on my level and answered many of my questions. I recommend it to any new blogger!

This course helped me to finally get started after many failed attempts at blogging but I still had questions. This is again where my passion to help others came in. Some people just get it and some people, like myself, need a little more help and guidance.

What exactly is a blog and what are they used for - mom blog from home

I have always been that way. In school, the teacher would give an assignment and some students had it done in 15 minutes when I was still trying to figure out exactly what the assignment was.

Over Analyzing is Paralyzing

It’s because I over analyze and overthink everything. It’s a blessed and a curse. The woman who I follow that taught me so much in her course did a great job but she didn’t break down the little steps that I still needed help with.

I had no idea about WordPress or how to use it, what a plug-in was, how to make a blog post or any of those simple steps.

So, I told myself I can’t be alone and that if I am going to help teach others how to start a blog, I would start super simple and walk through all the little steps. I would try and leave no stone unturned for my readers.

I use my mom as an example. In the blogging world, I am a newbie blogger. But, in the real world with my friends and family, I am a pro! I know way more than they do! So, when I talk “blog talk” they are all confused. But, that’s how I started! That’s how most people start! Again, some people pick things up much faster than others but starting from scratch is where I want to help my readers.

What is a Blog

When Googled this is the definition of a blog:

  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  1. 1.
    add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    “it’s about a week since I last blogged”

What that means is it is a platform for people to share their knowledge, advice, experiences, etc. with others.

I always thought it was just an online journal for stay at home moms. Which in reality, it is a way to present to the world whatever you want! You want to share your weight loss journey, share how to pay off debt, teach people how to sew, you name it, you can blog about it.

It is a website that you get to personalize and make it whatever you want. People can come and learn from you, comment on your posts, and decide to keep coming back to follow you on your blog!

What Do People Write About on Blogs

Blogging has grown to become a huge thing! Pinterest is all blogs…I mean some pins may not be to a blog but most are. People don’t realize that. You go to Pinterest and search for a recipe and all these different pins pop up to different blog posts on how to make that recipe.

Think about all those pins and all those different blogs out there. Most blogs are narrowed down to a specific niche or topic to stand out from the crowd. If you write about recipes you are one in a million but if you write about gluten-free recipes you are in a much smaller pool of people. If you write about only gluten-free dessert recipes you are in an even smaller pool of people.

You may be thinking “Okay, but who is searching for that, not many people.” When in reality that is a good thing! Wouldn’t you want less competition and to take care of your unique customers instead of trying to fight the crowd and stand out in all the noise with no unique customers?

I was given this example years ago. You are not Walmart and you don’t want to compete with Walmart. Narrow down your niche and take care of those specific customers. Those people will be your loyal returning customers.

Why Do People Blog

So now that you have an understanding of what a blog is and how to narrow down what to blog about, you may still be wondering why people blog.

Like I mentioned before, people use blogs to share their knowledge with the world. Some literally do it just for that purpose alone. Others do it as a source of income.

The income varies from a few dollars a month to $100,000+ a month. Naturally, there are more people making closer to the lower amounts than the higher amounts but I personally know of several bloggers that make thousands of dollars a month blogging.

That sounds pretty awesome to me!

Examples of Money Making Bloggers

  1. Victoria at A Modern Homestead


She made over $100,000 in 2019 blogging about frugal living on their homestead! Victoria has great money-saving tips on her blog and wonderful recipes as well. I came across her ebook Make Money Blogging at Any Level that shares how she has been able to monetize her blog. It is full of great information and I think it is perfect for new bloggers.




2. McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents

Here is an income report for McKinzie back in 2018 where she states she makes over $10,000 per month. I have followed her for a while and she just continues to grow so I am sure it is much more now.

McKinzie helps teach money tips, blogging tips, and how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. She offers a free Pinterest course called Pinterest Primer. I took this course and it helped me gain over 5,000 page views!



3. Michelle Schroeder – Gardner at Making Sense of Cents


Michelle teaches everyone how to be smart with their money. She teaches you how to earn more, save more, and live more. She does it very successfully too! As you can see she made over 1.5 Million dollars (over $125,000 a month) with her blog in 2018!

She is probably one of the most famous bloggers and is the highest revenue-generating blogger I have heard of.

Michelle spends her time traveling so I am sure besides her awesome tips people enjoy hearing all about her travel adventures!



4. Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog

Suzi teaches moms how to start a blog and she has been very successful at doing it! She is a mentor and I love learning from her. She doesn’t publish income reports anymore and hasn’t for the past couple years but since I follow her I have heard her on lives mention how she has made of $50,000 a month blogging.

It may be more now but her latest post about her income is how she was able to retire her husband from his corporate job.

All while having three little ones to care for I might add!

Suzi has so many awesome courses on how to start and grow a blog that I recommend. I have taken several of them!


Those are just a few examples of bloggers making awesome money with their blogs and in different niches as well!

Now that we have discussed what a blog is and what it can be used for you may still be asking yourself if blogging is right for you? I wrote a post for that exact question right here! I go over exactly what it entails to be a blogger for you to see if blogging is a fit for you!

Thanks for reading!




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