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Which Hosting Should You Use?

Which Hosting Should You Use - mom blog from home

It can be hard deciding which hosting to use when you are first starting. If you don’t know what hosting is then in my nutshell explanation – It’s when you “own” your blog and its content.

If you use a free hosting site then it’s like you are “renting” space from them. Those types of sites would be like or

So, if they one day decide they don’t like your blog they own that space and can delete it all if they want. Clearly, it is worth the few bucks a month to use a hosting company like SiteGround, HostGator, or BlueHost.

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But which one do you pick?

I personally use SiteGround and I have tried the other two but I prefer SiteGround.

To know which is best for you, you just need to do a little research on each and compare them. I know that Blue Host used to be the most highly recommended but lately it has been SiteGround. I have heard many complaints of downtime with BlueHost and more people recommending SiteGround.

Here is why I chose them:

1. The top 3 Bloggers I follow recommend SiteGround

I started following Dave Risely at a little over a year ago and he was the first person to convince me to switch to SiteGround. He has been a blogger for many years and I trusted his recommendation.

Then I came across Suzi Whitford and she too recommends SiteGround. I took her course on how to start a blog and it was amazing! I recommend that course to anyone looking to get started blogging! And with a price, you can’t beat either! For more information visit

Lastly, is Amy Porterfield. I took one of her courses on email marketing and in the course, she suggests SiteGround. Her course is a bit more pricey but I still feel like it was worth the investment!

2. Amazing customer service

I love the live chat option. I don’t like reading all these forums trying to sort out if someone else’s situation is the same as mine and how to fix it. I don’t like calling and talking to people. I am a text me kind of girl. I want to order pizza online. I don’t want to talk to you on the phone. In person, that’s fine! On the phone, nope. So I say again I love the live chat option!

I have had to use it a couple different times and they are very quick and help me right away!

3. I can host multiple websites

I have big visions of what I want to do online and I knew that I wanted to have multiple different websites and I didn’t want to have a different hosting account for each so I like this option.

4. I got a free domain with my hosting plan

When I signed up I got a free domain with my plan. I don’t remember that being in the details so it was a nice surprise when I logged in and it told me to register my free domain. I don’t know if that was a special that they were running at the time or what so watch out for that to be an option. Again, I don’t see anything about it anywhere now so maybe it was a special they had at the time. But it is nice to know they run fun specials like that!

5. No downtime

I have been with them for over a year and I haven’t had any downtime. There was one time my site was messed up but it was because of my theme and SiteGround was great helping me figure out that was the problem! I then had to go to my theme provider and they fixed it.

I have read many times from other bloggers too that they have not experienced any downtime. That is a big deal when your blog is your income!

6. This one is a bonus I learned after signing up – they have an awesome affiliate program!

The affiliate program that SiteGround has is awesome! It is a tier system so the more people that sign up the bigger the percentage they pay you. I don’t know all the legal stuff so I don’t want to go too into it but I think it’s a great system!

Like I said, I have been with them for over a year now (yes even though I haven’t had this blog for that long, I had another one.) and they have been great this whole time!

If you are ready to start a blog but not to this point yet then take a look at either of these, depending on where you are, then come back!

If you are ready for hosting then here is how to sign up:

First, go to

siteground home - mom blog from home

Click on see plans

siteground see plans - mom blog from home

Choose your plan that fits your needs. I picked the Grow Big plan because I want to grow big! I knew I wanted to host multiple websites so I chose that plan.

Click get started

If you already have a domain name then you can enter that here. If you don’t you can register one with SiteGround.

As I said I have multiple domains and I use Name Cheap to get them they are like their name and are cheaper. So, take a look there for a better price on your domain. And an added bonus if you look on then they had a 10% off coupon for Name Cheap and I got my domain all said and done for $9 for the year!

Again just to be clear, I had said that I got a free domain with my hosting through SiteGround and that may have been a special they were running at the time. I don’t see anything about it currently but watch out around holidays when they might have a special going!

Siteground review & complete - mom blog from home

Then you just review and complete!

Congrats! You now have your very own hosting for your blog!

If you purchased your domain name elsewhere then make sure to connect it to your new hosting. That was something I didn’t realize when I very first started. I was getting so confused on why it wasn’t working. I did what they said. I got a domain name and then I got hosting. Why isn’t it working?

You have to connect them. Especially if you got them with different companies. Seems silly that I didn’t know that know but if anyone else is like me then there ya go! Don’t forget to do that!

Happy blogging!


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