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How I Broke My Blog Before It Even Launched……Twice!

I have learned that when you least expect it things can go wrong. It is no different with blogging. It’s like that song by Alanis Morissette “Isn’t It Ironic”. When you decide to go for a walk it starts raining. When you finally save up enough money for a vacation, the air conditioner goes out. When you finally decide to start a blog and barley touch it you break it. Okay I know what you are thinking not all of those are technically “ironic” but you get my point. This is How I Broke My Blog Before It Even Launched……Twice!

how i broke my blog twice - mom blog from home

I had just got my blog all set up and was feeling pretty good. The idea of starting a blog had always been swimming around in my head but I never felt like I knew enough or had the time to do it.

Then the day came that I found out that the insurance company I was working for was closing and they were laying everyone off. We had a pretty good idea it was coming so it wasn’t too big of a shock and it happened right before school got out. This gave me the opportunity to stay home with my daughter for the summer!

I thought well now is a perfect time to start a blog! Maybe I could make some extra money with it too and be able to stay home once school started again!

Starting my blog

So away I went at researching blogs and going step by step to get it all set up. I was trucking right along. I decided on a launch date and was dead set to be ready by then.

I had researched and attempted blogging many times before so it wasn’t all completely new to me. Like I said it has always been swimming around in my head but I had never fully committed. And let’s face it, it takes two to tango and my husband wasn’t always on board. Our lives have changed drastically since I last attempted it though. We are from Kansas and we had the opportunity to move to Georgia to be closer to family and we took it! It has been the best decision ever and like I said things have drastically changed for the better!

Now that we are here there is much less stress and more structure in our daily lives so my husband has been very supportive this go around!

What went wrong

A few days before my launch date I made a couple changes to my blog and when I went to view it everything was all messed up!? I panicked. I am very new at this how did I break it already? and how do I fix it?

Luckily I knew where to go for help.

Customer Service saved the day!

You see the hosting that I use for my blog is SiteGround and it came very highly recommended by multiple bloggers I follow. I had tried other hosting sites years ago when I had first “tried” to start a blog.

I knew that I didn’t really care for those so I gave this new one a try! They have wonderful customer service and had helped me out several times while setting up my blog. Surely they could help me fix what I had broke!

I reached out to customer service and they were wonderful as usual and did everything on their end to fix the issue. The only problem was that it wasn’t a hosting issue. I thought oh great now what?!

They told me it was my theme I had chosen that was acting up.

Safe again! Because the theme that I had chosen was the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes who also happens to have amazing customer service! I jumped on there and explained the situation to the tech and he fixed it! Thank goodness! Now I am not technical at all…so I can’t tell you what went wrong, how they fixed it, or how to prevent it.

And really I don’t need to know because that is what they are for! They fixed it so problem solved!

All I had to do was log in and submit a ticket.

There is a forum that you can look through with all the other tickets submitted and see if you can solve the issue yourself. This ended up being something they had to fix on their end. It was pretty quick and painless!

Okay that was break down #1 so what happened during break down #2?

As I was saying that I was days from launching my blog and things were fixed and normal again. I finished up the changes I was trying to do and getting everything all vamped and pretty. I thought I should have someone I know take a look and make sure all is well and do some proofreading, check my links, things like that.

Mommy to the rescue!

I called my mom who knows nothing about blogs (my target audience) and ask her to take a look! She of course agreed because well duh she is my mom she would do anything for me. She sent me a text later that night saying she had a minute to look but it won’t come up?

Panic again…I thought now what? I was just on it and everything was fine! So I get on again and sure enough it won’t come up! Here we go again! This time it was more than just a little panic, it was a major panic because I was set to launch the following day! I told her I would get it fixed and let her know so she could test it out for me.

I got ahold of SiteGround’s customer service through their live chat and explained the issue. They fixed it right away! Again I don’t understand what I keep doing to make things break but once again thank goodness for amazing customer service!

As of today, a few months later…

I haven’t (knock on wood) had a problem since but I’m sure it won’t be the last time I break it! I am just thankful that both the hosting site and the theme I chose has amazing customer service to help me!

My mom was able to get on right away and check things out. I have made several additions and changes since launching and again everything has been fine!

I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

Have you ever had any problems like that?

If so, what happened and how was it resolved?



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